“Shoot with Cruz” Campaign Fundraiser Reserves the Right to Conduct Background Checks on Potential Winners

ShootwithCruzPic - CopyBy Elaine Magliaro

Brendan James has an interesting article about presidential candidate Ted Cruz and one of his campaign fundraisers over at Talking Points Memo. As part of a recently launched “Shoot with Cruz” fundraiser, the Republican senator from Texas is planning to take a “lucky supporter with him on an upcoming ‘shooting excursion.’” James said there was one catch though: The winner may have to undergo a background check first.


The caveat is an interesting one given that Cruz helped lead the effort to defeat a 2013 bill that would have expanded background checks for gun sales nationwide. The bill, which was championed by President Obama in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, ultimately went down after an intense lobbying effort from pro-gun groups.

Sen. Ted. Cruz: Universal Background Check Aimed at Creating Federal List of Every Gun Owner


In an interview with TPM on Friday afternoon, Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler defended the contest’s background check requirement and said it was “not inconsistent” with the senator’s track record.

According to Tyler, Senator Cruz hadn’t taken issue with the existing system of background checks. He said Cruz specifically opposed the 2013 bill because it “would have imposed them on sales between private individuals.”

Nonetheless, James said that the background check for the contest might come as a surprise for some of the senator’s supporters because the requirement “didn’t appear on the entry page for the ‘Shoot With Cruz’ contest when TPM viewed it on Friday or in an email about the contest that the campaign sent to supporters this week. (Sign up before June 10!)”

James noted that it appeared “deep in the fine print for the contest, which was located on a separate page on the site. The same page defined the ‘sponsor’ of the contest as ‘Cruz For President.’”:

Promotion Rules. One (1) potential winner will be selected by a random drawing from all eligible entries to be held at the Cruz for President headquarters on Thursday, June 11, 2015. Sponsor may, at its option, conduct a background check on each potential winner. Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any potential winner from receiving the Prize based on such background check if Sponsor determines, in its sole discretion that awarding the Prize to such potential winner could result in a safety or security risk to any person or persons or could result in the disruption of any event associated with the Promotion. Sponsor will, in its sole discretion, then select one (1) winner from the list of eligible potential winners on the basis of criteria determined and applied by Sponsor to provide for an appropriate range of views, backgrounds, and interests among the winners selected.

Tyler said that the “fine print regarding background checks was written so the contest would abide by the law.” He added, “The language in the contest rules is written to be in compliance of various state laws, because some states would require background checks on a contest like this.” James said that Tyler was unable to “specify which laws, as they were not in front of him.”



Cruz May Require Background Check Before Letting Supporter Shoot With Him (TPM)

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14 Responses to “Shoot with Cruz” Campaign Fundraiser Reserves the Right to Conduct Background Checks on Potential Winners

  1. Bob Kauten says:

    Good ol’ boys who promote universal access to firearms don’t actually want to LIVE in a world like that. C’mon, let’s get serious, here.

  2. randyjet says:

    I hope Dick Cheney wins. I suggest we all submit Cheney’s name for all entries. We and Cheney might get lucky, though I wonder if Cruz has the guts to go shooting with him.

  3. blouise says:

    Bob K,

    I think Gene has the same rule but it only applies to posters who identify themselves as Bob Kauten … and pete, of course.

  4. To be clear, I am pro-2nd, but I also understand the utility of rational restrictions on the 2nd just like there are on the 1st.

    Nobody “needs” a rocket launcher. And if they do? Well, the shit has really hit the fan in multiple ways, hasn’t it.

  5. blouise17 says:


    I was talking about background checks … okay, being a smartass about background checks. ( I know you are a “remote viewer” and have no need for background checkups.)

  6. Mike Spndell says:

    Can anyone imagine the maroon that would be thrilled to “shoot with Cruz”?

  7. Actually, Blouise, I don’t have a problem with background checks in theory. In practice though, they don’t work very well for a variety of reason, not the least of which is the secondary market and the black market. I’m a soft rule utilitarian. If something doesn’t work to accomplish its stated goal, it is of low utility at best. For background checks to be really effective, we’d have to live in the kind of police state that many of us and our readers are concerned about.

  8. Elaine M. says:


    Here are two poems I wrote about the Dick Cheney shooting incident back in 2006:

    Better Duck…It’s Dick: A Double Dactyl about Dick Cheney’s Hunting Prowess

    Eevilly weevily
    Richard (Dick) Cheney
    Former Vice Prez
    And political louse,

    Took his pal Harry
    Out hunting for wildfowl,
    But shot at his good friend
    Instead of the grouse.

    (Note: I know that Dick and Harry were shooting at quail—but I like the louse/grouse rhyming word pair. Just a little poetic license.)


    A Hunting He Will Go

    Who’s hunting here? I think I know.
    That’s why I’m certain I must go.
    Don’t want to get shot by mistake
    Because he thinks that I’m a doe.

    I hear his voice. He’s coming near.
    Oh, Lord! I know I’ve much to fear.
    I best be sprightly on my feet
    And get the HELL out of here!

    His rifle’s raised; he’s taking aim.
    “I’m a human being!” I exclaim.
    “Hey! Can’t you see I’m not a deer?”
    (Guess he’s decided I’m fair game.)

    Forsooth! Alas! He walks my way.
    I guess this ain’t my lucky day.
    I do not want to be his prey.
    I do not want to be his prey.

    • randyjet says:

      For this shooting party, I would be willing to supply all the beer that they could drink. Then Texas might get lucky.

  9. elainemag46 says:

  10. pete says:

    It would be fun to show up in an old green army jacket with a mohawk.

    You talkin’ to me.

  11. Randy,
    It would be a win-win proposition, if Cheney was the winner. Just keep the innocent bystanders out of shotgun range. I would pitch in for the beer.

    Recon we could get lucky and George Zimmerman is the winner

    • randyjet says:

      In that situation there would be NO innocent bystanders. In fact, I would make sure the keg is right on the firing line and make the line circle around the firing range.

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