Jon Stewart on the State of the State of Florida, Same-Sex Marriage, and some Oddball News Stories from the “Sunshine State”

By Elaine Magliaro

On Tuesday night, Jon Stewart interviewed Senator Marco Rubio of Florida on The Daily Show. His lead-in to the interview with Rubio—who has sharply criticized court rulings that paved the way for same sex marriages in Florida—was a truly funny segment on the state of the Sunshine State, which included a bit about Duval County clerks’ refusal to perform same-sex marriages at the courthouse. During the segment, Stewart pointed out some of the state’s oddball news stories—including a cockroach eating contest and a pet store owner who beat employees with a reptile.

New York Times (1/5/2015):

Florida county clerks said they would abide by the law and issue licenses, but some clerks, including for Duval County, home to Jacksonville, announced last week that they would end ceremonial courthouse weddings so as not to force staff members who object to same-sex marriage to participate in such ceremonies.

Sarah Gray (Salon):

After same-sex marriage became legal in Florida, several counties shut down their entire operation of courthouse marriages — gay or straight.

“Florida,” Stewart stated. “You don’t get to judge others when your state motto is ‘If Darwin was right we wouldn’t be here.’”


Judge Lifts Ban, and Gay Weddings Begin in Florida (New York Times)

Sen. Marco Rubio laments court rulings on same-sex marriage (Politico)

Jon Stewart slams Florida’s outrageous intolerance of same-sex marriage (Salon)

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3 Responses to Jon Stewart on the State of the State of Florida, Same-Sex Marriage, and some Oddball News Stories from the “Sunshine State”

  1. pete says:

    Okay, first, they’re palmetto bugs not cockroaches. Second, I have a friend who just got herself ordained as a congregationalist minister so if you’re gay or straight and are in the Sanford area let me know and I’ll give you the contact info for Reverend Rhonda.

  2. Inga says:

    I never saw bigger cockroaches than in South Carolina, where they did call them Palmetto Bugs, which is fitting, I guess. Disgusting beyond belief. I don’t know, but there is something really strange about the entire south. The weather seems the only great thing, especially this time of year. Well the ocean is pretty wonderful too.

  3. blouise says:


    I was waiting for your comment on this thread only to find that you’ve become a matchmaker.

    Congregationalist ministers have been officiating at same sex marriage ceremonies long before they became legal. I remember going to two of them back in the 60’s. The unions had no legal binding at the State level but the congregations considered it the right thing to do. I was of age and remember voting yes in the congregation meeting as did both of my parents. If memory serves, there were over 250 members present and the vote was unanimous. No one suggested we were doing anything avant-garde. (Marriage is not a sacrament in Congregationalism.) Of course there was no FOXNEWS at that time.

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