Is Lard Butt Limbaugh Really Toast? Another Radio Station Drops Him Like a “Bad Habit”

Image by Donkey Hotey

Image by Donkey Hotey

By Elaine Magliaro

Over at Salon, Eric Boehlert has an article about Rush Limbaugh–the porcine, cigar-smoking, right-wing talk show host–being dropped by yet another radio station. Boehlert said that the bad news for the bloated bloviator is that things continue to get worse for him.

Boehlert explained. He noted that in April news broke that Limbaugh “was being dropped by WIBC in Indianapolis, a booming talk powerhouse that played home to Limbaugh’s radio show for more than two decades.” Boehlert said the news this week is that Limbaugh’s “new address on the Indianapolis dial is going to be WNDE, a ratings doormat AM sports station that has so few listeners it trails the commercial-free classical music outlet in town.”


The humbling, red-state tumble is just the latest setback for the conservative talker who has seen his once-golden career suffer a steady series of losses recently.

Divorced from successful, longtime affiliates in places like New York, Los AngelesBoston, and Indianapolis, Limbaugh’s professional trajectory is heading downward. That’s confirmed by the second and third-tier stations he now calls home in those important media markets, and the fact that when his show became available, general managers up and down the dial passed on it. Apparently turned off by the show’s hefty price tag, sagging ratings, and disappearing advertisers, Limbaugh continues to be a very hard sell.

It’s a precipitous fall from the glory days when the host posted huge ratings numbers, had affiliates clamoring to join his network, and dictated Republican politics. All of that seems increasingly distant now. With his comically inflated, $50 million-a-year syndication deal set to expire next year, Limbaugh’s future seems uncertain. “Who would even want someone whose audience is aging and is considered toxic to many advertisers,” asked RadioInsight last month.

Boehlert said that Limbaugh’s troubles were precipitated “by key events from 2012 and 2013.” The first incident that “sparked an unprecedented advertiser exodus” was the bloviator’s tirade about Sandra Fluke, the graduate student who testified before Congress about health care and women’s access to contraceptives. You may remember Limbaugh calling the articulate young woman a “slut” and saying that she should post videos of herself having sex on the Internet.

This video will help to refresh your memory:

Rush Limbaugh Calls a Female Georgetown Student, Sandra Fluke, a ‘Slut’



Jason Easley (Politicususa) also noted that things were not going so well for the portly spouter of right-wing rhetoric. Easley said, “Things have gone from bad to worse for Rush Limbaugh. Not only are radio stations looking to dump him, but his show is being forced to move to smaller lower-rated stations in an attempt to prevent a mass exodus of stations that carry his show.”

Indianapolis Business Journal:

The Rush Limbaugh Show—set to be dropped by WIBC-FM 93.1 next month—will continue to be heard on Indianapolis radio airwaves without interruption after being picked up by iHeartMedia Inc.

iHeartMedia Indianapolis announced Wednesday that it will begin airing Limbaugh live on weekdays on a new local station, 97.5 FM, beginning Monday, July 6, from noon to 3 p.m. It will air the same time on iHeartMedia’s WNDE-AM 1260.

Easley said that means that Limbaugh will be going “from being on a top ten station in the city to a station in the bottom three.” Easley added that it has been “widely rumored that Limbaugh is about to get the boot off of his station in Chicago after his ratings have fallen to 24th place in the city with an audience of 121,000 listeners.” He continued by saying that radio stations “don’t want Limbaugh’s show because of the combination of low ratings, poor advertising revenue, and declining audience.”


Things have gotten so bad that Cumulus had to scramble shove Limbaugh’s show on to a low rated Indianapolis sports station because they feared a mass exodus of affiliates. According to RadioInsight, “There’s no way iHeartMedia would’ve placed Limbaugh on an owned Sports station if the company had any other affiliation options in the market. You can bet iHeart’s local management would much rather utilize their new translator for something other than a mish-mosh of Sports and Limbaugh. But when everyone…else says no and you need to save face, options become limited. This way iHeart can spin it that they were able to find a strong affiliate for Limbaugh in Indianapolis to potentially keep other affiliates from bailing.”

Easley said Limbaugh’s talk program “is being dropped from stations that he has been on for decades because his show is a big money loser for the stations who carry it.” He added, “More stations would love to dump Limbaugh, but Premiere and Clear Channel are shoving him down the throats of the stations that they own, and the former cash cow of conservative talk radio is being demoted to second and third tier stations in an attempt to stop the bleeding.”

According to radio consultant and self-identified Republican Darryl Parks, conservative talk radio is a “format fewer advertisers are interested in buying because of its aging audience.”  Parks said, “Now that I’ve outgrown the 25-54 demographic, I’m no longer confident that the way I see the world is the way everybody else does.”


That disconnect may be fueling Limbaugh’s waning political influence. Once a mighty player whose ring was constantly kissed by Republicans, this campaign season seems to be unfolding with Limbaugh on the sidelines, his clout and his ability to drive the conversation seemingly surpassed by other conservative media players.

Oh, say it ain’t so! Poor, poor Rush. Whatever will he do? Wherever  will he go? My heart bleeds for him!



Here are three “Limbaughrhymes” that I wrote several years ago:

A Couplet about Rush Limbaugh

A pompous, porcine bag of gas.
I tell myself—this, too, shall pass.


Why Don’t Women Like Rush Limbaugh?: A Rhyming Response

Limbaugh, Limbaugh, cookies and cream,
Rush kissed the girls and made them scream.
He asked them if they’d like to play
But the feminazis ran away.

Limbaugh, Limbaugh, pudding and pie,
Ole clueless Rush couldn’t figure why
He didn’t rate with the “weaker” sex.
Maybe it’s ’cause he has three necks!

Maybe it’s ’cause he’s full of bile
And sports a snide satanic smile
And calls us babes—and things much worse.

Here’s your answer, Rush, in this little verse.


Winnie the Pooh-Bah and the Hundred Acre Wood
(With apologies to A. A. Milne)

He lives in the forest
But he can’t see the trees.
He suffers from
Far-right optical disease.

He looks at things his way—
And not as they are.
This Winnie Pooh-Bah reigns
As GOP Czar.

He sits on his wooden throne,
An old oak stump…
And talks into his microphone.
He likes to harrumph

About the feminazis,
Liberals and their kin.
And for one Know-Nothing?
He can make an awful din.

He blathers and he blusters
And he bloviates.
He’s the pope of the radio.
He pontificates.

He’s the GOP prophet,
Its spokesperson divine.
Its senators and congressman
Must toe his party line.

They all must pledge allegiance.
They must grovel at his feet…
And like a flock of dittoheads
Must follow him and bleat.

The Tiggers and the Piglets
And all the little Roos
Consider this plump Pooh-Bah
Their one official Muse.

The heffalumps and jagulars,
The foxes, deer, and pheasant
Have all left the forest
’Cause they find his noise unpleasant.

He spouts and he sputters
In the Hundred Acre Wood—
This lord who wears a crown beneath
His snowy white hood.


Rush Limbaugh is cooked: The stunning fall of the right’s angriest bloviator (Salon)

Rush Limbaugh In Free Fall As His Show Gets Demoted To A Low Rated Station (Politicususa)

Limbaugh show lands at new iHeartMedia station (Indianapolis Business Journal)

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127 Responses to Is Lard Butt Limbaugh Really Toast? Another Radio Station Drops Him Like a “Bad Habit”

  1. waylon1776 says:

    Rush Limbaugh is a black mark on any conservative’s report card. I’ve written about him before.

  2. bigfatmike says:

    Rush Limbaugh is an insect bite on the air waves of America – a constant irritant you can’t forget and can’t leave alone.

    I just wonder if the decline of his program reflects a change in the attitudes of the audience or simply a change in listening habits to other right wing talk show hosts such as Hannity or Ingraham.

  3. rafflaw says:

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer jerk!

  4. Mike Spindell says:

    Hubris is the great leveler. In Limbaugh’s case it made him rich, then made him toxic. With egotists like him his heartache will come from being un-remembered.

  5. I. Annie says:

    Limbaugh is a carbuncle on the ass of conservatism. One day it’ll pop, maybe it has already.

  6. Elaine M. says:


    Funny you should say that:

    Rush Limbaugh dodged Vietnam draft due to a cyst on his ass

    Rush Limbaugh makes a living being overly critical of President Obama’s foreign policy decisions, while advocating more aggressive outcomes. He often suggests that American lives be put in harm’s way…but did you know that Limbaugh himself is a draft dodger? It’s true. In fact, he avoided the Vietnam draft entirely because he had a pilondial cyst on his ass.

    • bigfatmike says:

      “These cysts typically occur when hair punctures the skin and then becomes embedded. If a pilonidal cyst becomes infected, the resulting abscess is often extremely painful.”

      Sounds devastating. Maybe we should change that poem ‘they also server who suffer a pilonidal cyst’.

      Well, you guys have done it. I never thought I would feel sorry for Rush – oh wait a minute, I think I am feeling better all ready.

  7. I. Annie says:

    LOL, I guess I have a crystal ball just like the sausage man. I just know these things ‘intuitively’….

  8. bettykath says:

    Oh, Elaine. What can I do to erase that picture from my mind?

  9. I think I have some brain bleach around here somewhere, but I may have to upgrade to industrial strength. :mrgreen:

  10. pete says:

    I hear there’s a station that may need someone to do the hog reports.

  11. Aridog says:

    Is it possible to be a socially liberal/fiscal conservative Republican and NOT have ever once heard Rush Limbaugh radio or anywhere else? Really? Well, you just heard from one.

    Reference RL’s draft status, something is wrong here: In the heat of the Vietnam War there were no exemptions for boils on the butt and very few other deficiencies other than a missing limb or blindness. The reason it took the military 60 days to vet me for service (I enlisted in 1968) was a police record, no attention was paid to my sundry sports injuries except to note them on my physical profile…a “2” for both knees and ears…and subsequently elimination from helicopter flight school eligibility due to “flat feet” (prone to cramps they said). For infantry or almost any other MOS, if you could walk, and talk, you were good to go. 🙂

  12. Aridog says:

    Come to think of it, I don’t think I know anyone who listens to RL…maybe its my neighborhood, about 90% Arab Muslim. So, tell me, just who does listen to him? Is he an entertainer or a commentator? I’m guessing the former.

  13. Elaine M. says:

    10 little-known Rush Limbaugh facts

    3. During the Vietnam War, after holding a 2-S college deferment, he was reclassified as 1-Y – meaning qualified for military service but available only in time of war or national emergency – for a pilonidal cyst on his butt.

  14. Aridog says:

    Eh…you might say I am offended by comparison, by virtue of my politics, to Limbaugh. He’s no carbuncle on my behind, not even a pimple. I suggest he’s getting more coverage here than anywhere else. I could be wrong, but seriously, how is he an big influence on anyone?

  15. Elaine M. says:


    The point of this article is that Limbaugh appears to be losing his influence. Sponsors have dropped him…as well as a number of radio stations.

  16. Aridog says:

    Elaine….”Politico” is not evidence. No one was exempted to 1Y for a boil on their butt for service in the Vietnam War…unless they had outside influence not available to most people….e.g., a phony exemption. Regrettably, there were some of those…but it was NOT universal nor ordinary…and definitely not de rigueur. In short, I was “1A” in my last semester of my senior year of college and enlisted upon graduation….the 2S was withdrawn to be sure I’d do that or get drafted. I enlisted for reasons of my own, stated at length elsewhere, and not because I did not have anything qualifying me, technically, for “1Y” …simply because it was not available in those days. Period. The Army & Marine Corps are “equal opportunity” employers 😀

  17. Aridog says:

    Elaine …as I said above, since I’ve never spent time listening to RL I will take your word for it….he lost his value as an entertainer, in other words. 🙂

  18. Elaine M. says:


    I’m of the Vietnam War generation and aware of what went on. When my husband was drafted, he had a young man in his unit who had a pin in his knee. I also know a couple of fellows who avoided service because they had connections. There were others of my generation who avoided military service–like Dick Cheney who got multiple deferments.

  19. I. Annie says:

    Rush Limbaugh was a huge influence on the Republican Party, so much so that he had the chairman of the RNC apologize to him.

  20. I. Annie says:

    Republican leaders let Rush Limbaugh dominate their party.

    Rush Limbaugh, the man who ate the GOP.

  21. Aridog says:

    Elaine referred to “connections”…

    Like those afforded the entire Detroit Tigers’ baseball team..e.g., first in line for the “Reserves” who were not called up. I don’t know who RL knew back in the day (had to be somebody?), only that most young men were not exempted for anything a silly as a boil on the butt…like the guy in your husband’s unit.

  22. Aridog says:

    Funny how those who dislike Republicans insist that Mr Limbaugh is a big influence on Republicans, yet I know no one who has ever heard him speak. Mr Steele was right, he’s an entertainer, and he should not have apologized… he did not speak for me or anyone I know in that apology.

  23. I. Annie says:

    I’ve heard plenty of conservatives who have said to me “Oh just listen, he’ll win you over!” I think claiming that he didn’t have any influence on the conservative movement or Republicans a bit disingenuous.

    • bigfatmike says:

      ” I think claiming that he didn’t have any influence on the conservative movement or Republicans a bit disingenuous.”

      Back then he had enough grass roots support through his radio program that he was able to back down and get public apologies from republican leaders with real power in the party.

      If that is not a demonstration of real political power I don’t know what is.

  24. Elaine M. says:


    Five Supreme Court justices who have officiated at weddings

    Justice Clarence Thomas officiated at the wedding of conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh and aerobics instructor Marta Maranda Fitzgerald on May 27, 1994. The wedding was held in Thomas’ home in Virginia. The couple later divorced.

  25. I. Annie says:

    Oh my gosh! And all the hullabaloo over Kagan and Ginsberg officiating at a same sex wedding. I guess that in order to have a SC Justice officiate at one’s wedding, one might correctly assume that the bride or groom must have a close relationship of connection. So Rush apparently is cozy with Thomas, no surprise there.

  26. Just to make one thing clear. A pilonidal cyst is NOT just a “boil on the butt,” or even an ordinary cyst. It occurs at the top of the cleft of the buttocks, at the base of the spine. It may be a birth defect where it is visualized as a dimple on or near the sacrococcygeal area. Often they do not cause a problem until hair starts to grow into the sinus (cavity) of the undeveloped area. It often becomes filled with hair and skin debris (keratin). It may become quite painful, while no symptoms exhibit in others. However, exercise, marching, and riding in military vehicles may aggravate it. The only remedy is surgery. If it becomes infected; not unusual since it is only a few centimeters from the anus, it may be referred to as a boil.

    If one is discovered, care must be taken before surgery to make an accurate diagnosis, because it may be a teratoma. That is a form of cancer.

    Pilonidal cysts are automatically disqualifying for induction into the military. They don’t want to be stuck with the recruit or draftee’s medical problems, especially if it turns out to be a malignant teratoma. If the draftee or recruit really wants into the service, they can get it surgically repaired, and reapply after recovery. If said draftee wants to avoid service, they leave it untreated.

  27. “Funny how those who dislike Republicans insist that Mr Limbaugh is a big influence on Republicans, yet I know no one who has ever heard him speak.”

    Funny how someone protesting the quality of evidence would then turn around to rely on anecdotal evidence to support their claim, but if that’s your game I know plenty of Republicans who listened to Rush but almost to a one now that is the correct tense of the verb “listen”. Also, one does not have to dislike Republicans in general to dislike an odious hypocritical hate-monger and media whore on principle alone. To think otherwise is simply binary logic applied to an analog world.

  28. Bob Kauten says:

    Limbaugh was de facto head of the Republican party, when Steele was the titular head. Limbaugh is not an entertainer. He’s a propaganda minister. Not even a little entertaining.
    I’m not interested in an apology from a pig.
    He should be spat “…out of the universe like a watermelon seed, and never heard from again,” to steal from Kliban.

  29. Elaine M. says:

    Here’s another of my Limbaughrhymes that I wrote back in 2009 after Rushbo spoke at CPAC.

    All Bow Down Now

    Higgeldy Piggeldy Limbaugh the swine
    Thought he was Tarzan, swung from a vine.
    With his pink fleshy fists, porky and plump,
    On his flabulous chest, he started to thump.

    Rushy then stood like god Thor at the podium.
    He railed at Obama in a speech filled with odium.
    He thundered. He ranted. He jumped up and down.
    Now he struts like a king with the GOP crown!

  30. pete says:

    If you really want to know someone, listen to what their friends say about them.


    “Talk radio has likely interfered with growth in the conservative movement among young people, and it is difficult to identify a single conservative achievement attributable to Limbaugh. Since Limbaugh’s radio show became associated nationally with the Republican Party about 25 years ago, Republicans have won the popular vote in only one presidential election.”

    I want to say I no way endorse the views of conservapedia, but they are good for a laugh sometimes.
    as in

  31. blouise says:

    Come to think of it, I don’t think I know anyone who listens to RL … Funny how those who dislike Republicans insist that Mr Limbaugh is a big influence on Republicans, yet I know no one who has ever heard him speak. … he did not speak for me or anyone I know in that apology.. – Aridog

    ROTFL as the cock crows two times. ” Woman, I don’t know him. I don’t know the man”

    Poor Rush has gone from the leader of the Republican Party and darling of CPAC to, “Who? I never knew him.”

  32. I. Annie says:

    Luke 22:34 Jesus answered, “I tell you, Peter, before the rooster crows today, you will deny three times that you know me.” Jesus answered, “I tell you, Peter, before the rooster crows today, you will deny three times that you know me.”
    Limbaugh has lost his flock…..

  33. agnostic says:

    An Upper West side of Manhattan limo liberal was quoted in 1968, “I don’t know how Nixon won, no one I know voted for him.” Goes with the “No one I know listens to RL.”

  34. Aridog says:

    Chuck Stanley … thank you for clarification about what a pilonidal cyst is and how it would prevent induction into the military. Makes sense to me.

    My question is was that the case, and well known in 1966-1968 or so, during the draft. When in an Evac hospital I saw another soldier, and infantry guy who had been wounded, in the ambulatory ward who had severe club feet…yet he was inducted. Coincidently, he was also from Detroit and had been cleared for service by the same military doctor at the induction center as I was….e.g., potentially a coincidence of carelessness perhaps. I recall being held back in a room to see that doctor, due my prior knee injuries, and his casualness was distinct…said something to me along the lines of you have two knees, so you’re good. That didn’t bother me as I had enlisted…the guy with the club feet was a draftee and I doubt he was as comfortable with the decision. If not, the question remains, was this pilonidal cyst condition known at that time as a condition preventing induction?

    PS: The soldier with the club feet was noticed by the Commanding Officer of the Evac unit, during a round he made almost daily (he saw the man’s bare feet on a hot day), who started the process of his discharge and return to CONUS.

  35. Aridog says:

    To the others who find it odd that a semi-Republican would not be familiar with Mr Limbaugh, please give it a break. I said what my experience(s) was/were/are, and I am not speaking for the Republican Party. I never said I “never heard of him” or whatever…merely that those I know whose political values I share do not listen to him, just as I do not. Thus, to me, he’s never been head of anything.

  36. Elaine M. says:


    This one’s for you:

  37. Aridog,
    Yes, it was disqualifying at the time. They tried to weed those out ahead of time. The problem usually showed up either before, or during, the first two or three weeks of basic training. Those new inductees were sent to X-Ray Company (or equivalent) for holding until processing for discharge. If they were kept long enough to earn benefits, the required surgery and recovery time would be on the government’s dime. The reason the cysts often did not become a problem prior to starting basic was that was probably more exercise under extreme conditions than the recruit ever had in his life. That aggravates the condition.

    It happens mostly in males, and almost never shows up after the age of 40. Symptoms usually don’t begin until males go through puberty and start to develop body hair. If there is a little sinus cavity at the base of the spine, and the patient has a hairy butt, the chances of the cyst becoming a major problem increases dramatically as hair grows into the space. More hair and skin debris than there is space for it.

    Now I will leave you with that mental image. Gene has some extra brain bleach in case you need it.

  38. bettykath says:

    Gene, I need brain bleach!! Elaine and Chuck have totally grossed me out.

  39. Aridog says:

    Chuck Stanley … thanks for the further clarification. I have to presume now that my induction experience(s) [casual dismissal of knee issues without so much as inspection, long wait for a “moral wavier” due to a minor police record] were not the norm, just like the poor guy with club feet, by the same passing physician. As I said from your first lovely description, the pilonidal cyst issue making one deferrable or exempt altogether makes perfect sense to me.

    In defense of the induction center’s apparent dismissive behaviors, they did have a rather large contingent of draftee guys who tried all manner of tricks (one rumored to be drinking a few ounces of Coca Cola syrup the morning of the physical exam, etc.) to be classified 1Y or 4F. They even had a barracks building re-furbished & set up on the “Old Fort Wayne” facility on the Detroit River to hold suspicious blood test guys in for 3 diet observed days then re-test. By 1968 they were sweeping the streets of Detroit & Chicago for draftees, as very few of us were enlistees, and seemed callous about it from my perspective. Not sure I can “blame” either the Army or the Marines (yes, they did “draft” Marines in those days, picked from the ranks just before swearing in) since those were contentious days for the military in what seemed like a losing proposition.

    Now the question remains, did RL have a real hairy butt? Elaine’s cartoons aren’t’ bad enough? I leave you with that mental image to think about. 😀

  40. Elaine Magliaro says:


    Here’s another Limbaugh cartoon for you:

  41. Aridog says:

    Gee thanks Elaine … you have managed to inform me more about Limbaugh than I ever knew before. Good job! He should pay you for the PR.

  42. Aridog says:

    For those who obviously doubt my ignorance of Limbaugh, here’s a clue. I v-e-r-y rarely listen to radio, even when driving. Only station I ever turn on, briefly, is a local (AM 950) all news station that covers weather & traffic conditions every 10 minutes. That said, how would I know much of Mr Limbaugh? Y’all really have told me more than I ever knew right here on FFS. Y’all also convinced me I don’t need to know anything more about him. I kinda like one-stop-shopping 🙂

  43. bk,

    Your retinas might be permanently burned at this point, but the brain bleach is on the way.


    There is a difference between PR, knowing your opponent and educating others about said opponent. Technically speaking this would be anti-spin (which is different from backspin of which you can currently see an example of in the anonymous un-evidenced claims made by MI6 concerning Edward Snowden). I’ll stipulate that it’s such a negative portrayal though, it comes close to backspin, but you don’t need to scrape far below the surface to find out what a truly vile person Rush Limbaugh is. You don’t have to be a liberal to think he’s a sack of crap. You just have to be a decent person.

  44. Aridog says:

    Gene … You’re taking me seriously? Whoa. I have already said I know nearly nothing about Limbaugh. And by today’s definitions, I am no “liberal” … I don’t care enough about him to bother with deciding he’s a “sack of crap” … he is nothing to me. Period. Why must I have an opinion about him? He influences my thinking and my life not one whit.

  45. “Why must I have an opinion about him?”

    No one said you had to one way or the other. However, there is a (shrinking) portion of the Republican base that he does influence. Is it not wise to know who and how is exerting influence over not just the GOP, but any political party of scale? I would think the obvious answer to be “yes”. Especially when that person has a net negative effect on that party’s public image.

  46. What I find most interesting about Rush is that his fall from popularity isn’t just driven by his personal foibles (which are many), but across time also mirrors the demographic shifts in the general electorate. The type of voter he once appealed to are dwindling in terms of general numbers.

    • bigfatmike says:

      ” The type of voter he once appealed to are dwindling in terms of general numbers.”

      It may not yet apply, but it seems likely that his audience is aging out. I doubt that he is adding many new listeners in the prime age groups of interest to advertisers. That fact, alone makes the listeners and Limbaugh’s program less desirable to advertisers.

      In effect there is a double edge sword limiting Limbaugh – fewer listeners, and older less desirable listeners, at least from the perspective of advertising.

    • bigfatmike says:

      My previous post is not as clear as I had thought. Gene mentioned fewer elder listeners. Those listeners are also less desirable to advertisers due to shifts in the consumer choices, and lower income in retirement typical of elders.

  47. There is also the shift in mediums to consider. As Nate Silver said:

    It’s probably not really worth compiling international roaming charges to comment on this, but it’s one of the more thoughtless conservative memes I’ve heard in some time: the fact that liberal blogs are cited more often in the mainstream media is evidence that the media has a liberal bias. The Maureen Dowd-Josh Marshall plagiarism incident is even being cited (such as by the usually smart Hot Air) as evidence of this.

    No. The reason that liberal blogs are cited more often in the mainstream media is because they are more plentiful and more widely-read than conservative blogs. Traffic on the Internet in general tilts toward the young and the more highly educated, demographics which — at least for the time being — are associated with more liberal politics. And yes, I do think that liberal blogs are “better” on average than conservative ones (with plenty of exceptions on both sides) but you can reach this conclusion without having to invoke qualitative conclusions at all.

    The analogy to liberal blogs is not conservative blogs but conservative talk radio, a medium where conservative hosts maintain a multifold advantage over liberal ones. How much more does Rush Limbaugh drive the conversation than, say, Randi Rhodes. A *lot* more. So does this mean the media has a conservative bias?

    Medium can be as important a factor as message. Radio, especially talk radio, is in decline since Rush’s heyday.

  48. blouise says:

    As soon as the republicans are done with the primaries in the wing-nut states they can try to totally distance themselves from the foundries and spokespersons like Rush as they hope the independents will see them as something other than batshit crazy in the general.

    It won’t work but they’ve got to try. They’ve even targeted our little blog with the fantasy … I’m a sane Republican. It’s kind of cute. I don’t think their inside polling shows them having any chance at all so I’m guessing the push is just not to lose too badly.

  49. Aridog says:

    blouise said …

    … I’m a sane Republican. It’s kind of cute.

    So you’d prefer a one party system? Just what are your trying to say here? That Republicans of any ilk should not bother with politics…because it is “cute” when they do? What if some of them trend toward agreement with you? Still no good?

  50. agnostic says:

    “we don’t cotton to your kind, boy.”

  51. Aridog says:

    blouise said…

    They’ve even targeted our little blog with the fantasy …

    Really? And no one here ever goes elsewhere to discuss their opinions, or outright assert them? When they do that they attract rejoinder. In short, if the unwashed have shown up, you might look to what attracted them. Who exactly has “targeted” this blog? Me? Who? I will listen.

    Otherwise, blog commentary is just conversation and I can say easily that I agree with at least 3 or 4 of the masthead posters here more often than I disagree overall. A couple are very informative, skip blather, and I appreciate that. If you never speak to anyone who doesn’t always agree with you how can you learn? I generally thank those who’ve given me a new perspective. Is that also just silly?

  52. swarthmoremom says:

    There is a new group of GOP talk radio hosts that are to the right of Limbaugh. Some are right wing libertarians while others focus more on christian fundamentalism.

  53. Blouise,

    To be fair, I don’t think Aridog is part of the Troll Patrol or a plant. Even at the other place, his posts are far more centrist than their drivel and he doesn’t simply toe their line. From what I’ve read, he may disagree, but he seems to disagree on his own terms rather than the dictates of astroturfing. “Compromise” seems to be a word in his vocabulary as does “reason”. Agreement is not required but I’m giving him a solid pass on thinking for himself. That being said, the hard turn to the right as dictated by Jon’s employers probably attracts more readers of the conservative bent than this site does. That does not mean that the non-Troll conservatives are not welcome here. Trollery is a choice in tactics, not an ideology. What sent the threads at RIL to the crapper was protectionism of those engaging in trollish tactics in an effort to pull the blog to the far right. As an editorial policy, I don’t give a damn where the posters here fall within the political spectrum. Disagreement is a key part of the discourse in the mode of a marketplace of ideas. Without contrast one cannot tell darkness from light, sound from silence.

    However, trolls will be beaten and fed to that green fellow, not necessarily in that order. So far, Aridog may have disrespected and/or disagreed with ideas, but that is okay. I have not seen evidence of a material misrepresentation of how he presents his stances. Seems rather consistent in fact. If he starts acting like certain parties though – engaging in ad hominem attacks, disrupting the forum, etc. – I’d have no more problem showing him the door than I would a member of the Troll Patrol or any of the odd drive by trolls we get from time to time. That being said, Aridog has behaved like a good guest so far. His agreement in general is not required for participation. His good behavior – like all of our guests – is required. And appreciated. The proof is in the eating of the pudding. In this case, the pudding is the ability to conform to the few rules we have here. So far, he hasn’t come close to infringing a rule so we have yet to see how a caution would be taken (assuming it wasn’t an outright banning offense like stealing another posters identity).

    So may be you should cut him a little slack. Not on his positions, mind you. Take him to task on that all you like. But let’s not cry “troll” until one comes out from under the bridge. We don’t want to overcorrect trying to avoid the editorial errors of that other forum.

  54. blouise says:


    Too easy. Step up your game.

    Don’t get me wrong. I approve the tactics otherwise there’d be no contest at all. Politics should be fun and I’d thoroughly enjoy a debate with anyone who wasn’t a Koch boys’ operative.

    Look at how much fun we have here and nobody gets paid to do it.

    Just wait till we get started on Hillary. That’ll be a hoot.

  55. blouise says:


    You’re a good natured fellow. I, on the otherhand, love to stir the waters to see what bites. It’s the Rush coming out in me.


  56. swarthmoremom says:

    Don’t know that he is a troll, Bloiuse. He is part of the new gang at RIL. We probably disagree with him on most issues. Think he was a George Zimmerman supporter, and that says a lot..

  57. Personally, if I were a truly moderate Republican (and although I’m not a partisan of any sort, I do know a few truly moderate Republicans), I would be pissed at the clown car full of extremist ideologues in the running at this time. Oddly enough, the moderate Republicans I know do seem to feel this way by in large. As much as the DNC doesn’t represent actual liberalism, the RNC is just as guilty of not representing traditional conservatives. Neocons and neolibs have taken over both parties and both those sub-groups are simply fascists with different agendas. And the big “L” Libertarians are no better and their disguise is worse. No major political party in this country actually represents their general constituency anymore. They all represent corporations and wealthy individuals and their own egos and pocketbooks. Screw the general electorate.

    Let them eat cake.

    History shows us how well that works in the long run.

  58. “You’re a good natured fellow.”

    True enough, but I’ve got a demon on a leash. :mrgreen:

  59. blouise says:


    After having been a regular on RIL for years and after even declining a unanimous request to become a GBer there, I have never returned since jumping ship with Gene. Thus Aridog is a complete stranger to me. There are sane republicans out there. Zimmerman supporter? Hmmmm

  60. blouise says:

    Screw the general electorate. -Gene

    Exactly. We ain’t got nobody.

  61. swarthmoremom says:

    blouise, Yep ,I know. That is why told you.

  62. swarthmoremom says:

    Limbaugh might not be religious enough for this new crop of GOPers.

  63. blouise says:


    “Limbaugh might not be religious enough for this new crop of GOPers.”

    Never considered that and that is a distinct possibility.

  64. I. Annie says:

    I know Aridog from two blogs. I’ve seen two different sides of him. I will say however, that sometimes one’s associations taint one’s credibility and trustworthiness. I’m confident that commenters here will be able to respond accordingly to which Aridog shows up here consistently. I will say in his favor, that he does act on principle most times. Back on the Althouse blog, there were a group of vicious conservative commenters that went out of their way to say that my daughter who was then and still is in the Navy (she was in Afghanistan at the time) was a figment of my imagination, that I conjured her up. They didn’t seem to be able to believe that a liberal such as myself could possibly have someone who would be in the military, I suppose. Aridog, did somehow ( which may have been benevolent doxxing) told these fools that my daughter was real and who I said she was. I do appreciate him backing me up on that. To have conservative loons say you are lying about your own daughter is pretty vile. Those people now comment on RIL, the ones I refer to as “The Recruits”.

  65. Hey people. I have had several interactions with Aridog at the other place, and never caught him being passive-aggressive, unduly contentious, or troll-like. He comes across as somebody with actual intellectual curiosity, which is a rare commodity these days. He is able to disagree without being disagreeable, a trait to be encouraged.

    How about greeting him as another refugee from the flame bait wars. This blog is about debate and dialogue far more than ideology. From my conversations with him thus far, he is the type of commenter we encourage. Besides, he has a dry sense of humor….this blog being so devoid of dry humor, y’know. :mrgreen:

  66. Blouise,

    We have the Outside Chance (Bernie) and the Not Ready for Prime Time (Warren). They both seem to understand who their actual employers are. Other than that, it is just more of the same from what I can tell.

  67. swarthmoremom says:

    There is a huge difference between the two parties on lgbt rights, women’s rights, voting rights, immigration, science, and healthcare. Now Hillary might be too much of a corporatist for some but she is right on all these issues. All republican candidates are on the wrong side of these issues.

  68. I. Annie says:

    “Dry sense of humor” a good alternative to the suppurative and purulent variety! Just sticking to the pustule, carbuncle, cyst theme.😖

  69. swarthmoremom says:

    Warren is not running. She is a better candidate than Bernie but he will do quite well with the left wing of the party in northern and coastal states. Don’t see him playing well in the south even among democrats.

  70. I. Annie says:

    SWM, Clinton’s speech hit all the important points. I think it was a great speech and I hope she gets even stronger on women’s issues. She needs to convince Progressives she’ll fight for the issues that are of utmost concern to us (progressives).

  71. swarthmoremom says:

    I can’t believe they openly call black people “feral blacks” on RIL these days. Those comments are never deleted and I was once deleted for saying “white privilege”.

    • bigfatmike says:

      “I can’t believe they openly call black people “feral blacks” on RIL these days. ”

      Sorry to be a stickler for details, but if you check the comments I think you will see that the term is ‘drooling feral blacks’. Even if one made an argument to support the use of ‘feral’ it is hard to see how ‘drooling’ fits in except to enhance the intended insult.

      Apparently the claim that ‘drooling feral blacks’ is not racist is based on the claim that ‘drooling feral’ can be traced to a ‘Mad Max’ movie and that an African American web-based commentator uses the term in some of his web broad casts.

      There, are you convinced? Is everything OK now?

      BTW, I am pretty sure ‘feral youth’ can be traced at least as far back as ‘Lord of the Flies’ from the early fifties. And I am still checking but I believe I heard the term ‘feral youth’ used to refer to African American teenagers long before I heard of ‘Mad Max’ – I think in regard to ‘wildings’ (smash and grab looting) in the Philadelphia area during the late 70’s or early 80’s.

      I would be interested if anyone can suggest an early cite to the use of ‘feral youth’, or similar, applied to African Americans.

  72. agnostic says:

    the dog is learning moving to this blog is like moving to maine. they don’t like outsiders there either and it takes a decade or so for maniacs to start having a modicum of trust.

  73. Smom,

    I was speaking solely in terms of potentials who realize their boss is “We the People” not “We the Monied”. While I would that Warren be in the current running, tactically it isn’t the right time for her yet and I know that. As far as Southern Dems go, I think Bernie’s biggest disability won’t be his policy arguments than it will be his being both from Vermont and using “that taboo word” to describe his economics policies. Hillary though is going to be another Obama – long on talk with no walk whatsoever.

  74. swarthmoremom says:

    That comment was directed to Annie. Clinton took Pelosi’s side on the trade agreement. In the end what are progressives going to do stand by and let Jeb or Scott Walker become president and let them appoint the new supreme court judges.

  75. swarthmoremom says:

    Gene, Could be? But I will takes Obama’s court appointees over Jeb’s or Scott Walker’s.

  76. To be clear, trust isn’t an issue. Behavior is an issue. All are welcome who will abide the rules, but participation is voluntary. There are a few select people though who simply aren’t welcome based on history, whether they use the front door or not. Those people are shown out just like any other troll.

  77. Smom,

    That is true, but that one benefit does not change the downside. Besides, that operates under the assumption that she isn’t going to get “Carter-ed” by an obstructionist Congress. She is so polarizing that I think in her case it is a real possibility.

  78. swarthmoremom says:

    She was better liked in the Senate than was Obama, I think. And with any luck she will have some coattails and help elect some democratic senators. Polls show her putting NC back in play.

  79. I. Annie says:

    SWM, hell no. I’ll get over my ambivalence to Clinton, because yes indeed, what is the alternative?

  80. swarthmoremom says: “But who is polarizing whom? To say that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a polarizing figure — as people do all the time — is to suggest that politics was like a big campfire singalong until this pantsuited fomenter showed up and turned us all against one another. Not true. No one person is to blame, or thousand people, or president, or talking head. The country has been divided for a long time and for a variety of reasons: the flood of money into the political system; the perverse proliferation and specialization of negative ads; partisan news channels; and the proverbial “coarsening of our culture.” Clinton is a product of that environment. She has adapted to it and at times thrived in it, but she hardly caused it.”

  81. Causation isn’t the question. It does not change that she is polarizing.

  82. swarthmoremom says:

    Scott Walker is certainly polarizing as are most of the republicans candidates. Republicans think Bernie is polarizing with his socialist agenda. No reason to single her out as the “polarizing” one.

  83. blouise says:

    They are all polarizing to someone.

    I’m an unashamed Hillary supporter. I like her work ethic and her politics on gays, women, immigrants, blacks, kids, and the retired. I also think she’s far tougher than anyone else out there which is good for national security. There will be no learning curve with her for she will hit the ground fully prepared to enter the Oval Office and work. The Supreme Court nominations are also huge.

    The media will be gobsmacked ’cause she hates them all equally. Bill will schmooze ’em.

    I wonder who she’ll choose as a running mate.

  84. swarthmoremom says:

    Blouise, Some say it will be one of the Castro bros but I am not so sure.

  85. I. Annie says:

    Speaking of crooked head, Scott Walker, the SC declined to review the NC ultrasound law that forces women seeking an ultrasound to undergo an ultrasound and for sea woman to listen to a detailed account of that ultrasound by the doctor.

    “This is the end of the road for the state’s condescendingly-titled A Woman’s Right to Know Act, which was challenged by a coalition of groups on First Amendment grounds. The law required doctors to give patients seeking abortion care detailed descriptions of their ultrasounds and follow a script that, according to a lower court ruling striking down the law, had an “ideological message in favor of carrying a pregnancy to term.””

  86. I. Annie says:

    Sorry, should be “women seeking an abortion“.

  87. I. Annie says:

    “Sea women”? Damn autocorrect.

  88. Since she is in fact polarizing, no reason not to point it out either, Smom.

  89. swarthmoremom says:

    That’s okay, bfm. I took a quick glance at it the other day.

  90. One might think my laughter at this point totally inappropriate, but only if they don’t know the history of supposedly free speech at RIL. I once got deleted for posting “Ask not for whom the trolls bell; they bell for thee.” But “drooling feral blacks” is just fine. Go figure.


  91. bettykath says:

    The biggest difference between FFS and RIL is the level of discourse. This includes most topics as well as the comments. Comments at RIL have, for the most part, are the sort one expects when eavesdropping on the dropouts hanging out behind the middle school. A few commenters (also found here) rise above that level but those that don’t lower the whole tone.

  92. bk,

    We’re also much better looking. 😉
    And I have it on good authority that Mike S. smells like freshly baked bagels.

  93. blouise says:

    The biggest difference between FFS and RIL is the level of discourse. – bettykath

    Hey, wait a minute, on pete’s behalf … I resemble that remark

  94. bron98 says:


    I could say something about your bagel comment but I wont. Although it does aggrieve me to remain silent.

  95. blouise says:


    You are forgetting that Mike is at summer camp thus the fragrance is Patron

  96. I stand corrected, Blouise. 😀

  97. blouise says:


    One of the Castro’s makes a lot of sense.

    I think she should make Bill her Press Secretary and nominate Obama to the Supreme Court.

  98. “nominate Obama to the Supreme Court”

    Not only no, but Hell no. He claimed the ultra vires power to execute citizens without Due Process. I don’t only want him as far from SCOTUS as possible, I want him charged for that lil’ shenanigan. That alone makes him a war criminal on par with Bush/Cheney.

  99. bron98 says:


    that is really great that you say that, I thought you might be willing to give him a pass because he is black. at least you are consistent.

  100. blouise says:


    Just stirrin’ your waters as I am an equal opportunity stirrer.

    Seriously, I can’t think of any office I would want to see Obama fill but make no mistake, he is as hugely popular within the general electorate out here as Bill Clinton is … and also around the world.

    Charisma, baby, they both have it.

    You and I (and SwM) are in the distinct minority on the Obama matter.

  101. blouise says:

    Jesus Christ, Bron … “because he’s black”!! You, too, are consistent and an idiot.

  102. Seriously, B.
    You know I’m all about the Constitution.
    He could be plaid and I’d still be pissed about that.

  103. pete says:

    I see your “drooling feral blacks” and raise you one “celebratory sodomy”.

  104. bettykath says:

    blouise, “You and I (and SwM) are in the distinct minority on the Obama matter.”

    Count me in. We are now bombing several countries, I haven’t kept count. According to Wesley Clark the plan was five countries. We haven’t yet bombed Iran but I wouldn’t be surprised if Israel or Saudi Arabia drops the first one and we join them. Then there’s the nonsense in Africa. And the lack of prosecution for torture. The list goes on.

  105. bron98 says:


    better an idiot than a liberal.

  106. Don’t you kids make me get out of this chair.

  107. Bob Kauten says:

    Aspiration noted. Mission Accomplished!

  108. bron98 says:

    In a sense, the political left’s attempts to silence ideas they cannot, or will not, debate are a confession of intellectual bankruptcy. But this is just one of the left’s ever-increasing restrictions on other people’s freedom to live their lives as they see fit, rather than as their betters tell them.

    The left is not necessarily aiming at totalitarianism. But their know-it-all mindset leads repeatedly and pervasively in that direction, even if by small steps, each of which might be called “micro-totalitarianism.”

    Read More At Investor’s Business Daily:
    Follow us: @IBDinvestors on Twitter | InvestorsBusinessDaily on Facebook

  109. I care not one whit for political correctness, but debate/argumentation is a skill rooted in rhetoric backed by evidence and logic. If one cannot win a debate, perhaps the fault first rests in a faulty position, faulty evidence, or faulty logic as the underpinning of that argument or simply poor rhetorical skills rather than some dastardly attempt to “silence the opposition”. An argument based in a racist premise is simply built on a faulty foundation. It is doomed to fail against a skilled rhetorician.

    I don’t expect you to understand that though.

    You’ve spent years arguing from a faulty foundation (Objectivism) without realizing that is the paradigm, B.

  110. blouise says:


    You can’t help it. I understand.

  111. Elaine M. says:

    Rush Limbaugh’s downward spiral continues: Another demotion, another step toward irrelevancy
    The conservative yakker has a new home at one of Boston’s cellar-dwelling outposts. This is Rush’s life in 2015

    The good news for Rush Limbaugh: One month after being notified he was getting dumped by his Boston talk radio host station, the talker has a new AM home in the city.

    The bad news: The station currently boasts a 0.6 rating, trails four non-commercial stations in the market, and becomes yet another big-city, cellar-dwelling outpost that Limbaugh is forced to call home.

    The station, WKOX, is the type of “bottom-rung” affiliate that Limbaugh was rarely associated with during his halcyon days as the king of talk radio. But those days seem to be dwindling as the Boston fall from grace has previously played out for Limbaugh in places like Los Angeles and Indianapolis. In each instance, Limbaugh exited a prosperous, longtime radio home and was forced to settle for an also-ran outlet with miniscule ratings.

  112. Aridog says:

    Gene Howington says:

    Don’t you kids make me get out of this chair.

    Holy smoke…are you channeling my father? Almost word for word. 🙂

  113. Roy McMillan says:

    Elaine Magliaro,
    It is amazing how many ugly, nasty, hateful and vile comments you and your idiot lemmings have used in your character assault on Rush Limbaugh. When you do it, it is called free speech, but when he does the same thing to you and your freakazoid posse, his is a hateful intolerant lard butt bigot. Funny how the outcast dregs of society have a double standard when it comes to free speech.

  114. Oh no, Roy.

    It’s called free speech both times.

    He’s free to talk like a hateful intolerant lard butt bigot.

    We’re free to call him on it.

    Just like you’re free to call us lemmings and I’m free to call you a Constitutionally ignorant jackass.

    See how that works?

    Rush is a pretty much a jackass too. I’d say it to his face if he could hear me after all the Oxy destroyed his hearing. Which, by he way, is a perfect example of his hypocrisy. He was all for draconian drug laws until he got busted for a drug violation and then – suddenly – he “had a problem” and expected forgiveness and compassion in the form of special treatment which conveniently enough he was wealthy enough to purchase. He’s a hypocrite, a liar and a hate monger. If he or his fans don’t like that description then maybe he (and thy) should consider the words coming out of his mouth. Free speech is the freedom to express any political opinion you wish without fear of governmental persecution. Free speech is not the freedom to be free of criticism or free from having your feelings hurt or freedom from being challenged. That’s something ol’ Rush’s fans don’t seem to get. Part of the cost for engaging in public free speech is the slings and arrows that go with it. Fuck Rush Limbaugh.

    And the monkey pushes the button.

  115. Gene is on a roll. Completely accurate and to the point. I love debating those who think the First Amendment only applies to their side of the argument.

  116. pete says:

    I like the ones who think their First Amendment rights apply on someone elses forum. On a side note Gene does have one hell of a filet knife.

  117. Pete, they miss the part that says, “Congress shall make no law..”
    When Congress makes us an offer to buy us out and run FFS as their own blog, then the 1A will apply. Not until.

    If any Congresscritter is reading this, our sale price is $1.5 billion, firm. :mrgreen:

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