Picture of the Day for April 19, 2015: Looking Back at a Time When Republicans Supported Labor and Unions

Posted by Elaine Magliaro


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9 Responses to Picture of the Day for April 19, 2015: Looking Back at a Time When Republicans Supported Labor and Unions

  1. blouise says:

    Thirty pieces of silver?

  2. swarthmoremom says:

    http://www.aflcio.org/Blog/Political-Action-Legislation/Republican-Platform-Road-Map-to-Dismantle-Workers-Rights “Steven Greenhouse of The New York Times says the Republican platform “calls for numerous steps that could significantly weaken America’s labor unions.”

    Just what does the platform say about workers’ rights, unions, job safety, wages and more?

    It “salutes Republican governors and state legislators” for their efforts to weaken workers’ rights, such as Wisconsin Gov. Scott’s Walker’s assault on the public-sector workers and the law he pushed through eliminating their collective bargaining rights.

    For the first time ever, the Republican platform calls for national “right to work” for less law.” The platform will probably be more anti-worker in 2016.

  3. bron98 says:

    labor turned to the left in the 60’s and 70’s.

    Now labor wants to own the company so the country is moving toward economic freedom. Neither the left nor the right are able to shepherd this change. We need an entirely new paradigm, the left and the right are old fuddy dudies with worn out ideas.

    Active minds, human liberty and free markets.

  4. There is no substantive left in American politics, B. There hasn’t been since the days of Nixon. What we see now are far right, pure insanity, and centrist positions, capable of doing nothing well in their efforts to please everyone. But other than an actual handful of players on the national stage, there is no left in this country. By the time the billionaires and corporations are done with manipulating the populace by now practically unregulated campaign finance and the advertising – which is do not forget still propaganda with an agenda that dances to the tune of the money and not the needs of society – there will be little or no left left in the general populace.

    This could and probably will backfire at some point.

    The degree of damage to the social fabric that backlash tolls as the pendulum swings back being the open question.

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  6. bron98 says:

    Not much money going to Sanders or Trump from super PACs.

  7. bron98 says:

    wrong again, don’t you ever get tired of being wrong?

  8. About what precisely, B? Sanders, as much as I personally like many of his positions, is a statistical outlier. He was included in my thinking above. Even if he were to become President, he would have to battle all of Congress ala Carter. Why?

    Because there is no substantive representation of the left in this country anymore.

    Trump is the pendulum swinging toward a breaking point. He’s a Nazi without the snazzy wardrobe and the skills to write a manifesto. Cruz is only marginally less fascist than Mr. Marmoset on His Head. Hillary? Is simply another center-right big money machine pol just like the majority of the rest of the so-called left in Washington.


    I don’t mind being wrong.

    Being right can be a real bitch though.

  9. I agree, Gene. I like most of the ideas Bernie Sanders has put forth, but his chances of being the nominee are slim to none, according to Nate Silver at 538. However, I disagree that he would be as much of a stationary target as Carter was. Carter had no Capital Hill experience, so he didn’t know how to work the system. Because Bernie is an actual insider in the Senate, he knows all the arcane rules, and could probably play them like a cheap fiddle.

    The main saving grace for HRC is that she has a better resume than any Presidential candidate in history. She has been a major player on the international scene for decades, knows everybody, and is a formidable debater. I suspect she is farther to the left than she would like to be, but Bernie and his hordes of supporters have pushed the Democratic Party in that direction. Bernie will have a major seat at the Convention, even if he is not the nominee. He has earned it, and I hope he remains a pain in the ass for Clinton and her enablers.

    Now if the Dems can just rid themselves of the pestilence that is Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

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