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A Poem for World Turtle Day

by Mary Oliver: The Turtle breaks from the blue-black skin of the water, dragging her shell with its mossy scutes across the shallows and through the rushes and over the mudflats, to the uprise, to the yellow sand, to dig … Continue reading

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TCS: A Race for Cures Before Extinction

Good Morning! ______________________________________________________ Welcome to The Coffee Shop, just for you early risers on Monday mornings. This is an Open Thread forum, so if you have an off-topic opinion burning a hole in your brainpan, feel free to add a … Continue reading

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Close Encounter of the Rare Kind

Australian skiers in Kashmir got a lot more adventure than they bargained for when they spotted a legendary Snow Leonard, almost hidden in the snow. It’s estimated that there are only about 4000 snow leopards left in the world, due … Continue reading

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We almost lost the Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), our national bird, symbol of our country, in the 1950s, because of the widespread use of the pesticide DDT. Then in 1962, Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, made people aware of what was … Continue reading

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