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Comedian Amy Schumer Responds to Birth Control Debate with Hilarious Prescription Ad Parody

By Elaine Magliaro Comedian Amy Schumer has a killer parody of a contraceptive prescription ad. In it, Schumer “satirizes just how hard it is for a woman to get her hands on birth control, following the commercial’s instructions to ask … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Joins the Torture Debate…Once Again Claiming That Nothing in the Constitution Prohibits It

By Elaine Magliaro Mark Sherman of the Associated Press reported today that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was “joining the debate over the Senate’s torture report by saying it’s hard to rule out the use of extreme measures to extract … Continue reading

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“The Echo Chamber”: Reuters Investigation Finds That a Small Group of Lawyers Dominates the Docket at the Supreme Court

By Elaine Magliaro This morning, Reuters published the first part of a three-part investigative series, Part 1: A cadre of well-connected attorneys has honed the art of getting the Supreme Court to take up cases – and business is capitalizing on … Continue reading

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