ON THIS DAY: October 5, 2016

October 5th is


Apple Betty Day

Balloons Around the World Day *

Do Something Nice Day

International Day of No Prostitution *

Random Acts of Poetry Day *

National Walk to School Day *

World Teacher’s Day *


MORE!  Chief Joseph, Ellen Wilkinson and James Bond, click 



El Salvador – Cry of Independence Dayinternational Flags

Honduras – Semana Morazánica
(Domestic Travel Week)

Panama – Colón Day
(Columbus Day)

Portugal – Republic Day

United States – New York NY:
NY New Works Theatre Festival

Vanuatu – Constitution Day


On This Day in HISTORY

1450 – Louis IX, Duke of Bavaria, orders expulsion of Jews from Lower Bavaria

1665 – The Academia Holsatorum Chiloniensis is founded in Kiel, the northernmost university in the Holy Roman Empire, now called the University of Kiel



1857 – Anaheim, California, is founded

1877 – Chief Joseph surrenders his Nez Perce band to General Nelson Miles: “I will fight no more forever.”


1905 – Wilbur Wright  in Wright Flyer III flies 24 miles in 39 minutes, a world record

1911 – The Kowloon-Canton Railway begins service

1936 – Two hundred men, with Jarrow’s female MP Ellen Wilkinson, begin marching from the town of Jarrow to London, carrying a petition for re-establishment of industry in their town, which had ended when Jarrow’s main employer, Palmer’s shipyard, closed in 1934, after building more than a 1000 ships since 1851. While they were warmly welcomed by the London public, and Parliament received the petition, it was not debated, so the marchers believed they had failed. But the Jarrow March helped foster changes which did lead to major social reforms following WWII

Jarrow Marchers in Hyde Park

1938 – Nazi Germany invalidates Jewish passports, issuing passports marked with a J for ‘Jude’ for those desiring to emigrate

1944 – French women get the right to vote

1945 – ‘Hollywood Black Friday’ – after six months on strike, 3oo set decorators represented by the Conference of Studio Unions picket at the Warner Brothers main gate in very hot weather – as scabs try to get past them, tempers flare and cars are stopped and overturned; reinforcements arrive from both the strikers and the studio and a riot broke out, with studio strikebreakers using chains, hammers, pipes, night sticks, tears gas, and fire hoses in the battle; 300 police and deputy sheriffs are called to stop the violence; over 40 injuries are reported

1947 – First televised White House address is given by President Harry S. Truman

1955 – Disneyland Hotel opens in Anaheim, California

1962 – The first Albert Broccoli production of the James Bond series, Dr. No, premieres, and the first Beatles single “Love Me Do” is released

1968 – Steppenwolf releases single “Magic Carpet Ride”

1969 – First episode Monty Python’s Flying Circus airs on BBC One

1970 – PBS is founded

1988 – Chilean coalition Concertación ends Augusto Pinochet’s re-election bid

1994 – The first World Teachers Day, founded by a coalition of teachers organizations

1997 – Partnership for a Walkable America sponsors a Walk to School Day, and the response turns it into an annual event which is now also observed in Canada. It highlights the need for safe routes to school for children walking or riding bicycles. The date is always in October, but the day changes to avoid conflicts with Yom Kippur.

2000 – Jeff Brown founds Balloons Around the World Day * annually on first Wednesday of October to celebrate the joy that balloons bring to us


2002 – The first ‘International Day of No Prostitution’ * supported by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

20?? – Couldn’t find a start date for ‘Random Acts of Poetry Day’ * but the idea is to grab a piece of chalk, fire up your computer, or just a piece of paper and a pen, and take poetry out of the books and into the everyday world. Chalk a poem on the sidewalk, twitter or email one to your friends, or leave a beautiful haiku under a random stranger’s windshield wiper. Guerilla poetry!




  • World Teachers Day poster
  • International flags
  • University of Kiel, in Germany
  • Chief Joseph
  • Jarrow marchers in Hyde Park
  • Balloons Around the World Day artwork
  • Random Acts of Poetry Day promo


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