By ann summers

Expect airstrikes in Syria and some serious covert work to resolve the crisis even though in each case, AfPak, Iran/Iraq/Syria, and even Yemen, regional alliances would best serve the causes of peace. This is not the way most people would like be called Parisians.

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3 Responses to Paris

  1. bigfatmike says:

    It is a pretty good bet this will get worse before it gets better. But what to do?

  2. BFM, I posted a few ideas just a moment ago. See above post about the war that is not a war.

    • bigfatmike says:

      I think you have given us much truth. But I don’t agree that criminality captures the nature of all of what we face.

      I think asymmetrical warfare with characteristics of both modern warfare and criminality is a better view.

      What kind of criminals envision bringing down national governments, engage military units, capture and hold territory, enforce laws, and provided services to the population.

      Having said that it seems clear to me that the techniques of law enforcement will have much utility in what promises to be a long bitter time. And this is not going to be settled by blindly sending in main line military units that are too muscle bound to find let alone engage our adversary.

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