ON THIS DAY: September 27, 2016

September 27th is


National Voter Registration Day

Chocolate Milk Day

Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day *

World Tourism Day *


MORE! John Adams, Sheikh Hasina and the Beach Boys, click



Belgium – French Community Dayinternational Flags

Madagascar – St. Vincent de Paul Day

Bhutan – Local Elections Day

Eritrea and Ethiopia – Meskel
(Discovery of the True Cross)

United States – Giddings TX:
Texas Wendish Heritage Festival
(1854 Lusatian German immigrants)


On This Day in HISTORY

1066 – William the Conqueror and his army set sail for England for the Norman Conquest. Tostig and Hardrada, allies of William, had already defeated the local Northumbrian forces at the Battle of Fulford


1777 – Lancaster, PA, becomes the American capital for one day when the British capture Philadelphia and the Continental Congress flees. The next day, the revolutionary government moves to York, PA, which will be the capital for the next 9 months

1779 – John Adams is selected to negotiate peace terms with the British

1822 – Jean-François Champollion announces the successful transliteration of Egyptian script on the Rosetta Stone


1825 – George Stephenson operates the first locomotive to haul a passenger train

1894 – The Aqueduct Racetrack opens in New York


1905 – The physics journal Annalen der Physik receives Albert Einstein’s paper “Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?” which introduces E= mc²

1908 – First production of Model T automobile at the Ford Motor plant in  Detroit MI


1928 – The U.S. announces its recognition of the Nationalist Chinese government

1938 – The League of Nations brands the Japanese as aggressors in China, and “Thanks for the Memory” is heard for the first time on radio’s Bob Hope Show

1947 – Sheikh Hasina born, leader of the Bangladesh Awami League,  Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Election

1954 – The “Tonight!” show debuts on NBC-TV with Steve Allen as host

1964 – The Beach Boys perform “I Get Around” on the Ed Sullivan Show

1973 – U.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew insists he won’t resign after “no contest”  plea to change of tax evasion, but does resign October 10

1979 – U.S. Congress gives final approval to Department of Education Organization Act, establishing the federal agency

1980 – The U.N. World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) promotes the first World Tourism Day *

1986 – U.S. Congress passes Tax Reform Act to simplify the tax code, and eliminate several tax shelters and loopholes, but many of them were quickly restored again

1989 – Columbia Pictures Entertainment buys out Sony Corporation for $3.4 billion

1991 – The U.S. eliminates all land-based tactical nuclear arms and calls on Soviet Union to do the same

1994 – The “Contract with America” signed by more than 300 Republican Congressional candidates is unveiled at a press conference: shrink government, cut spending, slash government assistance programs to restore “individual responsibility,” cut taxes and eliminate government regulations

1995 – Redesigned $100 bill features larger off-center portrait of Benjamin Franklin


2004 – North Korea announces it turned 8,000 spent nuclear fuel rods into nuclear weapons as a deterrent against U.S. “nuclear threats” and to “prevent” nuclear war in
northeast Asia. U.S. State Department issues statement that the U.S has no plans to attack North Korea

2007 – NASA launches the Dawn probe to study objects in the asteroid belt


2008 – National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA) launch Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day *



  • World Tourism Day 2016 theme logo
  • International flags
  • Bayeaux Tapestry – William’s ships
  • Rosetta Stone – top section showing Egyptian hieroglyphs
  • Aqueduct Racetrack NY
  • 1908 Ford automobile ad
  • Sheikh Hasina campaigning for office
  • Benjamin Franklin portrait on redesigned $100 bill
  • NASA Dawn probe


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