Lifting FSB sanction isn’t extortion if you pay up … in Russia, Rose Mary Woods you for 18 minutes

By ann summers


Sanctions against FSB lifted …why? And why did the audio recording get shut off.

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C3rFXp8WMAA8Nnc_1_.jpgIt’s like when a customer calls into a call centre.
Only in this case Putin is the customer, and Trump is selling America.

So let’s see now, KGB guy has ‘heart attack” in the back seat of his car, KGB/FSB arrests some other guys as US spies while other Russians do… what? And now FSB sanctions get lifted?

Strategy of tension continues even if the alleged Golden Shower doesn’t make the WH any less “shabby” for POTUS45*. Meanwhile, recordings of phone meeting get turned off and bordello-house reach gets further consigned to the historical ash heap, just after it’s reported that the WH custodial staff has been reminded about listening devices.

Fiercely loyal to Nixon, Woods claimed responsibility in a 1974 grand jury testimony for inadvertently erasing up to five minutes of the 18 12minute gap in a June 20, 1972, audio tape. Her demonstration of how this might have occurred – which depended upon her stretching to simultaneously press controls several feet apart (what the press dubbed the “Rose Mary Stretch”[5]) – was met with skepticism from those who believed the erasures, from whatever source, to be deliberate. The contents of the gap remain a mystery.[6]
@realDonaldTrump if you lift sanctions on Russia and their spy organization the FSB you are worst negotiator ever. Loser.

There’s a purge of spies underway in Moscow, where two high-ranking Russian security service agents, a cybersecurity expert and a fourth man have been charged with treason for passing along secrets to American intelligence, according to a lawyer defending one of the men. The men were charged “with treason in favor of the United States,” said Ivan Pavlov, the lawyer for one of the defendants. So far, the counterintelligence raid is targeting computer security professionals — men once trusted with Russian government secrets about hacking operations. The crackdown comes shortly after the U.S. intelligence officials in October officially accused Russia of using hackers to try steering the presidential election to Donald Trump. American officials have never stated that Russian government insiders gave them information that led to that accusation…

However, other media reports in Russia, also quoting unnamed sources, claim these men have been arrested for taking part in a hacking ring that targeted Russian officials.


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4 Responses to Lifting FSB sanction isn’t extortion if you pay up … in Russia, Rose Mary Woods you for 18 minutes

  1. websterisback says:

    The most disgraceful Executive Office holder we have probably had since Andrew Jackson. They have absolutely no diploma skills. No tact, no nothing. Surprise. At least PT Barnum was honest, there’s a sucker born every day.

    • wordcloud9 says:

      War and another global economic crash are coming up fast – the only way to derail this trainwreck is impeachment.

      We must start requiring our leaders to have better qualifications than too much money.

  2. Russell says:

    Trump, I just heard him say of TV that “if you have heard about me on the telephone, don’t worry I have it under control.” Or something like that.

  3. I think Capt. Edward J. Smith said something similar, Russell.

    Right before he left Kate and Leonardo floating on a door.

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