The Trump White House is Snakes on an Airplane! … not Flight 93

 By ann summers

Not to forgive the flawed logic of Bret Stephens’s NYT piece on global warming, but perhaps he’s attempting a rapprochement in his choice of the easy target in his latest effort on Michael Anton’s Flight 93 Election.


Stephens defends that hallowed ground of conservatism, neoliberal capitalism and lands few punches other than echoing the “unhinged” euphemism that has been an unfortunately normalized description of Lord Dampnut.

No RW activist can compare to the actions of the actual flight 93 passengers and it is presumptuous for them to make that analogy even if it fits the Bannonist millenarianism and its generational suicide pacts.

May 22 cover of The New Yorker with james Comey, Jeff Sessions and Donald trump on an airplane.

In case you’ve had the pleasure of forgetting, “The Flight 93 Election” was the title of a portentous essay, published last September under a Roman pseudonym in The Claremont Review of Books, that declared the stakes for the United States in 2016 thus: “Charge the cockpit or you die.”

In the lurid imagination of the author — it turned out to be Michael Anton, who now holds a senior job in the White House — the American republic was Flight 93, a plane deliberately set on a course for destruction by liberals and their accomplices in the Republican establishment and the globalist “Davoisie.” As for Donald Trump, Anton implied that he was the political equivalent of Todd Beamer, the heroic passenger who cried “Let’s Roll” in a desperate bid for salvation.…

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4 Responses to The Trump White House is Snakes on an Airplane! … not Flight 93

  1. Terry Welshans says:

    The authors metaphor is badly flawed. It is quite obvious to the world that he had named the wrong candidate in his piece, and to believe the occupant is our salvation is a poorly formed thought. He said he was a snake, and he had no choice but to act like a snake and do what a snake does. He and his closest advisors said they want to tear it all down and build anew. How could that lead us into anything but trauma-drama?

  2. Terry Welshans says:

    And lets not forget what we learned tonight – the Russians are blabbing about what was said to them and that Flynn was a treasure. If you want a transcript of the occupant’s meeting with the Russians, English copies are available from TASS or PRAVDA.

  3. I don’t know if this list is a spoof, a joke, or the real thing. If it’s the latter, I need to take a double handful of Ambien, and wake me when its over. The only thing he left off the list is one of his favorite finger foods, pork chops on a stick. .

    His list of hotel requirements while visiting the middle east. All those “muslin” countries, y’know.

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