Are you “Ready to die” for Lord Dampnut’s place in hysteria


By ann summers

In an age of snow-machines, would you die for a “walrus leading a dog sled team”

Faustian civilization continues on its fatal path with amazement at what Lord Dampnut would do to boost his ratings as his tweets have become increasingly desperate to compete with actual media.


President Donald Trump on Monday said the American people “want border security and extreme vetting,” decrying “negative polls” that suggest otherwise as “fake news.”

A majority of Americans, however, opposed the president’s controversial executive order restricting travel by citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries in a pair of polls released Friday.

Fifty-three percent opposed the order, according to a CNN/ORC poll, with 46 percent arguing that it makes the U.S. less safe from terrorism and 49 percent saying it harms American values by preventing those seeking asylum from entering the U.S.

Fifty-one percent expressed disapproval with the ban in a CBS News survey, in which 57 percent of respondents said the ban goes against the country’s founding principles.

Polls aren’t inherently flawed, it seems: just those that are “negative” about Trump’s policies. That is because he is uniquely qualified to understand what the American people want. Why? Well, presumably because he won the presidency despite “fake polls” suggesting he would lose.

It appears Trump is going to keep repeating this chain of convoluted logic until people who look favorably upon him accept it implicitly: He won a big, landslide victory that was disguised by media lies and many millions of fraudulent votes against him; thus he has a mandate to do exactly what he is doing; and what he’s doing is popular, notwithstanding the lies about it from the same lying pollsters and media.

But it was comedian Melissa McCarthy’s imitation of Spicer that got tons of buzz online Saturday night. Spicer told “Extra” that he apparently didn’t hear of the sketch until he was leaving church on Sunday, saying that his phone had so much activity that he thought there must have been a national emergency.

Spicer seemed to take the sketch in good humor, saying that he found it funny. But, he said that McCarthy exaggerated his confrontational demeanor with reporters during briefings. He especially took issue with McCarthy’s downing of Orbit gum during the sketch, mocking Spicer’s famous cinnamon gum habit of “two-and-a-half packs by noon.”

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