Picture of the Day for April 15, 2015: The Republican Guide to Female Anatomy

Posted by Elaine Magliaro


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47 Responses to Picture of the Day for April 15, 2015: The Republican Guide to Female Anatomy

  1. rafflaw says:

    Hilarious, but true!

  2. randyjet says:

    Unfortunately,, one of those items about women being less strong than men is quite true. That is why women should not be in combat positions. When the military uses the SAME physical tests for women as for men, THEN you might have a point.

  3. Bob Kauten says:

    We should tell the IDF about it. They don’t seem to know, yet.
    You first.

    • randyjet says:

      Too bad you did not read your link or you did not understand it. Those women are employed using computers in tracking terrorists on line. They are NOT front line combat troops, nor are they used as such anywhere. They go through the training as most troops do. BIG DEAL!

      You DODGE the question as to why women are given less stringent physical demands than men in such training. The reason is that the services have found almost no women can meet those requirements.

  4. Bob Kauten says:

    Actually YOU didn’t read it.
    “But before they get to sit before a screen and track down the opposition, these women must undergo the same grueling, physical training as everyone else. And, thanks to photographer Barak Chen, of the IDF Spokesperson Unit, we get to watch.”
    Now scale back your Tuchis, I mean Texas-size arrogance.

    • randyjet says:

      They go through the same training, but they have different standards, just as women in the US military go through the same basic training as men. The difference is that they do NOT have to do the same number of push ups, sit ups, etc.. They can take longer to do the obstacle course or the runs.
      Women may be tough, but they are in general much lighter, have less muscle mass which puts them at a severe disadvantage to men in general. That is also why we have different weight classes for boxers, wrestlers, etc.. A bigger man can destroy a woman no matter how tough she is. It is simple physics. I always got a laugh out of the Japanese judo men in the Olympics in the biggest weight class who always got beaten by the big Dutchman who outweigh them no matter their skill.

  5. Bob Kauten says:

    Meet Peggy Whitson. Former commander of the International Space Station. She was one year behind me in the Rice University Biochemistry department grad school program. She said when she arrived that she was going to be an astronaut. I brag to people that I sat in the lap of an astronaut. They probably assume that I was a kid. Nope, about 30, actually.
    This woman, as far as I could tell by her demeanor and life experiences, is absolutely fearless.
    Tell her that she’s weaker than a man. She’d have no trouble cleaning Rick Santorum’s clock.
    She’s hard as a rock.

  6. Bob Kauten says:

    Please continue to make a fool out of yourself. It amuses me.
    Yes, it is “simple” physics. If you’re simple, you can talk yourself into believing it.

    • randyjet says:

      I will let others judge just who the fool is. I am sure you will also insist on getting rid of weight class in sports as well and that women should let men compete in their events as well. Think the women will go for that?

  7. blouise17 says:

    “The coming year will bring an end to speculation over the future of combat integration for the Marine Corps. Like the leaders of the other service branches, Commandant Gen. Joe Dunford must make a recommendation to the defense secretary by the end of 2015 — either supporting the opening of every combat job to women or requesting specific exceptions.” MaritiMes

    Time will tell

  8. blouise17 says:

    Don’t ask me how but my Kindle changed MarineTimes to MaritiMes.

    So I asked. My kindle, “What in the hell is MaritiMes?!”

    No answer

  9. bettykath says:

    Some women are stronger than some men. Some men are weaker than some women. (Pick the sentence that you can accept as true.) And here are a couple of others: Some women are stronger than other women. Some men are stronger than other men. Some women are weaker than other women. Some men are weaker than other men. And I’m waiting (but not holding my breath) for the day that any man undergoes the labor of childbirth.

    • randyjet says:

      betty, I agree with your statements, and I hope that you will not do the climate change denier thing and deny that the average woman is smaller, and less strong as the average man. The military has standards for serving, which in combat positions most women cannot meet. I knew a number of women in the military, and they knew that they were not up to the demands of the combat arms and had no problem with being excluded. One gal observed the airborne troops and knew that there was no possible way she could carry that load.

      I am glad you raised the issue of child birth too. Having women in combat raises the problem of rape and getting pregnant if they are taken prisoner. What happens when a woman is with the other POWs, and the normal thing happens and she gets pregnant in the POW camp? I can tell you that any child born in that POW camp will NOT becoming back if it is male and in the Mideast. Gen. Yeager in his book related his escape from France in which his buddy was shot in the leg and he dragged him over the mountains and border into Spain. I doubt most women aviators could do that. The real and ONLY question should be that what person ADDS the most capabilities to the combat force? Not who gets the slots to give equal opportunity. The military is NOT there to provide equal opportunity jobs for all. Is it discrimination for the USAF, Navy, and Army to require that pilots have two legs? Before you answer that, you should know that the RAF had a pilot in WWII who had NO legs at all. His name was Sir Douglas Bader. So if a man with no legs could become an ace and even more astounding and escape threat when he was shot down and was a POW. Think that is an unreasonable qualification? I do not. The reason they took him back was that the RAF was desperate for pilots. In less strained circumstances, the RAF and other militaries get more bang for the buck out of those who have two legs.

      One of the problems the US Navy has with women pilots on carriers is that they have a bad habit of getting pregnant. The rule is that when she gets pregnant, she is taken off flying status. Thus the Navy loses a pilot, it throws a burden onto the other male pilots, and resources are needlessly expended to get her off, and bring in a replacement. The military question has to be, is the performance of the best woman pilot so far above that of the least qualified male pilot that it pays to have women combat pilots in the force and accept the additional costs? If the answer to that is yes, then it makes military sense to have women combat pilots.

  10. Elaine M. says:

    randyjet wrote: “One of the problems the US Navy has with women pilots on carriers is that they have a bad habit of getting pregnant.”

    Doesn’t the male who impregnated the female pilot bear any responsibility for taking a pilot off flying status–or is it just the female who must accept full responsibility for that?

    • randyjet says:

      Elaine, Is the bartender just as responsible for the deaths caused by a patron he served alcohol when the patron drives drunk? I don’t think so. Since getting pregnant is under HER control, it is her responsibility. Just as it is my responsibility to not drink too much the night before I have to fly. It is not the bartenders duty or obligation.

  11. bettykath says:

    randyjet “Having women in combat raises the problem of rape and getting pregnant if they are taken prisoner.”

    Guess you aren’t up to speed on the problem of rape in the military. Women and men are both being raped by their fellow soldiers. Capture by the enemy isn’t required. Removing women from the ranks still won’t get rid of the rape, just the pregnancies.

    • randyjet says:

      betty, I am not advocating removing women from the ranks. They can and should serve in non-combatant jobs. The rape I was referring to was rape as a POW and getting pregnant as a result. What happens to that child when it is born? if it is female, it will probably go back with the woman POW. if it is male, it will not be going back, and will be put up for adoption. What should the US do in that case?
      Bob you couldn’t give a rational coherent answer to my questions or points. I have yet to see any.

      Since none of you know me, it is libel to label me as anti-woman. I have mentored many women in my profession and loved flying with them. Debby Rihn who is a champion aerobatic pilot is a friend of mine, and I have been pleased at her success and helped her out when I could, but I would not be in favor of having her as combat pilot. The reasons are the same as I have against letting a man with no legs fly in combat. Such a person while able to do the job of combat flying has other limitations and liabilities that make a person with TWO legs a better investment.

  12. Elaine M. says:


    So…only a woman is responsible when she gets pregnant? A man can never be considered irresponsible if he takes no precautions when engaging in sex. Now I get it. Men can have sex without taking precautions and never be held responsible for impregnating a woman. So glad you cleared that up for me!

    • randyjet says:

      Elaine, The question is not whether or not the woman gets pregnant, but the FACT is the male is just as responsible as the woman for the child if any. THAT responsibility they DO share. Since the woman knows whether or not she is taking measures and lets the man not take precautions, then YES she has the responsibility for getting pregnant. Another question is the male responsible if the woman lies about taking birth control and she gets pregnant? I believe most jurisdictions DO hold the man as responsible even if he were tricked. Is that fair?

  13. Carlyle Moulton says:

    Women being shorter with a smaller head to heart distance can tolerate more Gs in aerial combat. It would make sense to select shorter framed women as combat pilots.

  14. Bob Kauten says:

    geez, ladies, ’bout time you got here to defend yourselves against rampant misogyny.
    I led the misogynist on to make progressively stupider assertions. Then I stopped. I’d made my point, and I thought, “Well, the women ain’t interested.”
    Personally, I think the Williams sisters, for just two examples, can beat the shit out of most men.
    Particularly Texas misogynists. Misogynists are weak-brained, and tend to greatly over-estimate their superiority.

  15. gbk says:

    The handle, “Randyjet”, suggests a lot!

  16. Bob Kauten says:

    As a matter of fact, that wikipedia article on Peggy Whitson mentioned that they made a “ballistic” re-entry at 8 Gs. Knowing Peggy, she wasn’t even scared.

  17. Elaine M. says:

    Bob K.,

    We gals are patient. Besides, we were having some fun today on the thread about the Walmart pharmacy in Georgia.

  18. bron98 says:

    randyjet is right about IDF, they learned from experience that women need to be in logistics to free the men up to fight.

    Most women cannot go head to head with a man in physical activities. Zena the warrior princes is good fiction but she would have gotten her ass kicked in a real life battle.

    Can women be astronauts? Sure why not, can they pass BUD/S training? Highly doubtful.

  19. Elaine M. says:

    randyjet wrote: “Since none of you know me, it is libel to label me as anti-woman.”

    Who libeled you on this thread?

  20. Elaine M. says:


    I’ve known a few women who got pregnant even though they were using contraceptives/taking birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. One of my best friends got pregnant even though she had an IUD in her uterus. Fortunately, she was married, carried the baby to term, and had a beautiful daughter who now has two young children of her own.

  21. As a matter of physiology and physics as applied to martial arts, women can be perfectly capable fighters against equal sized or slightly larger male opponents when properly trained . . . just like a man can. It all depends on the training and to a certain degree the circumstance. Huge size disparities can create a problem regardless of the gender of the opponent. So can surprise. Or a weapon. The important thing to remember is that women have less upper body strength than men, but a lower center of gravity and greater leg strength. This natural disparity encourages a careful selection of training to both compensate and take advantage of the lower body advantages. For example, the traditional Chinese art Wing Chun was developed (according to legend) to teach a nun how to fight during the period of the Shaolin and Ming resistance against the Qing. Based in observations of both the crane and the snake styles, it takes great advantage of female physiology, relying on balance, relaxation and leverage combined with outside techniques that consist mainly of low to middle kicks generally below the waist and a weaker punching technique that relies on repetitive blows over power blows. Like many arts, it also has a grappling component that focuses on neutralizing given joints. This kind of move, commonly called joint locks, rely almost exclusively on physics to do the work over strength. Consequently this is a short range art with lots of inside fighting which in itself negates some of the advantage of a stronger opponent. If you are inside the range of a stronger opponent, their ability to deliver a power blow is greatly compromised. The biggest guy I ever fought was about 6’4″ and 250-260. I’m 5’10” and was about 220 at the time (I’m built like a fire plug). It wasn’t in a ring and there were no rules. He slammed a buddy’s head into mine, but I deflected the blow to my cheek instead of the intended forced head butt. Then I grabbed his groin, squeezed real hard and pushed down with a twisting motion. From then on, it was all inside moves. Elbows to vital areas, low kicks to his knee and shin, and getting him on the ground until I could pummel him into submission. In a stand up outside fight? This guy would have probably kicked my ass. He had both reach and strength on me. But instead?

    I “fought like a girl” and it was over in less than a minute.
    Men and women are different in combat, but they can be equally capable.
    Size is only one factor and not always the deciding factor.

  22. blouise says:

    I’m sorry, Bob K., I was, as Elaine mentioned, having too good a time on the other thread commenting on limp dicks to spend time on dick heads. You did an admirable job.

  23. He can correct me if I am missing something, but Randy is not concerned about any female in an airplane. The airplane does not know or care who is sitting at the controls. Being able to sustain G forces is not an issue. If a pilot recruit can’t take it, they wash out of training and never graduate. Happens all the time, and gender has nothing to do with it.

    What I hear is not about flying or fighting. Some of the best fighter pilots of WW2 were Russian women. The Thunderbird (Lt. Col. Nicole Malachowski) and Blue Angels (USMC Capt. Katie Higgins) demonstration teams have featured women pilots. The problem is neither flying or fighting. It is what happens after the pilot ejects and lands on the ground.

    On reflection, it depends on who the enemy is that captures said pilot. Recall that most of the middle eastern combatant countries treat women horribly, just because they are women. What happens when the woman pilot lands after ejecting? They treat captured male pilots badly enough, but I suspect that rape might be the least of a woman pilot’s concerns.

    Interesting theory, but doesn’t necessarily apply in the real world. I am 6’3″ and have landed with the recording G-meter stuck against the peg at 10. Randy is a couple of inches taller than I am. Most cockpits of modern highly agile aircraft (not just fighters) have semi-reclining seats. Serves two purposes. Helps pilots sustain more G longer, and also reduces the frontal area of the aircraft, thus reducing drag.

    Randy is his name. If anyone has a problem with people named Randolph, there is not much we can do about that.

    • randyjet says:

      OS, The Soviets used rational thought in putting women into combat and overcame most problems with women in that position. First off, they were segregated into all female units both in the air and on the ground. They got around the problem of female POWs because most of their flights were within gliding range of Red Army lines and they did very little offensive ops. The POW issue was also resolved by how the Nazis treated them if they were captured. They simply shot them. The Red Army air arm was mostly an arm of the Red Army. So I think that if the US does something similar and does not put women into combat outside our lines, then there would be no problem. Unfortunately, that is not the case now. Another situation that would make sense to use women in combat flying is if we ran out of male volunteers and needed more. At the present time, there is no military need for female combat pilots. The unfortunate thing is that military needs are subjected to political correctness instead of the mission of the military which is to fight and win wars at the lowest cost. It is NOT the job of the military to provide a lifetime career and advancement for some select groups of the people.

  24. Bob Kauten says:

    Thanks, blouise,
    I try.
    Now you can give some time to dick heads. There was one on the other thread, but there are two here.
    I was amused and amazed by bron. He watches randyjet step in shit. That would’ve been a warning to anyone else, not to step there. bron just comes blundering in here, and steps in the same shit. Wouldn’t be bron, if he could learn.

    Men should learn early in life, to avoid pain:
    1. If women start a conversation about women being discriminated against, never miss an opportunity to shut up. If you disagree, you can still shut up.
    2. If you find yourself agreeing with Rick Santorum on any social issue, don’t defend his viewpoint and thereby draw a target on your back. Better to look within yourself, and try to understand how you can be agreeing with the poster-boy of cluelessness. Google ‘santorum.’

  25. Bob Kauten says:

    I’ve been searching diligently for the source of Santorum’s expertise on combat, and women’s suitability for it (quoted in Elaine’s posted graphic). I cannot find any indication that Santorum has ever been in combat, or has even heard a shot fired in anger.
    Is the implication that Santorum would be any more reliable in combat than a random woman?
    Where did he acquire this wisdom and expertise?
    Perhaps top-secret missions for the CIA?
    The mind boggles.

  26. Randy,
    I think weight classes in sports or anything else depends on the sport. As discussed, women can fly as well as any man. Danica Patrick is tiny, but she manages a 3,500 pound 800 horsepower race car just fine. NASCAR and IRL do not put her into a separate class of race.

    I never understood why some competitions have men and women divisions, especially where upper body strength is not an issue. Olympic shooting sports for example. I have watched my youngest put multiple rounds through the same hole in a target repeatedly, even reloading in the process.

    As you know, youngest has taken Wing Chun lessons. I have an 88 kilogram grip, but cannot hold her wrists if she wants to get loose. She is 5’3″. The sheriff let her work on an open pod with 84 male inmates. Nobody bothered her. She is recovering from major surgery, but when she finishes physical therapy and the doctor releases her, she plans to sign up for Krav Maga. One of the small handful of officially sanctioned Krav Maga studios in the USA is located here.

    I would pay money if I could watch Rick Santorum walk up behind her and grab her by surprise.

    • randyjet says:

      In aerobatics they have merged the groups. Which makes sense and given the size and strength differential between men and women, there will always be men and women’s divisions in most sports. Unfortunately, some of our folks here do not bother with reason or facts, so I would imagine that they are offended that such differences still exist in sports. Men would be quite happy to include women in their competitions, but I am afraid that most women athletes would not be so pleased.

      The aircraft I fly is not suitable for most women, and I will never hire an average woman to fly the SA-227. I was at CVG when we had one woman got qualified on the plane, but after one brutal night of thunderstorms coming into CVG during her line training, she realized the plane was too much for her to handle because she did not have the strength to do it. She was a good size woman too and I was surprised. I had a woman FAA inspector give me a check ride and I had not seen her and I was a bit skeptical, until I saw her. She was not much smaller than me and about the same weight. I had NO doubt she could handle the plane. While my friend Debby Rihn is an outstanding pilot, I could not hire her because she is rather small and could not meet the demands of the plane.

  27. In case anyone is interested, Debby is a Captain for Southwest Airlines as her day job for the past twenty years. However, the big jets she flies have hydraulically operated controls. Her aerobatic aircraft weigh less than the family car, with light, beautifully balanced controls.

    I have seen Randy’s plane up close. It is a sleek, but obsolescent, eight-ton 300mph dinosaur, without even an autopilot.

  28. Elaine M. says:

    Bob K.,

    Some guys just lose it when we gals are talking about “lady parts” graphics. Some may miss the humor in them. Gotta go. My tubes are having spasms…and I’m starting to have witchy thoughts.


  29. Bob Kauten says:

    I KNOW!
    I hate it when this time of the month rolls around!

  30. gbk says:


    Randy is his name. If anyone has a problem with people named Randolph, there is not much we can do about that.”

    So is the name Randy, or Randolph? No problems here, either way.

    I just couldn’t resist a good double entendre when so obviously presented given the direction of the thread when the comment was made. I’ll go to bed now, secure in the fact that I crossed a line of piloting code.

  31. Bob K.,
    Your comment about Ricky the Frothy and his “expertise” on all things involving bravery gave me a laugh. One cold winter day here in the Otteray, it had been drizzling rain all day, but late in the afternoon, the temperatures suddenly plunged to well below freezing. Rain turned to snow, and you know what that means. The wet roads quickly froze, with an inch or two of snow on top of the ice sheet.

    Lassie had to report to work at 6:00PM for a 12-hour shift at the jail. About five o’clock I went out to look at the driveway. Told her there was no way she was going anywhere in her Ford Taurus, that I would take her in the Jeep. We live about four miles from the Justice Center. The road parallels the railroad tracks in the valley, so it is mostly level ground all the way. We left early, and it still took me fifteen minutes to make those four miles. When we got to the Sheriff’s Dept. we were about 20 minutes early. The only cars on the parking lot were covered with snow, so we knew she was the first one there for the six o’clock shift. I asked her if she had packed some extra food and drinks in case she had to pull a double shift. She said she did pack extra granola bars and bottled water.

    We sat there talking for a few minutes. Finally, a red 4WD pickup came creeping into the parking lot. “Well, there is the Corporal,” she said. She got out and they went in together.

    The next morning I got up early so I could go pick her up. Before I could get my parka on, she came walking in the door. There was a dusting of snow on her uniform. The Corporal brought her home, but could not make it up our driveway. He let her off at the bottom of the hill. She walked up the hill to the house.

    Seems that only five officers were able to make it in to work. Many of our mountain roads were impassable. Three guys and one other female besides her had our new four-story jail all by themselves for twelve hours. That included open pods with up to 85 inmates.

    I asked her how the shift went. Her one-word response, “Tense.”

    This thread makes me wonder how Ricky would have fared that night if he had been one of the officers. Never mind. I already know the answer to that.

  32. bron98 says:

    political correctness run amok.

    There are many things women can do as well as men. I am not arguing that.

    Why evade the natural differences between men and women? What do you want to do? Rip out their ovaries and give them testicles? Why do you want to make [believe] a woman more like a man? Do you not like women?

  33. Elaine M. says:


    I think some people failed to see the humor in the “lady parts” graphic that I posted. We gals “get” the differences between men and women. Why are some of you “Y-chromosome” folks getting so touchy! Is it YOUR time of the month?

  34. bron98 says:


    Yes, it is April 15th, all good capitalists get touchy around this time.

  35. Bob Kauten says:

    ha ha, ‘frothy.’
    Savage and his minions came up with a truly memorable definition.
    Hard to remove from my mind, unfortunately.

  36. Elaine M. says:


    Some kind of capitalist you are! Today is April 16th. I hope you filed on time.

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