ON THIS DAY: October 4, 2016

October 4th is


World Animal Day  *

Improve Your Office Day

Ship in a Bottle Day *

Taco Day

Vodka Day


MORE! Gregorian Calendar, Orient Express and Casablanca, click



Italy – St. Petronius Dayinternational Flags

Lesotho – Independence Day

Mozambique – Peace and Reconciliation Day

Philippines – Angeles: Fiestang Kuliat
(festival for La Naval/Apung Mamacalulu)

Sweden – Kanelbullens Dag
(National Cinnamon Bun Day)


On This Day in HISTORY

1302 – A peace treaty ends the Byzantine-Venetian War (1296-1302)

1535 – The Cloverdale Bible, first complete English-language version, is printed, with translations by William Tyndale and Myles Cloverdale


1582 – Pope Gregory XIII implements the Gregorian calendar – in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain, October 4 is followed directly by October 15

1795 – Napoleon Bonaparte uses cannon to suppress Royalist counter-revolutionaries threatening the French National Convention, which was meeting at Saint Roch church; this “Whiff of Grapeshot” brings him to national attention, leading to his promotion to commander of the Army of Italy


1824 – Mexico becomes a federal republic, adopting a new constitution

1830 – Kingdom of Belgium created by separation from the Netherlands

1876 – The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas becomes the first institution of higher education in Texas – later becomes Texas A & M University

1883 – The Orient Express makes its first run from Paris to Giurgiu, Romania, where passengers had to catch a ferry, another train, and a second ferry in order to complete their journey to Constantinople (now Istanbul)


1925 – Heinrich Zimmermann, publisher of Mensch und Hund (‘Man and Dog’) magazine, organizes the first Animal Day in Berlin on March 24, but in 1929 it moves to October 4, the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi. In 1931, the International Animal Protection Congress, adopted a resolution designating this day as World Animal Day * and since 2003, Naturewatch Foundation is its main sponsor

1927 – Gutzon Borglum begins sculpting Mount Rushmore on South Dakota’s Black Hills, which was completed after his death under direction of his son, Lincoln Borglum

1936 – Anti-Fascists and Fascists clash violently in the “Battle of Cable Street” in London’s East End

1941 – Norman Rockwell’s ‘Willie Gillis’ debuts on the Saturday Evening Post cover


1957 – The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 1, the first artificial Earth satellite

1965 – Pope Paul VI arrives in New York City, becoming the first Pope ever to visit the Western hemisphere

1966 – Grace Slick makes her first appearance with Jefferson Airplane

1985 – Richard Stallman launches the Free Software Foundation, which works on legal and structural issues for the free software movement

1990 – Leonard Bernstein dies at age 72

1991 – The Antarctic-Environmental Protocol is concluded in Madrid, and opens for signature, entering into force on January 14, 1998

1997 – The soundtrack for Casablanca is released for the first time

2004 – SpaceShipOne, as the first private craft to fly into space, wins the Ansari X Prize

2012 – The Ship in a Bottle Association of America starts Ship in a Bottle Day * on October 4, the birthday of the Association’s co-founder and first president Jack Hinkley, to honor his memory




  • World Animal Day sticker
  • International flags
  • First page of Cloverdale Bible
  • Napoleon using cannon on Royalists
  • The Orient Express by John S. Smith
  • Norman Rockwell’s first ‘Willie Gillis’ cover
  • Ship in a Bottle


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  1. pete says:

    Taco Day!

    Can’t wait till next year when we can celebrate Taco Day easier because by then we’ll have A Taco Truck on Every Corner™.

    • wordcloud9 says:

      ‘A Taco Truck on Every Corner ‘ is now a trademark?!

      As you might expect, Enchilada Day is Cinco de Mayo.

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