ON THIS DAY: February 28, 2017

February 28th is


Pączki Day/Pancake Tuesday


Chocolate Souffle Day

Fat Tuesday

Rare Disease Day *

World Spay Day *

Tooth Fairy Day *

MORE!  Stephen Spender, Geraldine Farrar and Michael Jackson, click



Christianity: Shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday, the last day before Lent, the period of fasting from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday – ‘shrove’ means to obtain absolution for sins

Brazil – Rio de Janeirointernational Flags
Rio Carnival

Canada – Québec City:
Carnaval de Québec (ongoing)

Russia – Pancake Day

Spain – Andalusia Day

Taiwan –Peace Memorial Day

United States:
New Orleans LA: Mardi Gras
Detroit and Hamtramck MI: Pączki Day

On This Day in HISTORY

202 BC – The coronation ceremony as Liu Bang becomes Emperor Gaizu of Han ushers in four centuries of rule by the Han dynasty in China


1525 – The last Aztec emperor, Cuauhtémoc, has been overthrown by Spanish forces after smallpox devastated his city, but allowed to remain as a puppet ruler. Hernán Cortés on takes him along on his expedition to Honduras to prevent the deposed Aztec from mounting an insurrection during the expedition’s absence, but then hangs him and his few remaining retainers, supposedly for plotting to kill Cortés

1533 – Michel de Montaigne born, French essayist


1638 – Scotland’s 1638 National Covenant is signed in Greyfriars kirkyard; subscribers, known as Covenanters, swear oaths to maintain the Scottish Presbyterian religion in the form it was in 1580, and to reject all innovations introduced since that time, while also professing loyalty to the King. Escalating clashes over the form of the state religion lead to the Covenanters raising an army to resist Charles I’s religious reforms, and the defeat of Charles in the Bishops’ Wars. This crisis in turn helped set off the Wars of the Three Kingdoms: the English Civil War, the Scottish Civil War and Irish Confederate Wars

1783 – Gabriele Rossetti born, Italian poet, revolutionary, and scholar


1784 – John Wesley charters the Methodist Church

1797 – Mary Lyon born, American educator, founder of Wheaton Female Seminary (Wheaton College) and Mount Holyoke Female Seminary (Mount Holyoke College)


1820 – John Tenniel born – British satirical cartoonist and illustrator



1827 – The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad becomes the first railroad incorporated for commercial transportation of people and freight

1849 – The first regular steamboat service to California via Cape Horn arrives in San Francisco; the SS California had left New York Harbor October 6, 1848

1854 – The Republican Party is organized in Ripon WI by about 50 slavery opponents

1861 – The U.S. territory of Colorado is organized

1867 – Seventy years of  relations between the Holy See and the U.S. are ended by a Congressional ban on federal funding of diplomatic envoys to the Vatican; they are not restored until January 10, 1984

1870 – The Bulgarian Exarchate (Orthodox church) is established by decree of Sultan Abdülaziz of the Ottoman Empire, with consulting the Ecumenical Patriarch

1876 – John Alden Carpenter born, American composer

1877 – Sergei Bortkevych born, Russian Romantic composer

1883 – Benjamin Franklin Keith opens the first vaudeville theatre in Boston MA

1885 – AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph) is incorporated; capitalized on only $100,000, it provides long distance service for American Bell

1882 – Geraldine Farrar born, American operatic soprano and film actress; the first Madam Butterfly at the NY Met; she had a following among young women who were nicknamed “Gerry flappers”

1893 – Edward G. Acheson shows his patent for Carborundum

1894 – Ben Hecht born, American novelist, playwright, and newspaperman

1901 – Linus Pauling born, American Nobel Prize-winning chemist and political activist

1909 – Stephen Spender born, English poet and critic


1911 – Thomas A. Edison, Inc. is organized

1920 – Jadwiga Piłsudska, Polish pilot, serves in the British women’s Air Transport Auxiliary during WWII


1927 – Tooth Fairy Day * Esther Watkins Arnold prints an 8-page playlet for children called The Tooth Fairy, which  began being performed in school the following year

1930 – Ted Lewis and his orchestra record “On the Sunny Side of the Street”

1942 – Brian Jones born, British musician, The Rolling Stones, etc

1951 – A Senate committee issues a report that there are at least two major crime syndicates in the U.S.

1953 – At Cambridge University, scientists James D. Watson and Francis H.C. Crick discover the double-helix structure of DNA

1956 – A patent is issued to Forrester Research for a computer memory core

1962 – The John Glenn for President Club is formed by some Las Vegas Republicans

1974 – The U.S. and Egypt re-establish diplomatic relations after a 7-year break

1983 – The final episode of “M*A*S*H” airs, the most watched TV program in history

1983 – U2 releases their album War

1984 – Michael Jackson wins seven Grammy awards for his album Thriller

1986 – Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme is assassinated in Stockholm

1991 – Allied forces suspend their attacks as Iraq pledges to accept all UN resolutions concerning Kuwait

1993 – U.S. ATF agents raid the Branch Davidians’ compound in Waco to arrest leader David Koresh on firearms charges; 4 agents and 4 Davidians are killed; followed by a 51-day standoff

1994 – NATO makes its first military strike when U.S. F-16 fighters shoot down four Bosnian Serb warplanes in violation of a no-fly zone over central Bosnia

1994 – World Spay Day * is created by the Doris Day Animal League to bring attention to the U.S. dog and cat overpopulation problem


1995 – The Denver International Airport opens after a 16-month delay

1998 – Serbian police begin a campaign to wipe out “terrorist gangs” in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo

2002 – Sotheby’s auction house announces Peter Paul Reubens is now considered the artist who painted The Massacre of the Innocents, previously thought to be by Jan van den Hoecke


2007 – NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft makes a gravitational slingshot against Jupiter to change a planned trajectory towards Pluto

2008 – Rare Disease Day * is established by Eurordis (European Rare Disease Organization), co-sponsored by NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders)


2013 – Benedict XVI becomes the first pope to resign since Gregory XII in 1415 and the first to resign voluntarily since Celestine V in 1294


  • Pancakes
  • Tooth Fairy Day
  • International flags
  • Emperor Gaizu of Han
  • Michel de Montaigne, cruelty quote
  • Gabriele Rossetti
  • Mary Lyon, in postage stamp
  • Illustration for Alice in Wonderland by John Tenniel
  • Stephen Spender, quote
  • Jadwiga Piłsudska in uniform
  • World Spay Day information
  • The Massacre of the Innocents, now by Peter Paul Reubens
  • Rare Disease Day banner


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18 Responses to ON THIS DAY: February 28, 2017

  1. Russell says:

    Pączki Day, pronounced PuuncKey Day.

    I like Montiagnes’ quote, its a sign of the times: “Cowardice is the Mother of Cruelty.”

    Good post. Not that you need my approval.

  2. Russell says:

    Although there are multiple things that Trump says everyday that are inane, this today tops them all: remember its all about Trump. Here’s the link.


    Because they were too focused on him.

    • wordcloud9 says:

      My husband caught that one while I was looking at the real news – that Rump’s going to slash everything else in the federal budget and throw more billions into the already insanely bloated military budget – it’s why the actual fact about how Republicans run the government is that they are the ones running up the huge deficits, because they cut taxes on the rich and increase military spending – no amount of slashing of all other government departments can ever cover the loss of income and the increased spending.

      The American people who think Republicans are “better” at running the government than the Democrats are math-deficient. Math was my worst subject in school, but I still know how to add and subtract.

      Now Trump’s billionaires club wants to slash social security and make all us senior citizens homeless, “whether we voted for him or not.” – never mind that the money is OURS, not the governments. I sure as hell didn’t vote for him – thanks all you right-wing deplorables.

      Remember when “mandate” was still a thing? Trump lost the popular vote, he has no mandate, but that no longer matters when facts don’t have any meaning either.

    • pete9999 says:

      If anyone tweets start #toofocusedontrump. Any thing you mess up on today, too focused on trump.

  3. Russell says:

    I’m a fan of MATA. Make America Think Again.

  4. Terry Welshans says:

    Regarding Rare Disease Day, to me this trumps (pun intended) the other “on this day” items.

    Chuck knows this, but others don’t: I am one of those with a rare disease. In my time in Vietnam fifty years ago I was exposed to Agent Orange, a herbicide that was widely used to defoliate the jungle canopy. It is presumed everyone on the ground there was exposed. The VA has stated that a dozen or so medical issues are associated with the spraying, among those are Non Hodgkin Lymphomas of all types. I have one of those lymphomas, perhaps the most rare of them. My variety of NHL is discovered in about 1500 persons, world-wide, each year. As cancers go, I am in a group that is less that .01% of the total cancers found each year.

    We are classified as having an orphan disease, one that seldom gets research funding as even in the best case for drug companies, there are too few of us to make a profit by selling the drugs. The chemotherapy that I have endured cost about $9,000 per infusion, and I have had thirty of them. Fortunately, the cost has been borne by the VA, and ultimately, all of us as taxpayers.

    This month, the VA reduced my in-home services by 33% as they don’t have the funding to cover all VA-eligible vets. This is due to the growing number of newly eligible vets entering the VA health care system, mostly recently discharged vets from our current military campaigns. Today vets are surviving what at one time were fatal injuries. Those survivors are discharged from military health care and admitted into the VA system, and that system is now painfully under funded.

    • wordcloud9 says:

      I am very sorry to hear about your illness. And frustrated that our government is not living up to the promises it has made to our veterans. My parents were both in the Navy during WWII, and my husband was drafted during Vietnam, so those promises are important to me – they should always be a sacred obligation to whoever is in the Oval Office.

      It would make a lot more sense if Drump was increasing funding to take care of our veterans instead of spending billions on hardware that we don’t need, and black ops that backfire as often as they get results, or his even more useless wall. Apparently, he really doesn’t understand how much of the U.S. border runs on the Gulf and Pacific coasts, very accessible by sea from Central America. Must have flunked U.S. Geography.

      Every mother and child killed by our military operations are recruitment incentives for more terrorists, the kind who’ve been convinced they have nothing left to lose, and are only living for revenge. They are not to be confused with the millions of desperate souls waiting in refugee camps who have fled the violence and death of their homelands, hoping for a new and safer life somewhere else, especially for their children. As usual, Drump is afraid of the wrong people.

      Montaigne’s quote does suit him to a T: “Cowardice is the Mother of Cruelty”

  5. Russell says:

    Dude, my heart goes out to you and your fellow GIs. It’s ashaming that the USDoD can treat you like rubbish. Then relegate you to backward medical services. Not only are you affect by AO, buy many children have issues as well.

    I recall a case that was a felony, the person was self medicating because system cut him off as an addict. His problem, a child of AO survivor.

    At sentencing, allocations were made, the Judge having served in Vietnam was all to familiar with the issue. He looked at the Prosecutor and said, appeal me if you like, I am giving the client time served and vacating the sentence. He also made it clear that they would never appear in his courtroom again if appealed.

    • wordcloud9 says:

      Good to hear we still have a judge with brains and a conscience on the bench – hope he’s hale and hearty, and not planning on retiring anytime soon.

    • Terry Welshans says:

      Russell, our daughter has Spina Bilda Occulta, which is the wrong variety as far as the VA is concerned, as it is not specifically named in the rule that does include Spina Bilda as one of the inherited problems from exposure. Fortunately, it is the mildest for of the disease and has not been an issue for her.

      Every trip to the VA medical center here in Louisville has been an adventure. I, not being overly judgemental, do see plenty of vets who have problems in the brain pan area. Every trip includes at least one disgruntled soul escorted out of the building in a drunken or drug induced haze. I believe self medication with alcohol or drugs is brought on by the circular logic we encounter there. It all comes down to money. After the second Gulf War the number of vets seeking help skyrocketed. Had HWB not duped us into his “Mission Accomplished” war, we (vets in general) would not be fighting for too few dollars today.

      • Russell says:

        You got that right. The 100 year war, doesn’t anyone (read history anymore ) care.

      • I expect this evening, he will tell Congress that he wants more money for the military, CPB and ICE. The VA? If anything is said, it will be lip service only.

        Lt. Gen. McMaster has told him the rhetoric about “radical Islam” needs to be toned down. The speechwriters apparently have refused, probably on Bannon’s orders. This administration is engaging in psychological warfare against the USA.

        Aid and comfort to potential enemies? You bet!

        Aid and comfort for sick and afflicted Americans? Not so much.

        • Terry Welshans says:

          But he promised the vets he is behind them 100% and would see that they get the care they deserve (except for John McCain of course.)

  6. Terry Welshans says:

    It was originally called operation “Infinite Justice.” The Moslem community were insulted by that and went into an uproar over the name, claiming that only Mohammad could provide Infinite Justice. It was too close to becoming a continuation of 1000 years of the crusades which were popular in medieval times. It was subsequently changed to a more Moslem friendly name. We, as you stated, are continuing that war today. Aleppo was in the heart of the 3rd crusade in 1128, so times are not that different now.

    • Russell says:

      You know until I spent a month in Eastern Europe, I was oblivious to the impact of the Muslims. The Muslims have many names in many regions. East Russia has about 15 different Muslim variations. Including the Tartars, which generally guarded the coasts. But they had controlled Lviv for many centuries.

      The End.

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