A Very Personal Thank You

Trust is a valuable thing. It is neither given nor taken lightly. When I invited the authors posting to Flowers for Socrates to participate in this forum, I did so because I consider them friends and I trust them with not only creating content for this growing blog but with the power and responsibility of being full editors on this site. It was (and is) trust well placed.

After a recent bout of the flu waylaid some of the authors here (including me), the FFS family stepped up admirably to help fill the content void.  Everyone who participates here knows this. What everyone might not know is that almost to the day of my recovery from said flu, I was blindsided by a family crisis that has been monopolizing my time for the last week and promises to do so for the near future. The result of which has been I have had little (read: no) time to actively participate or create content for our fledgling forum.

While not abandoning this project by a long shot, I think that recognition is due to the FFS family for again stepping up and helping to keep this forum alive (and growing) in my partial absence. To the authors, I say, “Thank you for everything and your belief in this project.”

To our commentors, I also say thank you for making this the kind of forum I knew it could be and your continuing support.

I’ll be providing content and participating as time allows, but thank you all for keeping this forum vibrant while life’s unexpected duties keep me otherwise occupied.

Gene Howington, Editor-in-Chief

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I write and do other stuff.
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11 Responses to A Very Personal Thank You

  1. Warmest wishes for a speedy and favorable outcome.

  2. Gene,
    To use an old fighter pilot expression, “I have your six.”
    I have not been much in evidence because I am still moving the office and my son and his family have been here. He has helped me with moving some of the heavy stuff, like boxes of books. I have come to the conclusion ibuprofen is one of the major food groups.

    I am working on a couple of stories for when things quiet down here.

  3. Mike Spindell says:

    Hang in there Gene, we’ve got your back.

  4. Blouise says:

    While the cat’s away ……

    I miss you on drums … gentle hugs all around.

  5. swarthmoremom says:

    Yep, Bouise. Those Hillary supporting women could start some trouble. I have a chance to see Elizabeth Warren speak. Hope your situation improves soon, Gene.

  6. Oro Lee says:

    Because the best and the brightest of that other blog now camp out here, I don’t comment much at either — there isn’t much that I can bring to the table here that you don’t already know and since I don’t read most of the comments at the other I’ve to compulsion to respond to anything.

    But i do like what you’ve done with the place.

  7. Sunny Peneka says:

    Gene, I wish you well.
    And Oro Lee says it all: Because the best and the brightest of that other blog now camp out here…

  8. eniobob says:

    “Friendship make prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.
    Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC), On Friendship, 44 B.C

  9. Blouise says:


    Okay! That certainly got my attention. What was she like? Were you favorably impressed?

  10. swarthmoremom says:

    The event will be in March, Blouise.

  11. Blouise says:

    Oops … I read ‘have’ as ‘had’. Well, you will have to give me a full report. I’m excited that someone I know and trust (you) will have an opportunity to evaluate her.

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