ON THIS DAY: October 3, 2016

October 3rd is


U.N. World Habitat Day *

National Child Health Day *

National Taco Day

World Architecture Day *

World Day of Bullying
Prevention/Pink Shirt Day *


MORE! Edgar Allan Poe, Bloomingdale’s and ‘Pink Shirt Day’ story, click



Australia – Labour Day

international Flags

Christmas Island – Territory Day

Falkland Islands – Peat Cutting Day

Germany – German Unity Day

Honduras – Francisco Morazán Day
(reformer, tried to unify Central America)

Kiribati – In Honour of Education Day

Saint Lucia – Thanksgiving Day

South Korea – Foundation Day


On This Day in HISTORY

1849 – Edgar Allan Poe is found delirious on the street in Baltimore, and taken to Washington Medical College, where he died early in the morning on October 7. His medical records have been lost, adding to speculation about the cause of his death


1863 – President Lincoln declares the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day

1872 – The Bloomingdale brothers open their first store in New York City


1873 – “Captain Jack” Kintpuash, chief of the Northern California-Pacific NW Modoc tribe, found guilty of war crimes by the U.S. Army for the ambush killing of General Canby at a peace talk where U.S government insists the Modocs return to the Klamath Reservation, is hanged with three others, and some Modoc warriors were sent to prison.

1888 – Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Yeoman of the Guard” premieres at the Savoy Theatre


1893 – J.S. Thurman patents a motor-driven vacuum cleaner

1906 – W.T. Grant opens a 35-cent department store

1922 – Governor Hardwick of Georgia appoints Rebecca Felton fill a vacancy in the U.S. Senate, the first woman to be a U.S. Senator

1928 – The American Federation of Labor and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs campaign together for a National Child Health Day *, which is first proclaimed on May 1 by a joint resolution of U.S. Congress and President Coolidge. In 1960, the date was changed to the first Monday in October


1929 – Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes is renamed Kingdom of Yugoslavia

1932 – Iraq gains independence from Great Britain, and joins the League of Nations

1942 – FDR establishes the wartime Office of Economic Stabilization, authorizing control of rents, wages, salaries and farm prices.


1944 – Founding of the New York City Opera

1952 – Great Britain becomes the world’s third nuclear power when they detonate their first atomic bomb

1954 – Father Knows Best premieres on CBS-TV

1955 – Captain Kangaroo and The Mickey Mouse Club debut on television

1961 – The Dick Van Dyke Show premieres on CBS-TV

1962 – Stop the World, I Want to Get Off! opens on Broadway in NY

1968 – Leonard Bernstein conducts the NY Philharmonic in first performance of William Schuman’s To Thee Old Cause, dedicated to the memory of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy

1986 – U. N. General Assembly declares first Monday in October as World Habitat Day *  to affirm that it is a human right to have a decent place to live

1990 – The Berlin Wall dismantlement begins


2005 – Union International des Architects (UIA) establishes the first Monday in October as World Architecture Day * to remind us of our “collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat”

2007 – 12th Graders David Shepherd and Travis Price of Nova Scotia founded Day of Bullying Prevention * when a 9th Grade boy came to school wearing a pink polo shirt and was harassed for it. After school, the two bought 50 pink tank shirts for classmates to wear over their regular shirts and join them in making a stand against bullying. They also announced their project online. There was a “sea of pink” the next day, as many students came wearing their own pink clothes. In 2008, the Canadian province of British Columbia recognized Anti-Bullying Day, and the U.N. declared the first Monday in October a World Anti-Bullying Day in 2012




  • ‘Don’t Be a Bully’ sticker
  • International flags
  • Edgar Allan Poe with quote
  • Bloomingdale’s ad showing original storefront
  • Savoy Theatre showcard for Yeoman of the Guard
  • Child Health Clinic in a Church from ‘Goal for May Day’ pamphlet –
  • WWII rationing pledge poster
  • Boy waving at guards where top section of the Berlin Wall has been removed
  • Pink Shirt Day T-Shirt


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