PET LOVERS ALERT! Fire Safety Tips

Here are some important reminders about making your home more safe for the furry members of your family:

Tips to Keep Pets Safe from House Fires:

  • Extinguish open flames
    Pets are generally curious and will investigate cooking appliances, candles or even a fire in your fireplace. Ensure your pet is not left unattended around an open flame and make sure to thoroughly extinguish any open flame before leaving your home.
  • Pet proof the home
    Take a walk around your home and look for areas where pets might start fires inadvertently, such as the stove knobs, loose wires and other potential hazards.
  • Secure young pets
    Especially with young puppies, keep them confined away from potential fire-starting hazards when you are away from home.
  • Keep pets near entrances
    When leaving pets home alone, keep them in areas or rooms near entrances where firefighters can easily find them.
  • Practice escape routes with pets
    Keep collars and leashes at the ready in case you have to evacuate quickly with your pet or firefighters need to rescue your pet.
  • Since pets left alone can’t escape a burning home
    Use monitored smoke detectors which are connected to a monitoring center, providing an added layer of protection beyond battery-operated smoke alarms.
  • Affix a pet alert window cling
    Write down the number of pets inside your house and attach the static cling to a front window. This critical information saves rescuers time when locating your pets. You can obtain a free window cling by going to or at AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days events. Details are available at
  • Keep your information updated
    Firefighters are familiar with pet alert window clings, so keep the number of pets listed on them updated. Knowing the accurate number of pets in the house aids rescuers in finding all of your pets.

Tips courtesy of the American Kennel Club

(originally printed at Flowers for Socrates on July 15, 2016)

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  1. I might add that pets are no different from kids when it comes to hot cars. The interior of a car can get over 140ºF very quickly on an average summer day. Even on a 70º day, the interior of a car will go over 100º within thirty minutes.

    If the outside temperature is 100º, which is common in the south and southwest, temperatures inside a car can reach 138º in five minutes, and over 150º in fifteen minutes, and according to the Phoenix Fire Department, that is with the windows cracked open.

    Don’t leave pets or kids in cars, not even “just to run inside and grab something.”

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