News Roundup—September 14, 2014


Submitted by Elaine Magliaro


Obama Administration To Reward Student Loan Company Accused Of Cheating Troops (Huffington Post)

Consumer Group Criticizes Education Department’s Debt Collectors (Huffington Post)

Seniors Forced Into Poverty As Education Department Demands Payment (Huffington Post)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Cuts Schools, Pensions While Preserving Fund For Corporate Subsidies (International Business Times)

Teachers Unions Use Financial Clout Of Pension Funds To Make Up For Lost Political Power: The American Federation of Teachers has used its pension funds to take on billionaire asset managers, the nation’s largest private student loan company and the world’s biggest education company. (Buzz Feed)

School Reform Should Focus On the Quality Of Principals (Valley News)

Biglaw’s Big Dumb Teacher Tenure Lawsuits (Above the Law)


Chevron’s Lobbyist Now Runs the Congressional Science Committee (The Nation)

Texas Journalists Urge National Press To Take Perry Case More Seriously (Media Matters)

Cops: Gun Range Claimed Uzi Release Forms ‘Were Blown Away By The Wind’ (Talking Points Memo)

Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Promises To Seize And Sell America’s National Parks, Forests And Public Lands (ThinkProgress)

Georgia State Senator Complains That Voting Is Too Convenient For Black People (Updated) (ThinkProgress)

GOPer Doubles Down On Excessive Black Voting Complaint: I Prefer ‘Educated Voters’ (Talking Points Memo)

Why I’m Suing the New York State Democratic Party for Interfering in Its Own Primary: Under the direction of Andrew Cuomo, the party has spent a small fortune supporting my opponent’s campaign. (The Nation)



Contractors Ready to Cash In On ISIS War (The Daily Beast)

Here’s the Data That Shows Cops Kill Black People at a Higher Rate Than White People
Plus: the crazy way the FBI classifies all police shooting victims as criminals. (Mother Jones)

The New Racism: First you deny racism exists. (Chicago Tribune)

Scalia’s utter moral failure: How he destroys any claim to a superior system of justice
He doesn’t think executing an innocent man matters. How on earth can such a depraved human be on our Supreme Court? (Salon)

The End Of Net Neutrality Would Be ‘Clusterfuck Worse Than Comcast Customer Service’ (Huffington Post)

23 Reasons Why Jeb Bush Should Think Twice About Running for President: From questionable business dealings to allegations of philandering, the former Florida governor’s past is an opposition researcher’s dream (Mother Jones)

7 right-wing Christians who got their comeuppance in hilarious ways: The arc of justice is long, and sometimes it has a wickedly ironic sense of humor (Salon)


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4 Responses to News Roundup—September 14, 2014

  1. bettykath says:

    Elaine, Great post. Reading all of this will keep me out of mischief for awhile. I’m familiar with some of these stories, but far from all of them.

  2. bettykath says:

    re: Seniors having the SS checks garnished. I think one of the reasons there are so many unpaid student loans is because people didn’t understand that their SS would be affected. They got away with not paying for years. An improved repayment rate would undoubtedly be the result if the SS repayment plan had greater visibility while people had the income to make the payments.

    I had a loan that I repaid rather quickly by living on whatever was left after making my loan payment (and also saving 10% of my net). This meant no car for awhile and then a well-used new-to-me car. This was at a time when I saw others my age taking on more debt in the form of new cars, and then living in nice apartments and taking trips. One co-worker bought a new coat that cost a week’s wages. Nice coat but also a lot more than a student loan payment. Fiscal responsibility is less fun.

  3. bettykath says:

    re: focus on principals. I totally agree. The principal sets the tone, good or bad. Morale and teaching quality follows.

  4. buckaroo says:

    Perhaps true, however beware – -The owl telling the sparrow that it has a big head.

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