A Mark Fiore Video: Who Killed Michael Brown?

Michael Brown

Michael Brown

By Elaine Magliaro

Political cartoonist Mark Fiore said it seems as if “everyone but Darren Wilson is responsible for the death of Michael Brown. It’s Michael Brown’s fault, black-on-black violence is at fault, it’s a culture of disrespect and lawbreaking that’s at fault, take your pick.” Fiore added it might be that “the best spew of logic came from Rudy Giuliani, who essentially said, if you black people didn’t kill yourselves so much we wouldn’t have to send so many white cops down there to kill you as well.”


Yes, crime in black communities is bad. Yes, white police officers killing unarmed black people is bad. Are we not capable of holding two thoughts in our collective head at the same time? It sure seems that many people only talk of “black-on-black” crime when they are defending a white police officer.

Now that another tragedy has happened in the blink of an eye and the police officer who choked Eric Garner to death on camera was not indicted (who you gonna’ believe, your lyin’ eyes or the police union?), let’s hope the growing outrage continues to spotlight police brutality and brings an end to these all-too-frequent killings.




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5 Responses to A Mark Fiore Video: Who Killed Michael Brown?

  1. Good white people killed Brown. They want to be outraged at a white officer killing a black unarmed youth, si that we can have white prosecutors vindicate the officer by sham process

    So that good white people will feel bad and sad at the oppression of white officers by a sense of righteousness

    Cause, this week, now

    Good white people.have got to learn the same lesson about enhanced interrogation techniques

    Cause you can in”terro”gate “terro”ists

    Being that they are rooted in same

  2. pete says:

    I’m goin with sunspots.

  3. buckaroo says:

    Perhaps we have all judge Senator McCain wrongly for whatever reason in the past – it takes a real American to hold to an opinion in opposition to the politics of the nescient & taciturn.

  4. Bob Kauten says:

    Well, I’ll admit that a lot of “real Americans” are batshit crazy. McCain’s definitely one of those.
    How else could this country be what it is today?

  5. OroLee says:

    Cause I just ran across this article and this post is the closest one to the masthead that is sort of on point.


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