ON THIS DAY: September 24, 2016

September 24 is


Cherries Jubilee Day *

Punctuation Day *

Our National Museum Day


MORE! Queen Victoria’s Jubilee, Bullwinkle and 60 Minutes click



Austria – Saint Rupert Day

Bolivia –  Pando: Santa Cruz Dayinternational Flags

Cambodia – Constitutional Declaration Day

Dominican Republic – Our Lady of Mercy

Guinea Bissau – National Day

New Caledonia – Féte de la Citoyenneté
(New Caledonia Day)

Peru – Virgen de la Merced

South Africa – Heritage Day

Trinidad and Tobago – Republic Day

Togo – Failed Attack on Lomé Anniversary


On This Day in HISTORY

622 – Muhammad and his followers complete their Hijrah from Mecca to Medina

787 – Second Council of Nicaea restores the use and veneration of icons which had been banned by Byzantine Emperor Constantine V

1780 – Benedict Arnold flees to the British lines when his plot to surrender West Point is exposed

1789 – President Washington signs the Judiciary Act into law after it was passed by Congress, creating the office of U.S. Attorney General, federal trial courts in each state and setting up the Supreme Court with a Chief Justice and five Associate Justices who would have exclusive jurisdiction over all civil actions between states, or between a state and the federal government, as well as appellate jurisdiction over the decisions of the lower federal courts and the state courts

1852 – Henri Giffard’s airship, the first powered by a steam engine. travels 17 miles (27 km) from Paris to Trappes


1869 – “Black Friday” panic caused by speculators Jay Gould and James Fisk, in collusion with financier Abel Corbin, trying to corner the gold market on the New York Gold Exchange. Abel Corbin was President Ulysses S. Grant’s brother-in-law, so the scandal, combined with improprieties and scandals connected to Grant appointees to office, undermines the stability of his administration

1896 – Queen Victoria surpasses George III as Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, but her Diamond Jubilee is celebrated on the anniversary of her coronation, June 28, 1897.  Auguste Escoffie created Cherries Jubilee in honor of the occasion *

1915 – Douglas Fairbanks appears in his first starring role when the silent film The Lamb premieres in New York City

1957 – U.S. President Eisenhower sends federal troops to Little Rock AR to enforce school integration


1960 – The USS Enterprise, the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, is launched in Newport News VA

1961 – The Bullwinkle Show premieres in prime time on NBC-TV, after being on ABC in the afternoon as Rocky and His Friends

1968 – 60 Minutes debuts on CBS-TV

1977 – Styx releases “Come Sail Away”

1996 – U.S. President Clinton and other world leaders sign a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty to end testing and development of nuclear weapons

2004 – Jeff Rubin, The Newsletter Guy,  starts Punctuation Day *



  • Cherries Jubilee being prepared
  • International flags
  • Henri Giffard’s steam-powered airship
  • Troops protecting the Little Rock Nine


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4 Responses to ON THIS DAY: September 24, 2016

  1. I like Come Sail Away. This was what homeless former Marine, Donald Gould, played on a street piano in Florida. A cell phone video of him playing went viral, and he was literally rescued. He has a recording contract and Come Sail Away has been released as a single.

  2. pete says:

    We have a lot of old homeless people here in Florida. Most don’t realize they weren’t always “old homeless people” or that “There but by the grace of god go I” isn’t just an old saying that doesn’t apply anymore.

    I always liked Rocky and Bullwinkle. Even named a dobie I had Natasha (Natasha, get moose and squirrel). Great road dog.
    Also, I went to the same middle school and high school as Tommy Shaw (Styx guitarist). I never met him, he’s older than me but I had a friend who’s older brother always swore he helped Shaw write “Crystal Ball”. Nobody believed him.

    • wordcloud9 says:

      We have many homeless here in Southern California too – our climate is kinder, even if people often are not. Many of them are veterans, or people who lost their jobs, and of course,the mentally ill that Ronald Reagan turned out of the mental hospitals which he shut down, and then he abandoned them to the streets.

      Tough relationship to explain, but here goes – my dad’s first cousin married Bill Hurtz, who was one of the directors on all the versions of Rocky and Bullwinkle. They were more like an aunt and uncle to me, the kind of people you would choose as relatives if that was an option. – our wedding was in their back yard. So I got to talk to June Foray (voice of Rocky and a bunch of other characters) a couple of times at their parties.

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