ON THIS DAY: September 20, 2016

September 20th is


Get Ready Day *

IT Professionals Day *

Rum Punch Day

Science Advancement Day *


MORE! ‘Jelly Roll’ Morton, Cannes Film Festival and the QE2, click



international Flags

East Timor – Liberation Day

Jordan – Parlimentary Elections Day

Nepal – Constitution/National Day


On This Day in HISTORY

622 – Muhammad and Abu Bakr arrive in Medina

1596 – Diego de Montemajor founds the city of Monterrey in Nuevo León, Mexico


1737 – The ‘Walking’ Treaty, based on how far a man could walk in a given time, is signed – Sons of William Penn claim 1,200,00 acres of land, showing the Lenape (also known as the Delaware) Tribe an unsigned, possibly forged, deed dated 1686, which the Lenape reluctantly accept when they are shown a distorted map of the area, and then their appeal to the Iroquois for aid is refused

1842 – Sir James Dewar is born, inventor of the Dewar flask, the first insulated bottle

1848 – The American Association for the Advancement of Science * is founded in Philadelphia PA with William C. Redfield as its first president.

1884 –The Equal Rights Party is formed in San Francisco CA


1859 – George B. Simpson patented an electric range

1890 –  Blues musician ‘Jelly Roll’ Morton is born

1893 – Charles Edgar Duryea road-tests his “motor wagon,” the first gasoline-powered automobile with his brother Frank in Springfield MA

1946 – Opening day of the first Cannes Film Festival, delayed from 1939 by WWII, with 18 nations represented. Films shown included Billy Wilder’s The Lost Weekend, Roberto Rossellini’s Open City, René Clement’s The Battle of the Rails, and David Lean’s Brief Encounter

1962 – James Meredith, a black student, blocked from enrolling at University of Mississippi by Governor Ross R. Barnett, but is later admitted

1967 – The ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) is launched


1977 – The first “boat people” arrive in San Francisco from Southeast Asia under a new U.S. resettlement program

1989 – F.W. de Klerk is sworn in as president of South Africa

1995 – U.S. House of Representatives votes to drop the national speed limit, allowing states to decide their own speed limits

2005 – The Public Health Association sponsors the first ‘Get Ready Day’ * as part of National Preparedness Month, an annual event on the 3rd Tuesday on September


2015 – First National IT Professionals Day, an annual day on September’s 3rd Tuesday *



  • American Association for the Advancement of Science graphic
  • International flags
  • Statue of Diego de Montemajor in front of Foundation of Monterrey mosaic mural, architect Joaquín Mora
  • Section of an Equal Rights Party newspaper front page
  • The QE2 in 2008
  • Public Health Association infographic


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