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Trump, no country bump-stock… could kill the trifecta of the axis of evil, unless #TrumpRussia drops a couple of bombshells

By ann summers Desperate authoritarians do desperate things, and the time before the Trump administration is removed or removes itself from office will perhaps be the most challenging since the Cuban missile crisis. Recall that the real consequence in the … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Senator Tom Cotton Says That Iran Controls Its Capital City of Tehran (VIDEO)

By Elaine Magliaro Guess what? The country of Iran controls the city of Tehran. Ohmigod! Who knew? Say it ain’t so! Boy, I’m sure glad I learned that important bit of information when Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) was a guest on … Continue reading

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What You Should Know about “Operation Merlin,” Jeffrey Sterling, the CIA, the Obama Administration and Whistleblowers

By Elaine Magliaro Does the name Jeffrey Sterling sound familiar? It should. Sterling is the former CIA officer who was convicted in late January of violating the Espionage Act. Sterling, 47,  was accused of giving  journalist James Risen “classified information about U.S. … Continue reading

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