Senator Mark Udall: The CIA Is Still Lying

Senator Mark Udall (D-CO)

Senator Mark Udall

By Elaine Magliaro

On Wednesday, Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) said that the CIA was still lying about “its post-9/11 torture program.” During a speech on the floor of the Senate, Udall “delivered a blistering critique of the agency’s torture during the George W. Bush Administration…” He said that the “CIA’s lies have been aided and abetted by President Barack Obama’s White House…” He called on the president “to ‘purge’ his administration of CIA officials who were involved in the interrogation program detailed in the report.” Udall added, “It’s bad enough to not prosecute these officials, but to reward and promote them is incomprehensible. The president needs to purge his administration.”

In his speech, Udall talked about a secret internal review that had been conducted by former CIA director Leon Panetta. “In my view the Panetta Review is a smoking gun,” Udall said. He added, “The refusal to provide the full Panetta Review and the refusal to acknowledge facts detailed in both the committee study and the Panetta Review lead to one disturbing finding: Director Brennan and the CIA today are continuing to willfully provide inaccurate information and misrepresent the efficacy of torture. In other words: The CIA is lying.”

Igor Volsky (ThinkProgress) said that the Senator from Colorado “revealed — for the first time — that the Panetta review confirmed the Senate’s conclusion that ‘the CIA repeatedly provided inaccurate information to the Congress, the president and the public on the efficacy of its coercive techniques.’” Volsky added that former Bush administration officials and the CIA “have publicly disputed this claim.”

Udall said that Leon Panetta’s analysis reveals “how detainees provided intelligence prior to the use of torture against them” and that the agency “tortured detainees before trying any other approach,” even when “less coercive methods were yielding intelligence.”


The White House withheld 9,400 documents from the committee, “released information only when forced to by a leak or by court order or by an oversight committee,” and dragged out the process of redacting sensitive materials in the report, Udall charged.

“If there’s no moral leadership from the White House helping the public understand that the CIA’s torture program wasn’t necessary and didn’t save lives or disrupt terrorist plots, then what’s to stop the next White House and CIA director from supporting torture?” he asked.

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5 Responses to Senator Mark Udall: The CIA Is Still Lying

  1. Anyone make a bet pool board on where this actually goes?

  2. rafflaw says:

    People should be going to jail! Kudos to Udall. I hope he uses his Senate pulpit to disclose more CIA misdeeds, before he leaves office.

  3. Me too.

    Going out … then bellow

  4. bigfatmike says:

    Well, at least in a time of turmoil and change there are still some things we can count on s to remain the same.

    My vertigo would probably kick in if I thought they were about to tell the truth.

  5. buckaroo says:

    Senator Udall made a wonderful presentation & I’m sure he shall have more to say in the coming months.

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