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a bored Trump now wants to replace the FBI building in DC

By ann summers Lord Dampnut is now more Master Builder than baiter, considering the lack of adult entertainment at the WH. As if chocolate cake and 134 days of golf weren’t enough, the unhingery continues with Trump indulging himself with … Continue reading

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“As I have initiated the destruction of the republic…” DoJ OIG report: mistakes were made…

  By ann summers The FBI wasn’t biased, but they sure were influenced by forces with complex alliances, some Russian. The DoJ Inspector General’s report seems to indicate that at the unclassified level, the FBI comes off as hamstrung by … Continue reading

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#TrumpRussia … Trump now hoisted by his own Braggadocio … “Watch them start to choke like dogs”

   By ann summers The Führereid loyalty oath redux: First Trump’s staff, then government officials, then the military… 1930s pump priming  Like the urban legend of the choking dog with the thief’s fingers lodged in his throat, God-Emperor Trump has … Continue reading

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It’s still about the money … so they found convenient (t)reasons to fire Comey, #TrumpRussia

   By ann summers he wasn’t under investigation because everyone around him in #TrumpRussia was under investigation He asked for more funding for the Russia investigation, so they fired him. This is exactly as bad as it looks. https://t.co/S1cPX4bbbX — … Continue reading

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Police infiltrated by RWNJs … It’s worse when we discover the paranoids are really after us

  By ann summers What has long been accused and now manifest in a variety of agencies, incidents, and even specific actions comes to light in a classified FBI study obtained by The Intercept. President Trump has inherited a vast … Continue reading

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Readings – The Coming Constitutional Crisis Over Hillary Clinton’s EmailGate

~ Readings features content from elsewhere. ~ The clincher for John Schindler’s article about the risks associated with Hillary Clinton’s using a private server comes at the end.  Schindler is a former National Security Agency analyst, Navy officer, and War College … Continue reading

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Mass Shootings – What We Can No Longer Ignore

FACT: Too Many People  Are DYING  – Because even if there’s a court order to keep you away from your terrified ex, because even if you have a history of mental illness or violent behavior, you can still walk into … Continue reading

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Readings – The Clinton Investigation Enters a Dangerous Phase

From reason.com, former judge Andrew Napolitano reports that the FBI is wrapping up its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails and that the next stage is particularly perilous for her.

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Preparations Are Being Made for the “Coming Storm” in Ferguson, Missouri

By Elaine Magliaro On Monday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency. The FBI also issued a bulletin “warning of likely violence across the country as a St. Louis County grand jury concludes its investigation of Ferguson police … Continue reading

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