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The only thing we have to trump is fear itself

By ann summers Only the blind led the blind in Trump Tower, especially in June 2016. But more interesting is Barbara Res telling stories about her former boss, challenging the notion of the “adults in the room” and their agendas. … Continue reading

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The Trump White House is Snakes on an Airplane! … not Flight 93

 By ann summers Not to forgive the flawed logic of Bret Stephens’s NYT piece on global warming, but perhaps he’s attempting a rapprochement in his choice of the easy target in his latest effort on Michael Anton’s Flight 93 Election. … Continue reading

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Sean Hannity getting nervous about #TrumpRussia surveillance… freaks out when called a Trump “advisor”

By ann summers That denizen of Nevada brothels, Sean “bad for America” Hannity likes to refer to his close relationship to Agent Orange, but freaked out when listed as one of the two media people POTUS45* uses for close advice. … Continue reading

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Readings – Robert Parry: New York Times and the New McCarthyism

Robert Parry of consortiumnews.com writes about a “New McCarthyism” fomented by the New York Times and other media in furtherance of a “New Cold War.” –o-O-o– New York Times and the New McCarthyism Robert Parry, September 7, 2016 Traditional U.S. … Continue reading

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First Read of a Literary Blockbuster

  The worst years of the Great Depression were 1932 and 1933. In 1932, the Gross National Product fell a record 13.4%  and unemployment rose to 23.6%. FDR was elected in 1932, and took office in March 1933. He worked … Continue reading

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New York Times Comes under Fire for Declaring Michael Brown to Be “No Angel” in Its Profile Article of the Dead Teenager

 By Elaine Magliaro The New York Times has come under fire for an article that it published yesterday about the life of Michael Brown—the unarmed teenager who was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, recently. Jack Mirkinson (Huffington … Continue reading

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