ON THIS DAY: October 7, 2016

October 7th is


Frappé Day

National Diversity Day *

World Smiley Day *

You Matter to Me Day *

International Personal Safety Day *


MORE! King George III,  Allen Ginsberg and the Smiley Face, click



Antiqua and Barbuda – Merchant Holidayinternational Flags

Bhutan – Thimphu: Thimphu Drubchen
(sacred dances at Tashichho Dzong monastery)

Namibia – Goodwill Day

Spain – Virgen del Rosario
(Our Lady of the Rosary)


On This Day in HISTORY

1477 – Uppsala University, the oldest university in Sweden, opens its doors


1542 – Juan Cabrillo sees what is now Catalina Island off the southern coast of California

1691 – British monarchs William and Mary grant a charter for Massachusetts Bay Colony

1763 – King George III of Great Britain and Ireland issues the Royal Proclamation of 1763 banning any British settlement of lands west or south of a line drawn on the map along the  western edge of the Appalachian Mountains


1765 – Nine American colonies send 28 delegates to the Stamp Act Congress in NY, which adopts the ‘Declaration of Rights and Grievances’

1826 – The Granite Railway begins operations in Massachusetts, the first chartered railway in the U.S., originally, the cars were horse-drawn on the tracks


1862 – Royal Columbian Hospital becomes the first hospital in British Columbia, Canada

1868 – Cornell University holds opening day ceremonies; 412 students enrolled

1913 – Ford’s Highland Park factory first runs on a continuously moving assembly line

1916 – Georgia Tech sets the record for most lopsided football game in U.S. history, defeating Cumberland University 222-0

1918 – Poland declares its independence from the German empire and becomes the Republic of Poland

1919 – Netherlands’ KLM, founded, oldest airline operating under its original name


1933 – Five French airlines merge into Air France

1940 – Artie Shaw’s orchestra records “Stardust”

1954 – Marian Anderson is the first black singer to be hired by the NY Metropolitan Opera Company

1955 – Allen Ginsberg first performs poem Howl at the Six Gallery in San Francisco

1958 – NASA’s manned space-flight project is named Project Mercury

1959 – USSR probe Luna 3 transmits the first photographs of the Moon’s far side


1963 – President Kennedy signed he ratification of the Partial Test Ban Treaty, and the Beach Boys release “Little Deuce Coupe”

1982 – The musical Cats opens on Broadway

1985 – The U.S. says it will no longer automatically comply with World Court decisions

1986 – U.K. estate agent Suzy Lamplugh disappears, and is never found. Her parents create a ‘National Personal Safety Day’ * Trust to make people more aware of the measures they can take to stay safe, and how to get help quickly, which has now become international

1989 – Hungary’s Communist Party renounces Marxism in favor of democratic socialism

1998 – Matthew Shepard, a gay student attending the University of Wyoming is found tied to a fence, left to die after two men savagely beat and tortured him after pretending to be gay so they could gain his trust – international outcry over hate crimes leads to the Matthew Shepard-James Byrd Hate Crime Prevention Act in 2009

1999 – World Smiley Day * created by Harvey Ball of Worchester, MA, the commercial artist who created the original smiley face in 1963 for the State Mutual Life Assurance Company as a morale booster. Smiley Day happens annually on first Friday in October


2003 – California Governor Gray Davis recalled; Arnold Schwarzenegger takes over

2005 – First ‘National Diversity Day’ * now held annually on the first Friday in October

2009 – ‘You Matter to Me Day’ * started by Linda Jew after her best friend’s brother and nephew are killed in an accident. Words to say while we still can, because we don’t know what the future will bring



  • Diversity Day tree
  • International flags
  • Uppsala University today
  • Map of King George III’s dividing line between the Colonies and Indian lands
  • The Granite Railway, drawn by horses
  •  KLM Airlines plane circa 1919
  • Soviet Luna 3 photograph of the Moon’s far side
  • Harvey Ball’s original Smiley Face


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