New Jersey High School Teacher Who Harassed His Students with Racial, Religious, and Homophobic Slurs Loses Appeal

schoolroom1By Elaine Magliaro

Justin Zaremba ( reported this morning that Emilio Perez, a former New Jersey high school teacher who had been “convicted of harassing students using racial, religious and homophobic slurs lost his appeal Friday and will continue to be barred from teaching in a  New Jersey public school.” Zaremba said that Perez, who had been a computer teacher at the Middlesex County Vocational and Technical High School, “was convicted in 2013 of harassing four students and forced to forfeit his teaching license, both of which were the subject of his appeal.”


According to the appellate court ruling, Perez made numerous harassing statements to students including:

– Insulting a Jewish student by saying “go count your money, that’s all you’re good for,” using expletives to refer to the student, insulting him for celebrating Chanukah, and telling the student to pick a coin off the floor because he’s Jewish.

– Calling an African-American girl “ghetto” and saying “we all know that black people steal.”

– Calling a student by a homophobic slur.

It was Perez’s behavior, according to the court, that caused a student to cut her wrists and another to harbor suicidal thoughts.

The court said that Perez’s argument was “wholly without merit” and that his inappropriate behavior was “ongoing and pervasive” and “extremely egregious.”

From Justia:

…Defendant commenced employment as a teacher at the Middlesex County Vocational School in Perth Amboy in September 2009, and was suspended from his employment in January 2012. In the course of his employment, defendant verbally harassed several of his students. Defendant targeted one student in particular, S.L., who is Jewish. In the presence of other students, defendant told S.L. to “go count your money, that’s all you’re good for.” Defendant dropped a coin on the floor and told S.L. to pick it up since he was “Jewish.” S.L. cried as a result of defendant’s comments. Upon observing S.L. crying, defendant said “don’t get all that [expletive] on my desk, take that somewhere else.” Defendant also used expletives when referring to S.L. and ridiculed him for celebrating Hanukah.

Defendant also referred to an African-American girl, A.A., as “ghetto” and stated “we all know that black people steal.” Defendant also called a student by a homophobic slur. Defendant’s classroom conduct caused a student to engage in cutting her wrists. Another student harbored suicidal thoughts as a result of defendant’s racist remarks and religious slurs.

Among the other allegations that the school district lodged against Perez were that he:

– Stored two binders filled with pirated software and movies in an unlocked file cabinet in the classroom — some of which were pornographic.

– Wrongfully used students for an outside business venture.
Wrongfully distributed chocolate containing alcoholic beverages to students…

– Used punishment techniques that were contrary to district policy.
Falsely accused two student of posting his online date profile in the school building…

– Disassembled a server, rendering its warranty void and value of the equipment useless…

– Installing a cell phone blocking device in the closet of his classroom in violation of federal law.

Perez sounds like a real gem of an educator, doesn’t he?


Teacher who harassed students with racial, religious, homophobic slurs loses appeal (


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14 Responses to New Jersey High School Teacher Who Harassed His Students with Racial, Religious, and Homophobic Slurs Loses Appeal

  1. bron98 says:

    Sounds like my eighth grade gym teacher

  2. Anonymously nYours says:

    Seems like a disaster to the community…..

  3. Anonymously nYours says:

    Bron, is this a right wing or left wing issue? You have to answer that before you respond…. Unless you’re like me and just don’t care….

  4. bron98 says:

    A y I would say left wing issue because I would tell my child go tell that teacher to kiss his or her big white ass.

  5. bron98 says:

    I told my eighth grade gym teacher I wasn’t going to do push ups as punishment because I didn’t think I was in the wrong. I was for truth justice and the American way from a young age.

  6. Anonymously nYours says:

    Be careful on that one Bron…. You forget the sir name of the defendant….. So is that some racist shit you’re saying now….. Only kidding…. He sounds like a disaster to the teaching profession….

  7. Elaine M. says:


    I once–only once–mouthed off mildly to the nun who was my homeroom teacher junior year. She had been picking on me for a while and I was fed up. She called my parents in for a conference. The funny thing is that after speaking with my parents, she stopped picking on me and treated me much better. Don’t know what my parents said to her–but it did the trick

  8. When it comes to mouthing off to teachers, I am going to take the 5th. :mrgreen:
    In my defense, it was only once not completely justified.

  9. Anonymously nYours says:


    Didn’t everyone you hung out with mouth off to the teachers…. Mine did… Got a couple of inschool suspensions….

  10. AY,

    Eh, not so much. Most of my friends were mischievous but not really so much trouble makers at at school. There were a few, but most of my friends were referred to as “good kids”.

  11. Regarding Perez though, he’s not just a disaster as a teacher.
    He sounds like a disaster of a person in general.

  12. bron98 says:


    Roger that, a real pos.

  13. bettykath says:

    What a disaster for those students. Hope the school provides counseling services to help the kids deal with the trauma.

  14. bettykath says:

    How about a teacher who tells two boys to stand and them compares from head to toe. One lives in a foster home, doesn’t have money for haircuts, wears hand-me-downs, and mucks stalls before he goes to school. The other is from one of the wealthiest families. Needless to say, he is dressed impeccably with recent hair cut and well shined shoes. One of them refused to enter her classroom again. He finished the term in the principal’s office. How did I hear this story? Well, it seems that this man’s son, of the same name, about my age, was having trouble in school with one teacher in particular. His dad goes to a parent-teacher conference. Seems that the teacher got married since she was his teacher. The son didn’t attend any more classes in her room either. I was one of the “good” kids and didn’t like her, but sat in the back in her class.

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