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POTUS45*s new CIA drone policy … more remote killing, less “pooch screwing”

By ann summers According to CBS News, an “uncomfortable” visit President Donald Trump paid to CIA headquarters on his second day in office (21 January 2017) left the U.S. intelligence community with a “sense of unease” and “made relations with … Continue reading

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POTUS45* does shtick for spooks, micturates on memorial

   By ann summers So he brought a cheering section (a claque) and did his campaign shtick for a spy agency that knows far too much about him, how strange this trip has been. Most presidents know that they should … Continue reading

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Readings – Paul Craig Roberts: Are You a Mind-Controlled CIA Stooge?

I admit that conspiracy theories are one of my guilty pleasures.  But sometimes the outlandish tales have the ring of truth to them.  And sometimes what conventional wisdom had dismissed out of hand as being CT, later turns out to … Continue reading

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Readings – The Coming Constitutional Crisis Over Hillary Clinton’s EmailGate

~ Readings features content from elsewhere. ~ The clincher for John Schindler’s article about the risks associated with Hillary Clinton’s using a private server comes at the end.  Schindler is a former National Security Agency analyst, Navy officer, and War College … Continue reading

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France, Terrorists and the War That is not a war.

by Chuck Stanley Other than those affected directly, I am probably handling this less well than most here. Especially affecting me is the death of 23 y/o Nohemi Gonzalez. It has been only five short months since I watched my … Continue reading

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What You Should Know about “Operation Merlin,” Jeffrey Sterling, the CIA, the Obama Administration and Whistleblowers

By Elaine Magliaro Does the name Jeffrey Sterling sound familiar? It should. Sterling is the former CIA officer who was convicted in late January of violating the Espionage Act. Sterling, 47,  was accused of giving  journalist James Risen “classified information about U.S. … Continue reading

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A Mark Fiore Video: “Cheney’s Torture Anthem”

By Elaine Magliaro Political cartoonist Mark Fiore says we should remember that the Senate’s CIA torture report “was sanitized by the CIA and approved by Republicans in the Senate before it was released…”  He added that we should also think what’s … Continue reading

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Open Thread on the Subject of Torture: Does An Eye for an Eye Make the Whole World Blind?

By Elaine Magliaro I’ve come across some articles on the subject of torture that I thought readers of this blog would find interesting and/or informative. CIA on the Couch: Why there would have been no torture without the psychologists. (Slate) This … Continue reading

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Senator Mark Udall: The CIA Is Still Lying

By Elaine Magliaro On Wednesday, Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) said that the CIA was still lying about “its post-9/11 torture program.” During a speech on the floor of the Senate, Udall “delivered a blistering critique of the agency’s torture during the … Continue reading

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Rep. Peter King of New York Declares That CIA Detainees Were Not Tortured

By Elaine Magliaro Rep. Peter King (R-NY)–who made the news last week after claiming that Eric Garner was responsible for his own death because he was obese and had asthma and a heart condition–is back making headlines again. Andrew Kaczynski of BuzzFeed … Continue reading

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