Vive l’impeachment… Steve Bannon is Batman villain Lobster Thermidor

By ann summersstevebannon1

“Another perspective of Danton emerges from the work of Lamartine, who called Danton a man “devoid of honor, principles, and morality” who found only excitement and a chance for distinction during the French Revolution. He was merely “a statesman of materialism” who was bought anew every day. Any revolutionary moments were staged for the prospect of glory and more wealth.[27]”
For historians of revolutionary movements, the term Thermidor has come to mean the phase in some revolutions when power slips from the hands of the original revolutionary leadership and a radical regime is replaced by a more conservative regime, sometimes to the point where the political pendulum may swing back towards something resembling a pre-revolutionary state. Leon Trotsky, in his book The Revolution Betrayed, alleges the rise of Joseph Stalin to power was a Soviet Thermidor.

Are we not entertained yet.

Cannot the Impeachment now begin, at least before senseless slaughters start. Because there is at least one cult that believes in a St. Godwin

Donald Trump is “highly likely” to face impeachment within 18 months of taking office, an expert in American politics has warned.

Let us give Lord Dampnut his fulfillment of GOP promises, delegitimizing democratic voting processes while supporting GOP racist immigration policies.

White-privileged profiling has now become normalized on the basis of lookism manifest in daily interactions; everyone has become their own ICE agent and those LEOs deputized, except in areas like the now othered sanctuary cities.

POC here for multiple if not fourth generations can only be “foreigners” because isn’t the US a majoritarian white judeo-christian society despite all those “Others” getting what … representation.

Cannot we now end Bannon’s Master Narrative of ethno-economic nationalism (American Lebensraum) before many die.

Donald Trump is in over his head. This comes as no surprise to the millions of people who could see that he was unprepared and unfit for the job of president of the United States and voted against him. He’s basically a celebrity heir to a fortune who was so entitled that he believed his privileged existence proved he was competent to run the most powerful nation on Earth. That’s the attitude of an aristocrat who ascended to the throne without having any idea what it actually takes to rule. History’s full of such men. It doesn’t often work out well

Those voters did not see what millions of others felt instinctively and that explains the shocked reaction and immediate resistance to his election: Trump’s incessant bragging, his lack of empathy or remorse, his pathological lying and even his bizarre appearance have been signs of an unstable personality. It was obvious to many of us that something was not right.

Erstwhile Falangist Steve Bannon is a schismatic RW functionary connected to capital and media. Through Lord Dampnut, he has fulfilled his schematic claim of being a “Leninist”, implying more correctly his Thermadorian manifestation in the current regime. Even Politico is now estimating the Impeachment odds…

There’s already talk of impeachment, just three weeks into Donald Trump’s turbulent presidency. In fact, many are already betting on it.

Gambling houses all over the world are taking in action on whether Trump, inaugurated just last month, will resign or be impeached. And the odds aren’t as long as you might think

Perhaps the most unusual — and certainly most lurid — wager is the 4-to-1 odds offered by Paddy Power that the alleged Russian video of Trump outlined in the dossier compiled by a former British intelligence agent will appear on a pornographic website.

aa9ea1941ec088dcb146bd6da8484552-imagejpeg_1_.jpg… And who better to step into a confusing situation, shouting more confusing things, than 4chan? Last night, shortly after the story broke, and as everyone on the internet was going crazy about it, rumors began to spread that the whole thing was just a chan op. Pissgate Truthers — as we’ll call them — began linking to an archived 4chan thread in which, indeed, it appears that at least one channer had been trolling Rick Wilson, a Republican operative who has been quite critical of Trump, by feeding him false information. The thinking goes that Wilson accepted the veracity of this false info, passed it onto his intel buddies, and the whole thing spiraled from there.(4th-rate online terrorism)

Aristotle wrote critically of terror employed by tyrants against their subjects.[21] The earliest use of the word terrorism identified by the Oxford English Dictionary is a 1795 reference to tyrannical state behavior, the “reign of terrorism” in France.[22] In that same year, Edmund Burke famously decried the “thousands of those hell-hounds called terrorists” who he believed threatened Europe.[23]

During the Reign of Terror, the Jacobin government and other factions of the French Revolution used the apparatus of the state to kill and intimidate political opponents, and the Oxford English Dictionary includes as one definition of terrorism “Government by intimidation carried out by the party in power in France between 1789-1794”.[24]

The original general meaning of terrorism was of terrorism by the state, as reflected in the 1798 supplement of the Dictionnaire of the Académie française, which described terrorism as systeme, regime de la terreur.[23] Myra Williamson wrote:

  • The meaning of ‘terrorism’ has undergone a transformation. During the Reign of Terror, a regime or system of terrorism was used as an instrument of governance, wielded by a recently established revolutionary state against the enemies of the people. Now the term ‘terrorism’ is commonly used to describe terrorist acts committed by non-state or sub – national entities against a state. (italics in original)[25]

Walter Laqueur has stated that those who argue that state terrorism should be included in studies of terrorism ignore the fact that “The very existence of a state is based on its monopoly of power. If it were different, states would not have the right, nor be in a position, to maintain that minimum of order on which all civilized life rests.”[42]Calling the concept a “red herring” he stated: “This argument has been used by the terrorists themselves, arguing that there is no difference between their activities and those by governments and states. It has also been employed by some sympathizers, and rests on the deliberate obfuscation between all kinds of violence…”[43]

Al Franken: I agree with Senator McCain and Senator Graham that, actually, this kind of ban is — makes us less safe, because it gives a recruiting tool to ISIS and to other jihadists saying that America is anti — is anti-Muslim. The Syrian refugees, they are fleeing terror. This — you know, terror is — the whole point of terror is to make you afraid.

Jake Tapper: Right.

Al Franken: I think that Trump and his group are trying to make Americans more afraid. I think that’s part of how they got elected: Just make us more afraid.

Jake Tapper: You’re accusing the president — president of terrorism by making — by scaring people?

Al Franken: Just because the purpose of terrorism is to make you afraid and the president has tried to make people afraid doesn’t mean he’s involved with…

Jake Tapper: Right. OK. I just wanted to define the language. That’s all.

And Jake Tapper is the best MSM can offer.

The play is named for the eleventh month of the French Republican Calendar. The dish lobster thermidor is named in honour of the play.

“Realism has never been brought to greater perfection. The howling of the mob, the tocsin, the revolting sayings and jests, are marvellously depicted. An epoch cannot be more strikingly and faithfully delineated. The piece is a denunciation of the terror which even now finds a few defenders and perhaps would-be repeaters, but there is nothing new in this indictment” [3] (On the original Thermidor production of the Comédie Française).

The Military Reaction Force, Military Reconnaissance Force or Mobile Reconnaissance Force (MRF)[1] was a covert intelligence-gathering and counter-insurgency unit of the British Army active in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. The unit was involved in the murder of Irish Catholic civilians in false-flag attacks in order to inflame the conflict in Northern Ireland. They also colluded with loyalist paramilitaries, to the extent that a former member described it as a “legalised death squad“.[2]

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13 Responses to Vive l’impeachment… Steve Bannon is Batman villain Lobster Thermidor

  1. Bookies are hard at work. They are now putting odds of impeachment or resignation within six months at 4-1. British bookmaker Ladbrokes is giving 11-10 odds that he does not complete a full four year first term. They give odds of his term ending in 2017 at 7-2, which is close to Las Vegas book at 4-1 odds.

    Since the original odds went up, Ladbrokes has added a new suite of bets. Gamblers can now wager on which year Trump will leave office. Options include 2021, which is when he would leave if he loses the 2020 election, and terrifyingly, “2025 or later.”

    There is also the wild card of him having a stroke or MI during a fit of rage, or simply because of his body being all used up.

    • ann summers says:

      betting on the effects of junk food or other addictions sometimes doesn’t seem to will out as well as actuaries might imply … my grand dad seemed to put away a pint of Seagram’s and a cigar every day until 95

      • I think the junk food thing would only be a happy accident, as those around him might say. The reality is the likelihood he will be impeached. However, I just read a poll while scrolling through news sites that said 51% of his supporters believe there was a massacre at Bowling Green. As it is, we are living the ancient curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

        He is going to be like the man who came to dinner. It will be tough getting him ousted. Don’t underestimate him. He is cunning and clever, totally ruthless, and has proven to be both a salesman and survivor. Rather like that little corporal in the 1930s.

        • pete says:

          I almost have to disagree with you on that, Chuck. I’ve never seen trump as being that smart or clever. He is, however smart enough and clever enough to hire smart, clever and ruthless people to get him what he wants.
          The problem is when the smart, clever and ruthless people he’s hired get tired of his childlike ranting and decide they don’t need him any more.

          • Pete, his cunning is that of the sociopath. Not in any highly intelligent way, but the cunning of an instinctive predator. He is just clever enough to “read” his mark. I choose the term “mark” because he is a con man. Intellectually, he is a cognitive midget who is most likely functionally illiterate.

            I have always been intrigued at how well sociopaths can read body language and pick up on what people want to hear. Even when they have an IQ well below average.

  2. yankeefarmer says:

    Myra Williamson wrote:

    The meaning of ‘terrorism’ has undergone a transformation. During the Reign of Terror, a regime or system of terrorism was used as an instrument of governance, wielded by a recently established revolutionary state against the enemies of the people. Now the term ‘terrorism’ is commonly used to describe terrorist acts committed by non-state or sub – national entities against a state. (italics in original)[25]

    Taken out of context, as I didn’t read Myra’s entire piece? Myra Williamson is wrong.

    The Reign of Terror wasn’t used against the “enemies of the people” – it’s always been used by the despotic regime in-power, against it’s perceived enemies, often deemed “counter-revolutionary”.
    True in the rise of the Soviet experience, true with the Gang of Four, true with the Khmer Rouge, South American and European Fascists, and an excuse for ethnic cleansing in Africa.
    In short, it’s “The People” who are the enemy of The State.

    In this one thing, Libertarians have it right, including the intellectual Anarchists – who seek no State,
    merely an agreement on principles of conduct, respectful of all.
    Achievement of that goal, without State enforcement is a matter of unicorns and pixie dust being deployed as-required.

  3. “Achievement of that goal, without State enforcement is a matter of unicorns and pixie dust being deployed as-required.”
    true, but are Lawyers part of the legal arm of the ‘State’? Are they not part of the ‘hands’ of the governing? Because ‘The People’ can no longer afford them….and the Law is being used as a hammer AGAINST them. Because when when the Governance includes applications of Law for some and exclusion is given to others it is no longer Law…it is Weapon. And the ‘State’ is in danger of earning the brand ‘Terrorist’.

  4. As an aside, went to revisit Mr. Turley’s blog and was surprised at the tone. Anyone else been over there lately and what happened?

    • Got an email from randyjet asking the same thing. My guess is that when he did not reel in the disruptive trolls it went into the toilet. He deleted one of my comments in which I replied to Davidbunchanumbers, reminding him that his homophobia was about to be relegated to the dustbin of history. That was a few days before the SCOTUS ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. Jonathan told me he deleted it because my comment was “uncivil.”

      Good to see you here. Hang around. We are rebuilding pretty much from scratch. The loss of both my daughters within fifteen months of each other threw me into a tailspin. Just now emerging from the blue funk. Nona and Ann have been doing a yeoman job of keeping things interesting.

  5. (rushes over and gives Woosty a big hug)

  6. pete says:


    Kinda like skinny dipping in a septic tank.

    Every now and then I’ll go watch other people do it but I have no desire to join them.

    and btw, good to hear from you.

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