a bored Trump now wants to replace the FBI building in DC

By ann summers

Lord Dampnut is now more Master Builder than baiter, considering the lack of adult entertainment at the WH.

As if chocolate cake and 134 days of golf weren’t enough, the unhingery continues with Trump indulging himself with fascist fantasy building programs.


The consequences of wanting vengeance on the FBI via its real estate, only makes it more reality TV kafaybe. There is a back story that is about DC real estate speculation that is far too typical of what the boss does when he gains power in a company town.

Perhaps he’ll micromanage the design to make it phallic enough to be paired with the now decommissioned Trump Panama hotel.


Because if there’s a Watchtower, there must perforce be a Watchtunnel

Trump’s anti-Brutalist comments below are amusing if only because the designs he chooses have their own post-Brutalist function in a cityscape.

Behind the scenes: In the midst of one rant about the FBI, he lit into the building. “Even the building is terrible,” he observed to an Axios source. “It’s one of the brutalist-type buildings, you know, brutalist architecture. Honestly, I think it’s one of the ugliest buildings in the city.”

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  • Another source said he was dead opposed to plans to move it out of D.C. “This is prime real estate, right on Pennsylvania Avenue,” he said. “This is a great address. They need to stay there. But it needs a total revamp.”
  • That source said Trump told Chief of Staff John Kelly he wants to oversee the project at an excruciating level of detail: the cost per square foot, the materials used, the renovation specs, etc. He’s treating it like it’s a Trump Organization construction project, the source added.

Be smart: To risk stating the obvious, it’s highly unusual for the president of the United States to micromanage a building project.

  • Responding to this story, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said: “POTUS is always interested in building because he knows it better than anyone and has been very successful in it. He’s found GSA to be on it, ‘very impressive’ and ‘knowledgeable’ are the phrases he has used.”


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