ON THIS DAY: July 14, 2016

July 14th is

Shark Awareness Day

Shark Awareness Day facts

Mac and Cheese Day

Pandemonium Day

World Nude Day


Czech Republic – Colors of Ostrava, Moravo-Shlezia

France – Bastille Day/Feté de la Fédérationinternational Flags
(French Polynesia, Martinque, New Caledonia,
and St. Martin also celebrate Bastille Day)

Guadeloupe – Feté Nationale

Iraq – Republic Day

Montenegro – Statehood Day (2nd day)

Mayotte – French Day of the Republic

New Zealand – Dunedin Nude Rugby International

Spain –Fiesta de San Fermin in Pamplona (last day)

On This Day in HISTORY

1430 – The Burgundians remand Joan d’Arc to Bishop Cauchon, of Beauvais

1789 – French Revolution – Parisians storm the Bastille  to release prisoners

storming of Bastille 1789 - Houel

1790 – Celebration in Paris of national reconciliation in the Fête de la Fédération

1798 – The Alien Friends, Alien Enemies and Sedition Acts become U.S. law, making it harder for immigrants to become citizens and easier to deport them, and criminalizing making false statements critical of the federal government. Under Thomas Jefferson, all but the Alien Enemies Act lapsed. The Alien Enemies Act was revised for WWI, then used by the FDR and Truman administrations to imprison or deport resident aliens from Japan, Germany and Italy, even after the war was over. It remains in effect as 50 USC Sections 21-24.


For fantastic views of Pluto from the New Horizons spacecraft flyby, click

1874 – The Great Chicago Fire destroys 47 acres of the city

1881 – Billy the Kid is shot and killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett

1912 – Woody Guthrie, American Folk and Protest Songwriter and Singer, is born

1957 –  Tawya Ateya takes her seat in Egypt’s National Assembly, first female parliamentarian in the Arab world.

1960 – Jane Goodall begins her study of chimpanzees at Gombe Stream Reserve

1966 – Richard Speck murders 8 student nurses in their shared Chicago housing

2015 – NASA spacecraft New Horizons performs first flyby of Pluto.


  • International Union for Conservation of Nature – Shark Facts
  • International Flags
  • The Storming of the Bastille, July 14, 1789 painted by Jean-Pierre Houël
  • NASA – image of Pluto taken by New Horizons spacecraft

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