Lord Dampnut’s Bay of Wigs … because something, something clear and present, but not Russian

By ann summerstareck-el-aissami-hay-que-repolitizar-tema-de-la-inseguridad_1_1

U.S. sanctions Venezuelan vice president as drug kingpin. The Trump administration on Monday slapped sanctions on Venezuela’s new vice president, Tareck El Aissami, accusing him of being an international drug kingpin. El Aissami, one of five children, was born on 12 November 1974 in El Vigía, Mérida, Venezuela, where he spent his childhood. His father, Zaidan El Amin El Aissami, who is also known as Carlos Zaidan, was a Druze immigrant from Jabal al-Druze in Syria, who led a local Iraqi Ba’athist Party in Venezuela (Even though the faith originally developed out of Ismaili Islam, Druze are not considered Muslim) 

Iran-Contra will soon have an updated sequel to the GOP franchise, because the Venezuelan Veep is a drug kingpin with an Arab(sic) name… and ZOMG … a Syrian, and a… wait for it, a son of a Ba’athist! And no Russians … anywhere!


Donald Trump, left, and Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler, of Venezuela, talk during a news conference, Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014, in Doral, Fla. Three of the last six Miss Universe titles have gone to Venezuelan contestants. This year’s Miss Universe competition .

“… the 1996 scandal that erupted months after the contest when winner Alicia Machado, Miss Venezuela, gained 42 pounds. In his typically classless fashion, Trump ripped Machado as “an eating machine” and Miss Universe officials threatened to take away her crown if she didn’t drop the weight.”

The continuing GOP talking point for years has been something, something… Venezuela.

Like Cuba and Nicaragua, it’s another insult to a GOP ready to avenge the late Hugo Chavez’s comments at the UN regarding the smell of Bushian “sulphur”.

And the best Monroe Doctrine incursions have been either about commies or drug dealers, or commie drug dealers.

It hasn’t helped that Citgo and Kennedy-Democrats heated the homes of the indigent in New England USA with lower fuel oil prices. Turns out that those disastrous, lefty US sanctuary cities need to have walls because they are becoming … like Caracas, only with no nationalized petroleum industries.

The RWNJ media headlines write themselves …Drudge Report will get rebranded as Druze Report.

There will be nifty hegemonic hats after the US invasion. Because War on Terror, War on Drugs, something, something … keeping the world safe for beauty pageant contestants. Because the Devil made you do it in the details.

Operation Nifty Package was a United States Delta Force-operated plan conducted in 1989 designed to capture Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega. When Noriega took refuge in the Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See (diplomatic quarter), deafening music and other psychological warfare tactics were used to convince him to exit and surrender himself.

In 1895, a longstanding dispute with Great Britain about the territory of Guayana Esequiba, which Britain claimed as part of British Guiana and Venezuela saw as Venezuelan territory, erupted into the Venezuela Crisis of 1895. The dispute became a diplomatic crisis when Venezuela’s lobbyist William L. Scruggs sought to argue that British behavior over the issue violated the United States’ Monroe Doctrine of 1823, and used his influence in Washington, D.C., to pursue the matter. Then, US President Grover Cleveland adopted a broad interpretation of the doctrine that did not just simply forbid new European colonies, but declared an American interest in any matter within the hemisphere.[47] Britain ultimately accepted arbitration, but in negotiations over its terms was able to persuade the US on many of the details. A tribunal convened in Paris in 1898 to decide the issue, and in 1899 awarded the bulk of the disputed territory to British Guiana.[48]

According to Business Insider’s edition of July 2015, Venezuela was seeking to re-establish diplomatic ties with the United States of America, “Maduro made the first move in March (2015) – around three months after Washington and Havana announced on 17 Dec they were seeking to restore diplomatic ties – by requesting a “direct channel of communication” with U.S. President Barack Obama and the State Department, said the official.[281]

“The Betancourt Doctrine”, named after one of the first presidents of Venezuela’s democratic era, Rómulo Betancourt “whereby Venezuela refused to maintain diplomatic relations with governments formed as a result of military coups, was adhered to by both administrations (first two presidents of Venezuela’s democratic era). Although the doctrine was much praised, it gradually isolated Venezuela as most other Latin American nations became dominated by nonelected regimes.”[289]

Venezuela ranks first in the Global Beauties webpage list as the country with more international pageants titles won. It also has a Guinness World Record, after Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008 from Venezuela crowned Stefania Fernandez, also from Venezuela as Miss Universe 2009, marking the first time over 50 years in the competition that a country wins the title in two consecutive years.[262]

Corruption in Venezuela is high by world standards, and was so for much of the 20th century. The discovery of oil had worsened political corruption,[169] and by the late 1970s, Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso‘s description of oil as “the Devil’s excrement” had become a common expression in Venezuela.[170] Venezuela has been ranked one of the most corrupt countries on the Corruption Perceptions Index since the survey started in 1995. The 2010 ranking placed Venezuela at number 164, out of 178 ranked countries.[171] Similarly, the World Justice Project ranked Venezuela 99th out of 99 countries surveyed in its 2014 Rule of Law Index.[172]

This corruption is shown with Venezuela’s significant involvement in drug trafficking, with Colombian cocaine and other drugs transiting Venezuela towards the United States and Europe. Venezuela ranks fourth in the world for cocaine seizures, behind Colombia, the United States, and Panama.[173] In 2006 the government’s agency for combating the Illegal drug trade in Venezuela, ONA, was incorporated into the office of the Vice-President of the country. However, many major government and military officials have been known for their involvement with drug trafficking; especially with the October 2013 incident of men from the Venezuelan National Guard placing 1.3 tons of cocaine on a Paris flight knowing they will not face charges.[174]



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  1. pete says:

    We must invade to save them from Sharia law, and the ghost of Hugo Chavez and that big puddle of oil that’s under them. And because we can’t do anything about North Korea. Because war presidents get reelected.

    Besides, it’s all part of Make America Great Again™. Back when America was great, we invaded South or Central America all the time. Only this time for Exxon instead of United Fruit Co.

  2. I watched part of 60 Minutes last night. Leslie Stahl interviewed the North Korean ambassador who defected. It was obvious some of what he said scared her. You could see it in her eyes. Kim is batshit crazy, and is working on a solid fuel ICBM. It can be launched from a mobile launcher, and they have a half dozen or so nukes. There was a comment toward the end of the segment that Trump has dialed back his inflammatory rhetoric about Kim. Somebody put a bug in his ear that even the most dense demagogue could understand.

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