ON THIS DAY: July 30, 2016

July 30 is

Cheesecake Day

Medicare’s Birthday

National Dance Day

dancing seoul-metropolitan-library

Paperback Book Day

Against Trafficking Persons Day

National Support Public Education Day

U.N. International Day of Friendship



Canada –
Montreal: Osheaga Music Festival

Iran – Martyrdom of Imam Sadeqinternational Flags

Morocco – Feast of the Throne

South Sudan – Martyrs Day

Sweden –
Rarrvik: Into the Valley Dance Festival

United Kingdom –
Cambridge: Cambridge Folk Festival

United States –
Sweet Home OR: Oregon Jamboree

Vanuatu – Independence Day

Western Sahara – Throne Day


On This Day in HISTORY

762 – City of Baghdad founded by Caliph Al-Mansur

Baghdad medieval illuminated manuscript 14thcent

1626 – Earthquake in Naples, Italy, kills almost 10,000 people

1676 – Bacon’s Rebellion against rule of Governor William Berkeley

1715 – Spanish ‘gold and silver fleet’ lost off the coast of Florida

MORE! For Wuthering Heights, Henry Ford and Johnny Cash, click

1733 – First American colonial Masonic lodge founded in Massachusetts

1756 – Newly built Catherine Palace presented to Russian Empress Elizabeth


1792 – “La Marseillaise” is first sung in Paris

1818 – Emily Brontë, future author of Wuthering Heights, is born in Yorkshire

1863 – Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, is born

1930 – Uruguay wins first FIFA World Cup

1932 – Disney premieres Flowers and Trees, first cartoon short in Technicolor



1942 – FDR signs legislation creating U.S. Navy W.A.V.E.S.

1955 – Johnny Cash first records “Folsom Prison Blues”



1956 – By Congressional resolution, In God we trust becomes U.S. motto

1962 – The Trans-Canada Highway opens

1965 – LBJ signs Social Security Act into law, establishing Medicare and Medicaid

1974 – Watergate: House Judiciary Committee votes to impeach President Nixon –
Nixon complies with a Supreme Court order to release White House tapes

1999 – Enthronement of Moroccan King Mohamed VI


sm_le_roi-preside-reception-trone-day 2013


2003 – Last old-style VW Beetle rolls off assembly line in Mexico

2014 – Bank of America must pay $1.3 billion in civil lawsuit over ‘Hustle’ lending fraud



  • Dancers in Seoul Metropolitan Library
  • International flags
  • City of Baghdad from Islamic illuminated Medieval manuscript
  • Catherine Palace in St.Petersburg, Russia
  • Feast of the Throne ceremony in Morocco


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