Full Disclosure: The George Will Scott Walker Connections

george-will-foxBy Elaine Magliaro

Political pundit, Washington Post conservative columnist,  Fox News contributor, and climate change denier George Will has often been heard expounding on matters of great national import and opining about political figures on the Sunday morning nooz programs. At the end of his Wednesday WaPo column about Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, it was disclosed that Will’s wife Mari works for Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

Eddie Scarry (Washington Examiner):

“Disclosure: This columnist’s wife, Mari Will, works for Scott Walker,” read the tail of Will’s column. It did not say in what capacity she works for the governor but a spokesperson for Walkers super PAC, Our American Revivla, told the Washington Examiner that she serves as an adviser.

Scarry noted that Will has “written favorably of Walker in his Post column and has also lauded him in interviews” in recent years. Scarry said, “During a radio interview in February, Will compared Walker favorably to president Ronald Reagan, calling him ‘a pure Reaganite.'” He added, “In another radio interview one month earlier, Will dubbed Walker ‘potentially the most potent candidate’ out of the Republicans believed to run for president.”

Crooks and Liars (C&L) reported that Mari wasn’t the only connection between Will and Walker. C&L said, “Will has not only received a cash prize from the Bradley Foundation but he also sits on their board.”


The Bradley Foundation is one of the major dark money funders for Walker and for the shady groups that do Walker’s dirty work, like trying to derail the John Doe investigations into Walker’s illegal politicking.

But wait! There’s more! There’s always more.

The CEO and President of the Bradley Foundation is Michael Grebe, Wisconsin’s Money Badger. Grebe is the guy that directed the foundation’s money to Will, Walker and the various front groups. Grebe also was the chair of each of Walker’s gubernatorial campaigns.

But never let it be said that Walker doesn’t take care of them that take care of him. Continuing his long tradition of pay for play and cronyism, not only has Walker the Weasel passed all the policies Grebe wanted, but appointed Grebe’s son to the Wisconsin University Board of Regents.


NOTE: In 2014, Media Matters named George Will the “Misinformer of the Year.


Hannah Groch-Begley (Media Matters, 12/22/14):

Yet late last year, he left ABC to join Fox News as a political contributor, cementing his increasingly conservative and counterfactual tendencies. Some of his politics — such as his longstanding climate change denial — seemed to fit in at the network. But at the time, Media Matters wondered if an association with Fox’s more angry and crude fare would ruin the brand of the staid conservative pontificator, shifting his erudite elitism towards the hard-edged style of misinformation for which Fox is better known. Will’s accomplishments in 2014 revealed our suspicions were well-founded.

Media Matters isn’t the only organization to recognize the damage Will’s commentary did to the discourse this year. When PolitiFact awarded its 2014 Lie of Year to “exaggerations about Ebola,” they cited Will as a prime example. Will used his Fox News platform to spread lies about the disease, falsely claiming that it could be “spread through the air.” As PolitiFact noted:

“Will’s claim that Ebola could spread through the air via a cough or sneeze shows how solid science got misconstrued. The conservative commentator suggested a thought shift about how the virus could spread. In reality, Will simply misunderstood scientists’ consistent, albeit technical explanation.

“Ebola spreads through direct contact with bodily fluids such as blood, vomit and diarrhea. Coughing and sneezing are not symptoms.”

Groch-Begley said that Will “has a long history of pushing misinformation, but it finally caught up with him in 2014, tarnishing the reputation as a public intellectual he had spent decades cultivating.” She added that Will had “started the year one of the most respected members of the conservative media elite, and ended it with hundreds protesting his speeches.”


I lost all respect for Will some time ago. Still, I think it will be interesting to read what Will has to say about Scott Walker should the Wisconsin governor officially announce his candidacy for president. It will also be interesting to see what other “misinformation” the bespectacled, bow-tied pundit/columnist/journalist/Fox contributor attempts to “push” in the future.


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4 Responses to Full Disclosure: The George Will Scott Walker Connections

  1. Mike Spindell says:

    Well we knew George Will’s real profession all along, but we didn’t know his price, now we know he’s a costly bauble for anyone willing to pay. Why he has been considered a serious commenter on the national scene for so long is no mystery, he’s a shill for corporate money.

  2. Mike,
    I learned from Fritz Perls to look for some positive part in everyone, even the worst. George Will is a huge baseball fan.

    • Mike Spindell says:

      Like everything else about Will his knowledge of Baseball is superficial and unctuously uncreative.

  3. Elaine M. says:

    George Will Calls Democrats ‘Radicals’ For Stance On Campaign Finance, Trade

    Someone needs to tell Fox’s George Will that “radical” is in the eye of the beholder. Apparently George Will’s definition of a “radical” is someone who doesn’t believe that millionaires and billionaires should be buying our elections, and that would like to have fair trade that protects American workers rather than a race to the bottom on wages and benefits.

    I hate to break it to Will, but if he really believes that makes someone a “radical” he’d better stay indoors, because he’s surrounded by them. A whole lot more people agree with Bernie Sanders on these issues than they do the likes of Will.

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