To both people familiar with my writings at Res Ipsa Loquitur (jonathanturley.org) and to those who have simply stumbled across this blog.  It is currently under construction.  It may change domains later, but for now, if you want to read and discuss my odd musings on current events, law, society, history and science you may have come to enjoy?  This is the place.

Gene Howington, Editor-in-Chief

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I write and do other stuff.
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  1. Mike Spindell says:

    A good beginning, is much better than a dismal ending. Forward!

  2. pdm says:

    What are the rules on “civility”? ‘Cause right now I want to scream to the high heavens every miserable cuss word I have learned since I was in grade school.

    • Blouise says:

      Oops … have to get used to this reply feature.
      Shout as loud as you want … it’s been a god damned stressful week

  3. Slartibartfast says:

    Hey Gene,

    Just wanted say hello (and subscribe).

  4. Gene H. says:

    Thanks, guys.
    pdm, knock yourself out. 😀
    Slarti, I’ll call you sometime tomorrow or Monday.

  5. Michael Beaton says:

    Greetings and hellos Gene…. I followed your signoff from turley to here.
    Largely because of the single phrase you wrote : “I’m still interested in our systemic dysfunctions and how to possibly mitigate their harms,…”. I believe, and apparently agree with you that our problems, however profound, complex, or complicated are at root a manifestation of systemic issues. As such they need to be studied, and understood as a system. We have for ever and for too long proven the ineffectual outcomes of dealing with any given topic/issue/problem as a thing unto itself, as if one thing had not causal relationship to another.
    I posted a number of times on the Turley board attempting to engage such a conversation and inquiry; mostly to no or v.little effect. That board is a great one for what it is. I hope and look forward to what you choose to do with this one. I hope that this little sentence tucked in your good bye becomes something a new beginning in these sorts of conversations.

  6. Charlton Stanley says:

    Good luck on your new endeavor. I have bookmarked of course. As Anonymous says in their sign off, “Expect us.”

    As for pdm>, break a leg. If you know any cuss words I don’t, I am open to learning.

  7. Slartibartfast says:


    Keep in mind that I might be frozen solid by Monday (low of -5°, and I don’t mean wind chill or Celsius) and buried under a foot of snow.


    As a mathematician who’s interests include dynamical systems and managing complexity, I share your hope. I think a good place to start such discussions is to ask what you want to get out of them, what about you?

    [Yes, Gene, I read your rules—they said we aren’t allowed to hijack threads to discuss our own pet issues, but they didn’t say anything about Shanghaiing the discussion to talk about someone else’s pet issues… 😉 ]

    • Blouise says:

      We’re supposed to be at -7 on Monday

      • Slartibartfast says:


        Yeah, I spend all of my time in front of a window that I can feel a breeze through despite a blind and a curtain—I think the next few days are going to suck!

        Are you ever going to get back to Scrabble?

  8. Blouise says:

    Excellent sign-off on that other place, Gene.

    • Gene H. says:

      Thanks, Blouise. I think Groucho did all the heavy lifting though. Have I mentioned I have a really good backhand? :mrgreen:

      • Blouise says:

        Hey … is the banner supposed to cover 3/4 of the page?

        • Gene H. says:

          I don’t think so, but I’m still tinkering. Probably will be well in to tomorrow. I like this theme but I’m not married to it. I may try something else yet.

          • Slartibartfast says:


            I suggest you turn off the nested commenting (and you’d better do it before Blouise gets used to it 😉 ). I find that it makes long threads very unwieldy.

  9. Blouise says:


    Shout as loud as you want. It’s been a stressful week!

  10. Blouise says:

    I know … Scrabble has been the one thing I’ve let down. Tex retired at the end of December and I have had to do all the form stuff, registering … you have no idea how many hours are required to deal with Medicare and then redeal when they didn’t get it right. (I don’t dare let Tex do it as he gets pissed and hangs up on everybody) Then there is the pension stuff … aahhh. Combine all that with the holidays, my granddaughter, and this latest crap that has impacted so sadly on some of my dearest friends … I have no energy left.
    But … all things seem to now be handled so I plan to reappear on the Scrabble boards next week. I thank you for your patience with me.

  11. pete9999 says:

    cool, but did you have to use wordpress?

    oh, and

  12. mespo727272 says:

    Got you bookmarked, Gene. Will be lurking from time to time and chiming in as required.

  13. bigfatmike says:

    If this is a private party you made a mistake a while back.

    It looks kinda familiar so I think I will put my feet up and get comfortable.

    If I can find the refrigerator i might never leave – or is that changing the subject?

  14. jonathanturley says:

    Congratulations on the new site Gene. And best of luck.

  15. Metrocowboy says:

    Looking forward seeing many great debates on your site…..Best of luck.

  16. Tony C. says:

    WTF Gene, you had me worried there for a second.

  17. mespo727272 says:

    Hey, Gene you need a catchy name for the blog. How about “Gene’s How-To-ington? 😀

  18. Anonymously Yours says:

    Lol mespo…. And Gene…. Read the 8 simple rules….. What’s gravity have to do with the law of motion….. Only kidding….

  19. Anonymously Yours says:

    Oh good luck….. Maybe you can pick up where the judge stopped….

  20. Anonymously Yours says:

    Well…. How do you subscribe…. The same….

  21. Congrats on your new place!

    So glad you’ve started your own, I’ve missed the sandbox!

  22. Gene H. says:


    I was thinking about “Eagle’s Eye” with a tagline of “A political, social and cultural blog by Gene Howington and guests.”

    I’m open to suggestions. :mrgreen:

    And thanks for stopping by. I’d have hated for you to miss the party.

  23. Gene H. says:

    Michael Beaton,

    I wholeheartedly agree that the best way to understand our problems in both malfunctioning government and society as a whole is to view them through the lens of systems theory. I hope the new blog proves to be to your liking and thank you for your support. I look forward to your future participation.

  24. Glad to see some friendly faces here.

  25. Blouise says:

    Yes, it’s a good thing. Of course many of us will be popsicles by Monday night. Right now the temperature close to the lake is 40 degrees … by tomorrow night it is supposed to be -7.

  26. Very cold in Chicago and they also have snow. Some of the coldest air in the midwest in twenty years…….

  27. Blouise says:


    We’re supposed to get snow first, then freeze to death. There is a ton of melting snow out there now which should make for some interesting driving when the new stuff falls and temperature follows. Then Elaine will get hit with it. Weird winter weather.

  28. Gene H. says:

    I don’t see how anyone over the age of forty can’t tell the sky is broken from the way it was when they were children.

  29. Elaine M. says:


    So glad you decided to start your own blog. It’s also good to see so many friendly “faces” here.



    We got nearly two feet of snow here last week. Kids got an extra two days of Christmas vacation.
    It looks like it’s going to be an all-football weekend for me.

  30. Blouise says:

    Ah sweetheart, I am so very, very glad to see you here. I was afraid I would lose contact with you.
    We have had a crazy winter but unlike Gene, who is a babe in arms, I remember similar winters from my childhood.

  31. Blouise says:


    That was a fun link. I must admit that Lillehammer (Lilyhammer), Norway is the closest I come to Denmark and thank Steven Van Zandt and Netflix for that.

  32. Elaine M. says:


    Are you sure you didn’t mean to write that Gene is in some babe’s arms?

  33. Blouise says:

    Only if we remove the possessive from babe’s leaving the “s” in place thus reflecting his ability to multitask. 👿

  34. Joy of Fishes says:

    Bookmarked. Now back to lurking. 🙂

  35. Slartibartfast says:


    No worries about Scrabble… life, as always, is more important. I’m happy to play several moves a day or several days a move, but a month seemed to be a really long time even for a rack that looks like it should be able to spell the name of the Duke Basketball coach… 😉

    Looks like we got at least six inches overnight—fortunately it hasn’t been above freezing, so we don’t have to deal with the refrozen ice.

    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to shovel I go…

  36. pdm says:

    Snow? You say Chicago got “snow” with no modifiers? I have about 42″ sitting on the top of my car right now and every twenty minutes I’ve got clear about 8″ from the windshield before my car freezes when the temp hits – (that’s a minus sign,folks. not a little dash that is allowing one to take in a last small gasp of air) -17 tonight.

    But I’m seeking a little friendly advice…. I wrote a comment on Darren’s Sea-Tac post. It was addressed to no one. (But someone from WI might have said a little something about unions that got me just the teeniest bit riled up) But absolutely no salutation. Anyway, I gave a hooray for unions, booed Boeing (literally booed, It was a completely uninspired comment.) added a blah, blah, and then said “Just disgusting” that American citizens, libertarian “independents” and the TeaParty bought such a crock. Note that “disgusting” modifies the understood “it is”. It does not describe any person. My SECOND favorite resident followed me with a comment that said “I should tone it down”, it was “flaming” and there are commenters who are belong to the TeaParty and they are made uncomfortable. And something about the New Civility. Go ahead, guys. Let me have it. Did my comment fail the Civility Test?

  37. pdm says:

    Elaine, that was no babe. Wasn’t that Margaret Dumont?

  38. Gene H. says:


    Not from my perspective.

  39. Blouise says:


    I know a month is a long time but consider that I spent a total of 26 hours … note 26. on hold. with Medicare during December and then another 2 hours on hold in January because no one told me that I then had to also talk directly to their “Co-ordination of Benefits” department. They were very pleasant about it all but I was told by so many “representatives” from both Social Security (who handle the billing for Part B) and Medicare that the shut-down impacted severely on their departments (thank you Cruz) and the month of December was a sign-up month and the holidays and … oh well, you get the picture.

    If Tex’s health weren’t so iffy I probably wouldn’t have been as anxious with all the delays in the process. It was a constant worry in the back of my mind … getting everything in place by the time he actually retired. GM’s pension process and the UAW’s Medical Trust were a breeze compared to SS and Medicare.

  40. pdm, The Turley blog is populated by quite a few anti-union posters. They come from both the tea party and libertarian wings of the republican party. The man from Wisconsin can’t stand unions but he particularly has it in for the teacher’s union. If you stand up for the unions, expect to be attacked.

  41. Blouise, My husband ran into the Cruz government shutdown problem, also. Made the move and retirement more stressful…

  42. Blouise says:

    They tsk, tsk you to death. 😉

  43. Elaine M. says:


    “The man from Wisconsin can’t stand unions but he particularly has it in for the teacher’s union. If you stand up for the unions, expect to be attacked.”

    Don’t I know that? He also hates teachers–not just their unions.

  44. Blouise says:

    Ah yes, The GOLDEN BOY who can do no wrong.
    But I think pdm was referring to another.
    (Don’t worry, Gene … it’s all part of the mourning process when someone turns out to be very different from that which you thought he was. We’ll move past it.)

  45. frankmascagniiii says:

    Wow, a lot of familiar voices on the new site. Congratulations on your new adventure! I’ll check in from time to time. All the best, Frank

  46. Gene H. says:

    Frank! I’m so pleased you stopped by. I hope you both enjoy the new site and find good reason to comment. You’re always welcome.

    Same goes for you too, pete. I can honestly say that your humor was one of the things I was dreading leaving behind as I travel this new path.

    To all, I must say the intial turnout has warmed my heart and confirmed this was a good decision. I hope you all continue to participate in this forum as it (hopefully) grows over time. With contributing commentors such as yourselves, I can only see world media domination as the eventual outcome. Muahahahahaha! :mrgreen:

  47. Elaine M. says:


    What? You don’t think Margaret Dumont was a babe?

  48. Blouise says:

    I gotta get in touch with gbk … I hope his mailbox isn’t full again.

  49. Blouise, Oh, the other one…. I don’t read a word of his homophobic gibberish.

  50. pdm says:

    The guy from WI is Nick. He hates unions, teachers, and the woman who apparently runs Washington, Valerie Jarrett. I’ve hated him since the fool told us he spent thirty years as a PI bribing government officials while gathering private information and had the gall to say he didn’t commit a crime – but the government official did! Gene demolished him.
    But the guy who upbraided me on the Sea Tac post was DavidM not Nick. (I only attract the boys with the winningest personalities). David is my second favorite commenter. I always wish for him to live a nice long life so he can see all his children become ardent liberals and the warming seas envelope the second floor of his Florida home.

  51. pdm says:

    Elaine, actually I thought she looked terrific (for Margaret Dumont) in the Capt. Spaulding clip, I wondered if it was early in her career.

  52. pdm says:

    Swarthmoremom. Wait. You havent heard his theory on African-Americans and poverty, intelligence, destiny and many babies? Ohhhhhhhh. You guys are much better at this that I. I can”t turn my head away from the horror.

  53. Elaine M. says:


    I recall recently when he commented on the “unique hair” of Black people. I’m still wondering how millions of people can have “unique” hair.

  54. Byron says:

    Gene H:

    good luck in your new enterprise.

  55. Gene H. says:

    Thanks, Byron. I don’t why the spam filter got you, but it did. I don’t want you to think you’re “pre-banned”. 😀 Stop by anytime.

  56. annieofwi says:

    As far as Nick Spinelli goes, take it from me, he is a vile, despicable man. I know that on the T.blog we weren’t supposed to discuss what happened on any other blog, so I hope I’m not overstepping any bounds here. I first ran across him on the Althouse blog, he is as right wing as they come and as nasty as most over there, actually far nastier. He investigated me and went on to post private information about my nursing liscence, a law suit I was involved in, it was a whistleblower case in which I was fired in retaliation for refusing to falsify a document regarding an incident of patient abuse. The nursing home wanted me to lie, so as not to have to deal with a state investigation. He referred to me as the ” black widow”, many times, as I am widowed. He has basically posted info on where I lived and what type of car I drove. He made many comments trying to make it appear that I was an alcoholic, I rarely EVER drink alcohol. He made comments to the effect that I was “manic”. He has accused me of writing a review of his wife’s book on Amazon that was negative, I did NO such thing. I assume he has many ” enemies”, considering his personality. Althouse mostly deletes him nowadays, probably because he called her a drunk one too many times on her own blog. I’m sure I will recall even more that this psycho has said about and to me to a public blog. I admit I took most every chance I had to give him some of his own bad medicine on the T. blog and it probably was disruptive. I wish I would’ve been strong enough to ignore this poor excuse for a man, I ever had the misfortune to run across online. He is a walking, talking toxic waste of a human being.

    Gosh it feels good to get that off of my chest.

  57. annieofwi says:

    Gene, did the spam filter get me too? Or did I say something I shouldn’t have?

  58. annieofwi says:

    Oops,as Roseann Rosanna Danna sais, never mind. 🙂

  59. Gene H. says:

    If any of you are not having comments appear?

    Please be aware the spam filter is in “one of its moods” again.

    Sorry for any inconvenience. I will free non-spam as soon as I see it. Your patience is appreciated.

  60. mespo727272 says:

    Me? Miss a party? Who’d wear the lampshade?

  61. Bob, Esq. says:


    Love the new digs!

    So, having checked the box for “notify me of new posts via email” will I get the same type of notifications I get from Turley’s blog in my email from here?

    What an ugly sentence.

  62. annieofwi says:

    Oh yes, and I forgot another important thing, Nick Spinelli gave out my full name on that blog. Full first and last.

  63. gbk says:

    So many familiar avatars, so little time!
    I wish you well, Gene, and I’m anxious for the discourse that will occur here.
    Peace to all!

  64. gbk says:

    Elaine M.,

    “I’m still wondering how millions of people can have ‘unique’ hair.”

    Don’t women spend tons of money trying to have unique hair? Seems like it anyway. 😉


    My mailbox is never full, it just self-destructs every 72 hours. I like it that way!

  65. Gene H. says:

    You should, Bob.

  66. Blouise says:

    I always forget to check the dam box

  67. Blouise says:


    It needs remodeling? 😉
    I’m glad this one got through

  68. Blouise says:


    I’m glad you’re here with us

  69. mespo727272 says:

    Really liking the new name.

  70. Charlton Stanley says:

    He may show up here, but he will find the rules quite different. Very quite different.
    {{{{{HUGS}}}} for what you went through.

  71. Gene H. says:

    I’m tired of tinkering for the day, so I’m going to redress a couple of omissions that are unexcusable (in no particular order).

    Chuck, Mike S. and Elaine M.,
    You both know you’ve always got a blog home here.

    I know I’ve said this privately, but I’ll say publicly: you are always welcome here.

    Thanks for coming by and I hope you do so often. Dig the new gravatar, btw.

    I am so very very very glad you came by. I’ve missed you a lot lately. :*
    Mi sandbox es su sandbox. :mrgreen:

    Always a pleasure. Don’t let the chunk-style rain and inhuman temps get you down. I’ll try to keep a virtual fire burning here.

    Glad to see you. 😉

    I hope you stick around to keep me in random sanity checks and torment the odd posters on the finer points of Kant.

    Rest assured, you’re both welcome here and in good favor with the guy who carries the big stick in this forum. None of that kind of parastiic nonsese you’ve dealt with in the past will be tolerated. Maybe I’ll tell you a story in private sometime. It ends with someone not knowing how lucky they are not to be getting a visit from men in dark suits with no sense of humor.

    Nah! You’re all good! Welcome aboard and I hope the fridge stays well stocked. It’s behind the “About” page.


    Thanks for the kind words. Feel free to drop by any time.

    Tony C.,
    Dude, it wouldn’t be the same without you to argue with, either from the same or opposing tables. 😀 Glad you showed up.

    If I have missed addressing anyone personally?

    Mea maxima culpa.

    And thank you all very much. You’ve made an opening day, let alone an “under construction” day, absolutely wonderful. I hope future installments are to your liking.

  72. Gene H. says:

    I thought you’d like that, mespo. 😀

  73. Gene H. says:


    Slarti! Damn. I must be tired to have missed you. Sorry!

  74. annieofwi says:

    Charlton, Blouise and Gene, thanks so much.

  75. :*
    right back atcha 🙂

  76. lottakatz says:

    Hey Gene, wazup? Anything new with you? 🙂

  77. Mike Spindell says:

    Allrighty now., I’ve spent a lot of this weekend relaxing and avoiding anything on line. How nice to come back on and see what a smashing success Gene’s blog seems to be. Old friends, good discussions and clear and simple rules to afford everyone ample free speech. Read everything so far and I’d say I was impressed, but since Gene created it, I’ll just say it is what I expected…..great. It’s nice to go to a blog and feel a sense of fun again.

  78. Blouise says:


    I loves ya

  79. Blouise says:

    Righteous retirement … keep on keeping on insightful one

  80. Blouise says:

    Mike S.
    Ain’t it great?! Now you need to build yours so we can do a progressive dinner round.

  81. pdm says:

    Blouise, will you marry me? I’m a very good Democrat and I love the opera. But I have one SLIGHT handicap. I had no phucking idea of what the Wittenstein (prop 7.) was all about. I couldn’t write two sentences about it if I copied it out of Wiki. But it sounded soo nice..

  82. Blouise says:


    Yes, I will marry you because you asked so nicely.

    I was doing a play on words/concepts … an oblique reference to the concept of truth and what it means to call a statement true which Wittgenstein wrote about ad nauseam as he sat on the battlefields of WW I. In short, I was being a smartass regarding knowing the truth about what went on.
    Whereof we cannot speak thereof we must be silent

  83. Blouise says:

    Mike S.,
    That is an excellent idea. May I suggest a Union rep and then volunteer for same. At one time in my life I was first a Shop Steward and then an International Rep for the CWA (AFL/CIO).

    True, I am not a lawyer and thus not trained to think like a sociopath (which is why you hire one in the first place) but the owner of this blog has a soft spot in his heart where I am concerned which I might be able to exploit in a non-sociopath manner to get you a couple of Holidays off.

  84. Blouise says:

    BTW … does anyone know how to get in touch with Juliet? Might be a good idea.

  85. Charlton Stanley says:

    I had thought of that, and have her contact info. I will drop her a one line note to give her a heads up. Thanks.

  86. Blouise says:

    If he keeps the present name and goes for the idea we maybe could get you a small stall and call it Mike’s Florist Shop

  87. Blouise says:

    What name should I use to address you?

  88. Slartibartfast says:


    I hope you keep writing blogs wherever they’re posted—the articles by you and Gene were always my favorites at JT’s. And if you want to contribute here, I’ll help Blouise strong-arm Gene as necessary…


    We’ve gotten about 12″ here, how are you doing?

    26 hours on ignore is pretty extreme. Like I said, life is more important than Scrabble—I’ll be there when you’ve got time for it again.

  89. Blouise says:

    So far we are at 31 with sleet … all schools and many businesses have announced closing for Monday and Tuesday. I just looked at the weather forecast and it looks like we will start getting slammed at about 3am. The snow fall is really going to depend on the Lake Effect.

  90. Charlton Stanley says:

    I respond to almost anything, up to and including, “Hey you.” Seriously, feel free to use my real name or nickname. Everyone else does. I am considering a blog of my own, with an emphasis on mental health and forensic psychology issues as well as odds and ends to keep it interesting. And of course adventures like my closing post today on the Turley blog.

    I am also going to need some help with posting material, because I cannot do it all myself. I am going to make a rule that pseudonyms are OK, but the details yet to be thought through.

  91. Blouise says:

    ok … then I’ll use what I’m used to which is Chuck
    Excellent new blog adventure … would I find it interesting or would it be too technical ie, just for professionals?

  92. annieofwi says:

    It’s -6 right now, with a windchill of -31. Blouise you could run around outside in you bathing suit at 31! 😉

  93. Charlton Stanley says:

    I am planning a web site for business and truly technical stuff. As for blogging, that is a different thing. I think Jonathan found the key to reader interest by a mix of humor, bizarre and technical legal writing. Kos in somewhat the same way with the most eclectic mix on the internet, but their overall mission statement is to get more and better Democrats elected. The idea of multiple writers has worked for a number of successful blogs. If you notice, the ones that tend to fail are those with a single writer.

  94. Oky1 says:

    **Flowers For Socrates **

    The wisest of my friends always seem to like this Soc guy a lot,
    did he know how to fix lawn mowers & chainsaws or something? (wink)

    Howdy Gene, thought I’d stop by & spill some beer on your new carpet. 🙂

    I’ve bookmarked you now.


  95. pete9999 says:

    Blouise says:
    January 5, 2014 at 11:08 pm
    What name should I use to address you?

    Sir Scribe? 🙂

  96. Oro Lee says:

    Subscribed! — No matter what else may happent this Monday, some of my time was well spent. Glad to be here, hope y’all will have me.

  97. Gene H. says:

    You are always most welcome. I’m very glad you dropped by, especially after being shamed by Elton John and Kiki Dee. 😀 I’ll try to avoid goin’ and breakin’ your heart here.

  98. Oro Lee says:

    Thanks, Gene — and on your “About” page, I would add polymath. Those who know what the word means will agree, and those who don’t will be too lazy to look it up and think it has to do with algebra

  99. Blouise says:

    Oro Lee,

    Yippee Ki Yay (as in roundup) Welcome home.

  100. Gene H. says:

    I used to date Poly Math. Lovely girl. Then I hooked up with her cousin, After Math? That was a disaster. 😀

  101. Elaine M. says:


    Whatever you do–don’t date a sociomath. They’re nasty and nuts. They’ll have you at sixes and sevens.

  102. Blouise says:


  103. Gene H. says:

    Solid advice, Elaine. I wish I’d had it before I met my ex. :mrgreen:

  104. Gene H. says:


    I’m glad to see you and sorry for the late reply but I just now saw your post. Me? I’ve been busy. I hope the new blog helps ease the heartbreak caused at the old venue. 😀 It goes without saying that you can certainly lurk to your heart’s content, but I look forward to your comments in the future.

  105. lottakatz says:

    Hi Gene, You’re off to a good start obviously. My posting window is very narrow (taking meds for an illness/injury) but I do lurk and want to wish you well. It’s nice to see posters I like and respect still posting all in one place.

    The use of the word “polymath” and the many variations on it scares me- We’re not going to have to do maths here are we? If this ‘new blawg’ is just a ruse to suck people into some kind of maths vortex I’m protesting up front. Unless you can link to a image of a nice fractal periodically, then I’ll just grumble to myself now and again.

  106. Slartibartfast says:

    ^..^ * many,

    You should probably worry more about me bringing the maffs than Gene, but I’ll try to be good and, even if I’m not, all of my posts have a fractal at the top. 😉

  107. Sorry about your injury, lotta. Hope you heal quickly.

  108. Blouise says:

    Get well! With illnesses and injuries I take a command position.

  109. awwww gee, wish I had more time to lounge here…it is such a welcome, mindful retreat……and humor, and fractals! ………and hopefully humorous fractals…..

  110. eniobob says:


  111. Good to see you, eniobob.

  112. Elaine M. says:


    Long time…no see. Hope you’ll stick around.

  113. Gene H. says:


    I’d like to say I really missed your voice over at the other place and like to echo what both Smom and Elaine said. Especially the part about sticking around. Really good to see you. 😀

  114. Blouise says:


    Hey buddy 🙂

  115. Annie;

    Your anxiety about the less than courteous party(s) is understandable.

    And I’ve got your (anybody’s) back when others desire to cyber bully and/or full of hotty’air

    That being sad, please learn the lesson I’ve learned;
    take the high road and let those in the mud – pull you into the pig pen.
    (I’m not aware of the full banter – but your rant v “name” here is not endearing – and I like you)

    Better to speak in generalities – as doth Prof JT

    (BTW – did you see that I got “sort of” spanked – for my joke comment to rafflaw)?

  116. Me kb is sticking with Panera’ rye seeds – all over de place….

  117. Dredd says:

    Congrats on Flowers For Socrates. Blogs are a lot of work, and fun.

    Today is the 5th Anniversary of Dredd Blog. I do two other blogs too. Like I say lots of work and lots of fun.

    Flowers For Socrates is off to a good start.

  118. Hey ALL –

    I’m going to be shut down into silence mode; once I engage an entertainment counsel (Real soon).

    Could someone please do a Q&A with me on issues of Civil RICO?

    The public at large greatly misunderstands the RICO Act and its provisos. Last week we rec’d over 1 million web views and 100,000 FB likes/shares by small blogs telling the tale.

    In next 30 days, others stories are coming out (7 thus far).

    No biggie if this is not the thing here; but I’d hate for Lame’bum to be the first to rally the masses.

  119. lottakatz says:

    Slartibartfast : “You should probably worry more about me bringing the maffs than Gene”

    I thought about that even as I hit the “Post Comment” button. You though, are one of those can-do-no-wrong posters IMO (So is Tony C from his very first debate.) so even if I don’t understand your posting or agree with something you post I read them and respect the time and effort you take. Maffs on Slarti, maffs on…
    Thanks for the kind wishes Swarthmoremom and Blouise. Rather than a command position I’m more of a slave to the pain and infirmity but I’m hanging in there.
    X2 to all the postings expressing gladness in seeing poster’s names that have not been seen lately. Glad I am also.
    LazerDLiquidator, Lots of luck with the suit, Bain Capitol did some nasty things.

  120. Tony C. says:

    lottakatz: Ha! Take me out of that category, quick! It is too much responsibility. Plus I am pretty sure Slart would disagree…

    When it comes to injury, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Or cripples you for life, or whatever. Lots of options. Hope that makes you feel better!

  121. Gene H. says:

    I hope you feel better soon, LK.
    Persistent injuries/sickness of any sort are no fun at all.

  122. lottakatz;

    And it involved Chris Christie giving a $50 million NO BID DPA (Deferred Prosecution Agreement) to former US Attorney General John Ashcroft to remove his campaign remarks to the Hague Global Forum on Corruption about corrupt federal judges in collusion with high ranking members of the United States Trustee program.

    Ashcroft got a slice as did the other person yours truly was pressing to do her job (US Att, SoCal – in charge of President’s Corp Fraud Task Force – Debra Wong Yang).

    What is the REAL name for Capone giving the top fed prosecutor $50 million

    Not to Prosecute?

  123. Elaine M. says:


    It’s good to see you here! Hope you’ll be feeling better and out of pain soon. Take care of yourself.

  124. BTW lotta; = Bain Capital was partners with Goldman Sachs and three of the biggest “Nitti’s” in the entire U.S. (MNAT & Traub & Connolly) – all of whom are (at least until now) – like Christie – Above the Law.

    But as Marc Dreier, Tom Petters, Rothstein, Stanford, Okun and Madoff know (all connected to Traub) – as Chris Christie is about to find out;

    You’s is untouchable – Until you git’s Touched!

  125. Slartibartfast says:

    Tony C said: “lottakatz: Ha! Take me out of that category, quick! It is too much responsibility. Plus I am pretty sure Slart would disagree…

    Funny you should mention that—I might not put you in that category, but I certainly don’t object to others doing so. For all that we’ve had our differences and I’ve thought that some of your ideas were silly, I never thought for a second that you weren’t arguing your honest beliefs in good faith. You made some comments on Mike’s first thread regarding the civility policy at Professor Turley’s that I heartily agree with—I, too, think it shields bad actors who maintain the trappings of civility while completely violating the spirit of good faith discussion (which, to me, is much more impolite than calling someone a poopyhead or some such).

    So I welcome the policy here as well and look forward to having passionate arguments with you that, while they may get snippy from time to time, will always be honest (or Gene will kick us both in the head 😉 ).

  126. Slartibartfast says:

    ^..^ * (many),

    Thanks! I do work hard on what I write (and have a writing style best described as “glacial”) whether or not that shows in the final product. I’m glad to see you here—another one of the good things from Professor Turley’s site that has shown up here as well. I’ll try not to disappoint when the maffs roll around…

  127. Mike Spindell says:


    I’m glad you’re around, but sorry your battling pain. Hang in there.

  128. Mike Spindell says:


    You defy category, but though we sometimes disagree, I must agree with LK. You are not only honest about what you believe, but you are so damned capable in providing the logical basis for your beliefs that it is a pleasure to read you. At Turley though, the problem was that you are so tenacious a debater that you would slog on with those whose arguments you destroyed, when your opponent refused to acknowledge defeat and ignored your points. That was how Gene set the record for the longest thread on Turley. My problem was that even when we agreed, you’d never continue the debate on any of my threads and so I never got much above 500 comments, when I so wanted to pass 1,000, just once. 🙂

  129. Trust me Mike – getting past 1000 ain’t all its cracked up to be.

    If you answer everyone – or try – its too much (I did that recently, trying to be down to earth and get slammed for it). But if you don’t answer certain one’s – parties start thinking “uh oh”.

    I’m just sayin…….

    be careful what you wish for.

    (p.s. – by the way, yesterday rec’d thousands of questions cause my email address is on the brief that is published – Would be more than happy to “auto-forward” them to you).

  130. Slartibartfast says:


    You’ve got a clean slate to work with here, and there’s still time for you to break 1,000 comments and establish the a new record here as well.

  131. Tony C. says:

    Mike: Yeah, I can be obsessive compulsive. I think that can be a disorder, but it isn’t always a disorder. A fair proportion of the scientists I know, and most of the good ones, are pretty severely obsessives. Some good things can come out of that.

  132. Mike Spindell says:

    “Mike: Yeah, I can be obsessive compulsive.”

    I do have some OCD myself, but it gets overwhelmed by another more powerful aspect which is simply like the “girls” in the Cyndi Lauper song “I just want to have fun.” My father used to criticize me for that by saying that I’d rather have fun than work and when it came to school he was right. I was able to “trick” myself into working hard by making my work into “fun”.

    However, I’d like to add a more serious note regarding the “getting to” a 1,000 comments on a given blog. Over at Jonathan’s that usually came about because there was someone tenaciously trying to propagandize the blog and hijack the thread away from the original discussion. If you remember on Gene’s record breaking thread “What Makes a Good Law, What Makes a Bad Law” we had Kderosa, Stephen Grossman and Roco pushing the count up to 2,113 comments. Along the way were numerous obvious sock puppets joining in. Those three unlamented commenters didn’t argue/discuss the issues Gene wrote about in good faith by dealing with them logically. Their “arguments” were a textbook case in propaganda which Gene’s current blog “Propaganda 104” deals with in detail The names change but the techniques do not.

    What helped to drive me off Jonathan’s blog were the current set of trolls: DavidM, Nick Spinelli and Hskiprob. DavidM was by far the most skilled of the three and if you look at Gene’s “Propaganda 104” you will see that DavidM used practically every deceptive propaganda technique that Gene articulates. Nick Spinelli was far less skilled but far more insidious. His purpose was more to disrupt than to propagandize, though some of his most common and least creative techniques are also in Gene’s manual. Hskiprob was on reflection the most sincere of them all, but had the least writing skills, coupled with the unshakable belief that he was a creative4 genius. It just got to be so tedious after awhile reading them and dealing with them. This wasn’t about politic because I never resented Bron and when dealing with a smart libertarian like Gary T., I enjoyed the discussion because he was smart enough to keep me on my toes. He was a honest debater, while passionately representing his cause. That was fun

    I of course have been open about what finally caused me to leave and that was Jonathan’s blatantly ignoring his own rules in his attempt to have more “conservative” representation on the blog. I’m just not into the major networks, or the news channels, type of discussion dedicated to producing “sturm und drang” rather than honest debate/discussion that clarifies issues and presents learning opportunities

    Now I don’t think that the same trolling dynamic will occur here.because obviously we are small and not fronted by someone with national exposure. Jonathan’s fame causes his blog to become a “troll magnet” in this era of Koch funded cyber warfare, simply because of the wide audience. One of the GB’s in fact asked me to consider not leaving because I would be dropping into “obscurity” without the Turley Blog. I’ve never been famous, I’m not famous now and I certainly don’t crave fame in my future. I’m having fun again here. The atmosphere is much more conducive to interesting discussions, which I consider fun and I’m able to write about things that effect me passionately and send them out into cyber space. What could be better?

    • michael beaton says:

      @Mike Spindell
      It was an interesting reading parts of this thread this morning, and in particular your posts. I didn’t realize you had resigned from the JT post.
      While I couldn’t resign from that blog post, I gather I shared yours, and others, frustrations at trying to have a conversation to the point of any given article, only to have the point drowned out by an ocean of irrelevant and/or badly thought out responses.
      Having seen JT on the national stage I thought it would be a different sort of conversation there. And I attempted to advocate for that for awhile, to no avail. It is v.interesting seeing the comments here of so many from there. I thought it was just me.
      I hope this blog does not get worn down by the same sort of syndrome. There are so few places where a thought can be had, and a cogent debate that fills out an issue can be held. I hope it is here, and I hope to be a part of that conversation.

  133. Tony C. says:

    Mike: I’m not famous either. Literally millions of people use my work, but almost always without even knowing who figured it out, just like most people have no idea who invented the vast majority of what they use. As long as nobody falsely claims they invented something I invented, I am okay with anonymous obscurity, I look around the room and appreciate the anonymous inventors of hundreds of things I think are soooooo coooool.

  134. Blouise says:

    Perhaps the GBer who suggested that you would drop into “obscurity” without the Turley Blog was making the common error of confusing fame with success. 😉

  135. Mike Spindell says:


    Possibly too, enjoyment of life with the need for approval.

  136. Mike Spindell says:

    “I’m able to write about things that “effect” (sic) me passionately”

    Now if I could only remember to take the time to proofread my comments before I hit the enter key. 🙂

  137. Mike – that’s why I switched to Chrome – at least it gives you auto-spell check

  138. Blouise says:

    Perhaps ‘confusing fame with success’ or ‘enjoyment of life with the need for approval’ but definitely, if one has read Gene’s “Propaganda 104: Magica Verba Est Scientia Et Ars Es”, a weak argument based on the fallacy of appeal to authority. :mrgreen:

  139. Gene H. says:


    “Having seen JT on the national stage I thought it would be a different sort of conversation there.”

    In the early days, it was different. A lot more like what we are evolving here at FFS. There was a lot more substantive conversation and a lot less trollery. Rest assured, I’m somewhat of an expert on propaganda methodlogy and while I value free speech and competing ideas, I have little tolerance for propagandists or their methods.

  140. One of the weird things about human nature (and – apparently – even a G-d) is an inherent desire for specialness.

    We want love, respect, adoration (good looks), abilities, on and on;
    so that we are more special than the next;

    but if you have better looks, strength, wealth granted to you

    does that really make you special?

  141. pdm says:


    Has anybody heard from OS? From the sound of the news reports, most of WVa’s water.has been contaminated by a huge chemical spill.

  142. Gene H. says:


    I heard from him yesterday. He’s fine (other than having a bruised knee from a slip on the ice) but really busy with moving his office and setting up some projects of his own. He’ll be back around.

  143. Blouise says:


    Chuck took a bad spill on black ice. Send him positive thoughts, prayers, whatever is in your belief backpack.

  144. Michael Jordan was loved; because of his love of the game.
    But his specialness only was worthwhile (getting Champ Rings)
    once he permitted others to share in the glory.

    I, for one – think Kobe is a disdain on the issue of G-d given talent.

    Same reason George Takei was a smaller bit character who has 5 million FB friends (including yours truly) and Shatner was the star of the show(s); but has less than 1 million.

    Too full of himself.

    Professor Turley doesn’t appear too full of himself;
    but he sure does forget whence he/the blog – came’th.

    I’m on JT’s blog – in part because of content;
    but far more important – due to you good people there.

    Hope you all don’t abandon the realm.

    Trolls will devour it then.

  145. Mike Spindell says:

    “Having seen JT on the national stage I thought it would be a different sort of conversation there.”

    Michael B.,
    What drew me to the Turley blog almost at its beginning was the type of conversation we both seek. At that early point Jonathan interacted with the the comments. Take a look at the earliest archives to check this out. Then his blog took off and he of necessity had to become more aloof in his presence. When he added the G.B’s he did counsel that we not interact too much, but I think our sense of duty to the blog caused some us to stay involved on the threads.

    Unfortunately, the blog’s phenomenal success drew more and more trolls, some I fear being subsidized and the conversation dwindled, as the vituperation increased. There was days that my stomach would start to churn before I opened my E Mail. The process that led to the defection of some of us had been an ongoing off blog discussion for almost a year asking Jonathan to lend a hand and clearly define rules. Gene led the charge, with me close behind. Chuck and Elaine ran almost even with me. Jonathan would hear none of our objections only to sympathize but point out that we were “feeding the trolls”. I saw it as protecting the blog and standing up to bullies, as did the others. Eventually, it became apparent that Jonathan had no intention of addressing our concerns and the rest is history.

    “I hope this blog does not get worn down by the same sort of syndrome. There are so few places where a thought can be had, and a cogent debate that fills out an issue can be held. I hope it is here, and I hope to be a part of that conversation.”

    When I decided to quit the Turley Blog it was with the intention to start my own. Then Gene quit, formed this blog and invited some like me on board as editors/writers, with our own bylines and much freedom of action. Once I read Gene’s simple blog rules my decision to join Gene was plain. I couldn’t write a better set of rules to both maintain freedom of speech and yet prevent blog attacks of any sort. Gene created a better blog than I could have done and did it very rapidly. There will be future heated discussions no doubt, but they will be ones that are done without the heat of crazy irrationality, or from people who are merely politically self serving, rather than people passionately committed to expressing their point of view in an honest fashion. Our edge besides Gene’s rules, is the very fact that none of us are celebrities and thus we won’t attract the trolls.

  146. Yeah; Otteray asked me not to lecture him on trying to force his well seasoned wit, wisdom and experiences; back into an 18 year old mold (in his mind).

    He’s one great writer, hard work (should have retired times x times already);
    and a great inspiration instilling hope.

    Feel better, get better and get balance of joys & comfort – Otteray Scribe!

  147. Blouise says:

    “Our edge besides Gene’s rules, is the very fact that none of us are celebrities and thus we won’t attract the trolls.” (Mike S)

    Sure you will but they will be dispatched, one way or the other, without fanfare.

  148. Mike;

    I need help with that issue (advice) – about staying involved.

    JT does it too little and I do it too much;
    where’s the compromise Rule Book on this.

    The issue I’m facing is extraordinary – as are the player – and I’m as insignificant as they come (except for the fact that G-d’s universe picked me to do the battle). My new counsel (Hollywood attorney James Fagen) – says human nature demands that the Hollywood rules become paramount; and he’s instructed me to refrain from commenting come 12:01 a.m Jan. 13th

    We are even planning to take a whole bunch of stuff down.

    All of which frustrates me greatly – I don’t like pretense, mind games and such. Nor did I give a hoot if anyone ever mentions my name again and/or gives credit. But I did think that – just once – it would be neat if someone life is pushing towards the clouds, got off the high horse and stayed with the crowd.

    James keeps saying “familiarity breeds contempt”

    Where do you draw the line?

  149. gbk says:


    Hope you’re on the mend, and wish you well.

  150. Mike Spindell says:

    “All of which frustrates me greatly – I don’t like pretense, mind games and such. Nor did I give a hoot if anyone ever mentions my name again and/or gives credit.”


    I don’t like those things either, but the old maxim about not listening to your lawyer holds true. I’m not facing the dangers you are facing, so it’s easy to give advice and please take it with that in mind. The reason that I’ve used my own name since beginning on the internet has been because my strategy towards protecting myself is to let it all hang out there. I used that throughout my career when I worked. While that strategy worked for me, it was simultaneously liberating and limiting. I’ve admitted to some here, that I’ve always had the belief that by facing the world openly there was some sort of karmic protection coming my way. So far it worked, but who knows?

    If you want to keep commenting on the net how about a good alias not directly related to you and a change of IP address. Would that meet your lawyer’s strictures.

    • Slartibartfast says:


      You should also change the email address which you use to make comments—as I showed on Professor Turley’s blog a couple of years ago, it is easy to match the hash strings that gravatar uses and connect pseudonyms using the same email address.

  151. He actually suggested something along that line.

    Also slapped me with the reality that we’ve rec’d more than 2 million web views in the last 30 days (which is more than the saga has probably received in the last 13 years). Hence, how much more banter does one need.

    Until Justice Comes!

  152. Mike Spindell says:

    “James keeps saying “familiarity breeds contempt””

    That was a maxim my father used along with “the road to hell is built on good intentions.” There is a certain amount of truth to that. Think of the Sports Heroes for instance that were built up, only to be torn down. Many people love to lionize “heroes”, but envy is also involved in the “lionization” and so they enjoy tearing them down.

  153. I’m going to read the one professor’s various links on how to deal with trolls/negativity. My mind tells me that one should use the root of ignorance and “ignore”; but if one like OS then asks the same question an Ad B posed – my veins tighten up – because the issue is personal.

    It’s all so vexing.

  154. Never discussed “lionization” heretofore; but it is akin to the banters I’ve had. When I go out of my way to say “we have been fighting this for a decade” – some twerp will chime in HTF is “we”.

    Being accused of being “special” minded when you’ve lost your career, life savings, even my children (all but one) have disowned me – is specialness I wish I could shove up Pitten’s butt.

    What is real quirky about it all – is that Romney is really a RICO boss; and you don’t get much higher upon the mountain top as king of the hill – as he is. Real strange that (because I’m out here trying to be real and not play “games”); that the crowd would rather bully up on moi – then kick Pitten’s off the high white horse that he’s never going to get to ride now (hopefully) into the White House.

  155. Thanks – Slartibartfast – a2nite at DailyKos had given me that same advice long ago; and I forgot about it. Will now go look up her instructions (including how to switch your IP around).

  156. Tony C. says:

    Gene says: In the early days, it was different.

    I don’t know when the early days were, but it was different even three (or is it four?) years ago. That record-setting blog post? Filled with curses and knock-down drag-out flyting (new word for me, it means “insult contest”). I think the professor has messed with success.

  157. Tony C.

    The “messing” (thus far) with success, is a high class problem when you keep getting accolades.

    I’ve never noticed – is there a “Stats” link viewable on JT’s blog?

  158. Tony C. says:

    Laser: Accolades are always messages just now arriving from the past.

    I have watched award-winning restaurants taken over and the new owner try to make them more profitable, or expand them, or tweak the recipes to use less expensive ingredients. They stay packed for several months. It takes time for word of mouth to spread. But they crater, and seldom recover.

    I’ll wait and see, but as I said, I see no reason to comment there. Curses and insults have value; they are literally processed by a different part of the brain. They get attention. They are one of the few effective policing tools people have when they have no actual power. First we got filtered to death, then we got prohibited from incivility, and the trolls will take over.

    Ah well, nothing lasts forever. It was cool while it lasted. Some things in life we have to treat like a good dinner or concert, they aren’t intended to go on forever. And in some endeavors, success is its own poison.

  159. Well, I’m thankful for the subject matter at JT’s blog and that I’ve met a many decent folk/comment party thereon. Like Mike’s father said, the road to – is paved with well wish.

    In similar fashion, having one of the biggest cases of all time; and finding places like Whistle Blowers, GAP, Halt, POGO etc., etc. All refusing to even give the serious national, significant issues of the case any consideration whatsoever.

    Hence (should I get back what they stole) – it is my (good intention) to form web/blogs etc., to help other victims deal with tyranny, cronyism and corruption in a more proficient manner.

    Hoping and praying I don’t wind up in hell for so doing.

    (as I’m already in the hell of a thousand Laser hating trolls – already)

  160. Meanwhile – JT’s comment party just made everyone here case in point

    Up chucking – that is…

  161. lottakatz says:

    Laser, If you’re paying someone to counsel you on what to do and you trust his judgment then you should do what he says to do. Everything you post about the case is potentially something that can be used by the opposition, don’t help them.

  162. lottakatz says:

    Slarti and Tony, don’t feel too burdened by the mantle of “can do no wrong” because I feel that way about most posters on this blawg. In thinking about it there are more people here in that category than not. Lol, You are all burdened by my deep respect and cyber affection. 🙂
    Gene, I’ve been reading the postings but just don’t have it together to make lucid comments. I’m impressed but I will just have to take your invitation to primarily lurk for awhile.
    Mike, I, like Laser and others, still visit Turlewblawg in good faith and I noticed the absence of David of late as well as Skip. I think our suspicion of paid disruption was probably correct. I suspect a “Mission accomplished” email was the last email of substance David sent and it wasn’t to Turleyblawg. I am really heartbroken over the whole thing. But then, I am taking prescribed pharmaceutical concoctions that play with my mind. 🙂

  163. Appreciate that lotta;

    But the advice is based on how to maximize money from film/book purchasing rights parties; as the counsel is an entertainment industry person and has nothing to do with the RICO case filing.

    He’s correct and already educated me greatly:

    Such as the fact that insurance is double when non-fiction (in our case maybe even triple); but the deal we sign pays for it and his firm’s insurance covers him on standards based on his prior history in the industry.

    Additionally, as a matter of Law – and standard Racketeering case procedures – yours truly is a prosecutor in this case (actually classified as a “Private Attorney General” ({See Sedima v Imrex U.S. Supreme}); and – By Law – one filing in “Prosecutorial Gaps” is required to disclose everything (or be guilty of withholding exonerating evidences {In re Brady [materials] – In re Giglio})

    Click to access CA_District_Court__Civil_RICO_CASE_STATEMENT_Outline_from_Court.pdf

    Such is the ways of this case – so much so – that yours truly actually informed the parties (and the despots vested with covering up this case from within our federal agencies) so that, if they were going to raise up corruption (again) all the way across the country from their “Deal”aware venal system of justice – they could save U.S. all time; and simply Do IT (or do me).

    It worked, the rogue elements did effort to provoke me; but it also revealed something else to me – that there’s an element within our federal system that desires my success. Everyone is hoping and praying that I do this correctly; and that means getting/garnishing public awareness to the issues at hand.

    This case is not about me. I’m just one of the pieces to the puzzle. Everyone (even attorneys “at law”) tend to misunderstand the Racketeering Influences and Corrupt Organizations ACT of 1970 (“RICO”). Most believe it is only for hard core “mafia”s like the Soprano’s, G-dfather, etc.

    It includes them; but was also used to take down the Tobacco companies and rare dynamics!

    Congress designed the RICO Act (LONG after Capone’s end) to address issues like Capone; rogue elements trying to take over the labor unions and/or any other thing where state/federal agencies are engaging in willful blindness, color of law and corruption – permitting the “association in fact” (in my particular case a “Bankruptcy Ring”) to get away (thus far) totally ‘Scot Free’ with their Organized Crimes.

    [un]Fortunately, I’m blessed in 3 ways.

    Mountains of evidences, more than 300 actual crimes (state, fed, SEC etc) that are listed as “Predicate Acts” of RICO (under 18 U.S.C. & 1961); and the greatest of all pieces of the puzzle – a RICO boss so full of hubris, he/his gang, didn’t care how much of an evidence trail they left behind; because they all “believed” he was going to become POTUS and handpick that “friendly” U.S. Attorney General that Sheldon Adelson was paying $100 million to benefit of.


    My issue and largest vex (beyond their crimes and corruption) is the fact that I’ve been different than most others; inviting (begging actually) everyone to be a part of something special and help bring down these “guys”.

    However, (as my attorney points out) – familiarity breeds contempt.

    People want me to be in the clouds and that sucks; because I hate persons who think they are special – simply because life took them down a different pathway.

    Be that as it may – as of midnight tonight – I go dark as posting by my open moniker.

    Please stay tuned!

  164. Mike Spindell says:


    Be well and I know in your new net persona you will remain the courageous man you are.

  165. Mike Spindell says:


    Regarding the link from Skip. In the words of Bugs Bunny “What a maroon!”

  166. Mike Spindell says:

    “I suspect a “Mission accomplished” email was the last email of substance David sent and it wasn’t to Turleyblawg.”


    I suspect you are right, but the bottom line is I’m much happier now. I’ve not visited that blog except for Elaine’s link above. Blog notifications now go into spam and I have little curiosity about the goings on there. I didn’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind was blowing and to me it was odoriferous

    Getting to know you as I have through the years I would expect you and others would drop by there. My argument wasn’t with most regulars or with the other GB’s. I’m just glad you are dropping around here as well. This isn’t a competition and I don’t foresee Gene’s blog ever being voted on at the ABA, although Gene really is a lawyer, not a legal spokesman. Whereas, I am a law school “flunkout” and so never rely on my legal advice. 🙂

  167. Just checked…. David is on the Turley blog today. Maybe they gave him a few days off. He could very well stay around for the 2014 elections.

  168. Blouise says:

    This is just a much more positive atmosphere in which to be discussing problems and solutions. No spit balls flying through the air.

  169. Slartibartfast says:

    I couldn’t agree more Blouise. I’d been wanting to post more on the Professor’s site of late, but haven’t felt up to dealing with some of the commenters over there (under a set of rules that favors people who violate the spirit of civility under the cloak of politeness). I have absolutely no such qualms about posting here.

  170. Blouise says:


    I like to sit back and think about different thoughts posters contribute, maybe return in a day or two to ask a question or add an additional thought … almost impossible to do when every thread goes toxic.

    BTW … did you have floods up there? We have 52 degrees and water, water, everywhere.

  171. Slartibartfast says:


    It’s been closer to freezing here, so most of our snowpack hasn’t melted, but we may well get flooding when it does.

    I’ve always found it amazing how quickly a productive discussion can die with even one troll around to poison it. I like to take my time as well (plus I get distracted by shiny objects a lo

  172. Blouise says:


    😉 … My granddaughter keeps telling me that her train of thought fell of the tracks.
    You know Kev, back in the ’60’s I got shouted at a lot by southern gents practicing their free speech … when free speech creates a fear of speaking one’s mind, it’s no longer free speech. Free speech at that other place was a myth.

  173. Slartibartfast says:

    I guess I’ve suspected as much ever since my data mining project resulted in false accusations being made against Rafflaw and Professor Turley failed to stand up for him. At least that was when my emotional investment in the place started to die.

  174. Oky1 says:

    **LaserDLiquidator says:
    January 10, 2014 at 4:28 pm

    (as I’m already in the hell of a thousand Laser hating trolls – already) **

    The advantage goes to the leader LDL, just as long as you lead.


  175. Blouise says:


    There you go. Can’t deny the patterns.

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