FFS Update: Suggestions and Library

The following language has been added to the Suggestions page:

ED. NOTE: The Suggestions Box will be cleared out every three or four months to help maintain its utility.  If the suggestion made hasn’t been followed up by someone by then, it probably won’t be or is no longer timely.

You may also notice a new page, Library. That section is under construction, but when complete will contain .pdf versions of legal documents and other materials in the public domain or under a fair use license that can help provide context and understanding of many of the topics discussed here. Coming soon!

Gene Howington, Editor-in-Chief

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3 Responses to FFS Update: Suggestions and Library

  1. blouise says:

    Ever expanding. Well done.

  2. blouise says:

    Ever expanding. Well done.

  3. blouise says:

    Don’t know why that posted twice.

    Anyway, I keep forgetting about the Suggestions page. I will try to discipline myself to offer suggestions there rather than on threads. I’ll probably fail but I will try.

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