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The Guardian Reports That US Torture Doctors Could Possibly Face Charges after Report Alleges Post-9/11 ‘Collusion’

By Elaine Magliaro Last December, I wrote a post about James Elmer Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, two psychologists who worked as interrogation advisers for the CIA. Mitchell and Jessen, both former members of the military, helped the government agency “implement … Continue reading

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Peggy Noonan: Clueless Political Pundit Claims That House Tea Partiers Represent The Thinking Of Almost Half Of The Country

By Elaine Magliaro I rarely watch the Sunday morning “nooz” programs these days. One reason is the clueless talking heads that are frequently invited on shows like Meet the Press and Face the Nation to provide Americans with their wisdom and insight. … Continue reading

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Profiles in Courage: A Gallery of US Heroes Who Said No to Torture

By Elaine Magliaro I just came across an interesting op-ed titled Saying No to Torture: A Gallery of US Heroes at Truthout. The op-ed was was written by Rebecca Gordon, the author of Mainstreaming Torture: Ethical Approaches in the Post-9/11 United States (Oxford University … Continue reading

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“Our New Politics of Torture”: An Interview with Journalist Mark Danner

By Elaine Magliaro On Friday, Charlie Pierce posted an interesting article titled The CIA’s Willingness to Lie about Our Torture Regime: The Architecture of Unbelief on his Politics Blog at Esquire.  Pierce wrote about an interview with journalist Mark Danner that appeared in The New York Review of … Continue reading

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Open Thread on the Subject of Torture: Does An Eye for an Eye Make the Whole World Blind?

By Elaine Magliaro I’ve come across some articles on the subject of torture that I thought readers of this blog would find interesting and/or informative. CIA on the Couch: Why there would have been no torture without the psychologists. (Slate) This … Continue reading

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“Do No Harm”: Dr. Steven Miles on the Subject of Doctors and Torture

By Elaine Magliaro Julie Beck has an interesting interview with Dr. Steven Miles on the subject of doctors being involved with the torture of people over at The Atlantic. Dr. Miles is a professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School and a board … Continue reading

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On the Subject of Mass Hysteria: The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and the United States Post 9/11

By Elaine Magliaro The first post that I wrote for Res Ipsa Loquitor as a guest blogger in 2010 was about Giles Corey. Corey, an elderly man, was a victim of the Salem witch hysteria. He was executed–not by hanging…but by … Continue reading

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