Oh, the Irony

Today, in the Louisville, Kentucky Courier Journal newspaper  and USA Today , a story describing the new Coal Museum in Benham, a small (population 500) town in eastern Kentucky sent me into a laughing spasm. The museum, the pride of the coal industry that our fearless Mitch McConnell  and so many others supports, announced that they will power the building with…..

Solar panels.

Yes, solar panels that will produce free electrical energy, one the museum opens. The solar panels were donated by a philanthropist.

The museum press release states that the solar power will save between eight and twelve thousand bucks a year compared to what the Benham Power Board would charge if they were not installed.

Benham was once a company town like the one Tennessee Ernie Ford sang about. It was owned by Cadillac Coal Company, now long gone.

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I grew up in Burbank, California. My dad worked at a company that made sub assemblies for about every airplane made in the 1960-1970 era, so it was only natural that the aviation bug bit me while I was quite young. I hold a commercial pilot certificate and fly as much as I can. I live in Bardstown, Kentucky with my wife, moving here after we retired. I am a Vietnam veteran and a cancer survivor. I like to keep politicians honest, and do so when they open an avenue where I feel they have erred.
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3 Responses to Oh, the Irony

  1. If you were writing this as fiction, no publisher would buy the story. Plot line is too unbelievable.

  2. rafflaw says:

    Truth is stranger than fiction in Trump world!!

  3. pete says:

    This is a perfect example of “clean coal”.

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