Victorians’ Secret: Trump, god-emperor of Afghanistan and Erik Prince (of thieves) as Viceroy

By ann summers


Moscow (CNN)

Money, the saying goes, can’t buy love. But $10,000 will buy you the perfect Donald Trump inauguration keepsake — a coin with the words “In Trump we trust.” It’s the handiwork of a Russian mining company because, as its sales manager put it, “We see our mission as immortalizing in metal the bright events of history and modernity, not only in our country but of the whole world.”


Isn’t the Trump Regime so refreshingly honest.

Erik Price as Viceroy of Afghanistan and head of a US mercenary army and air force.

Because that’s what resolve is about: strategic extractable mineral resources… and poppies.

Why bother with calling it a “coalition provisional authority” as in Iraq.

It’s not like anyone wants to remember Paul Bremer and the 10 billion dollar pallets of US cash lost(sic) in Iraq.

The former head of Blackwater(sic), aside from the ahistorical pathology, copping to the authenticity of imperial pretensions is so very … Victorian, complete with Russian involvements.

Merchant Ivory does Rambo.

Mercer-nary war… what a concept, outsource repression, and share exploitation with the Russian-supplied Taliban…

The reason I talked about in that Op Ed, you have to put someone in charge, there has to be a … uh… uh… a lead federal official in this case almost a bankruptcy trustee that rationalizes the U.S. presence that is in charge of all policy.

Second, um, they have to stay there for a while so that you have continuity of decision making.

Burnett: OK. So, the word you use for that person was a “Viceroy” — an American Viceroy.

Prince: And I mean Viceroy — that’s a Colonial term…the last thing…

Burnett: It IS a Colonial term…

Prince: Sure…the Colonial term came from… in the…in the British Empire, they had very little communications and you had to put someone in charge that can make decisions absent a ship going back and forth. But in this case, it really means someone that can rationalize the basic mess that is U.S. policy been, whether it is in Afghanistan or Pakistan, we’re gone backwards…

Burnett: So, when you use the word, though, as you point out is a Colonial word, the definition is “a ruler exercising authority in a colony on behalf of a sovereign. “ [emphasis added].

In that case, Trump would, perhaps, be the sovereign, Afghanistan an American Colony? I mean, it’s a loaded word…have the Afghans…

Prince: I didn’t say that…

Burnett: Are they talking to you about this, are they open to it?

Prince: I’ve talked to…to plenty of Afghans about this. When they understand that we’re not there to colonize, but merely thuh thuh thuh that Viceroy, that lead federal official term is someone that will rationalize so we don’t go through a commander every year like we have been or a different ambassador every two years … or who it… there’s been a complete fragmentation of command. That has to change! [emphasis added]

Burnett: So, I know that…that you said, you said you wrote an Op Ed, Reince Priebus, H.R. McMaster, Steve Bannon then reached out to you…

Prince: Correct.

Queen Victoria and her Indian attendant...Queen Victoria and her Indian attendant the Munshi Hafiz Abdul Karim listening to a despatch read by her private secretary Major (sir) Arthur Bigge, 1896. . Ref: B196_095074_1914. Date: . Compulsory Credit: UPPA/PhotoshotThe title Emperor/Empress of India was used by the British monarchs during the British Raj in the Indian subcontinent from 1876 (see Royal Titles Act 1876) until 1948,[1][2][3] after India had attained independence from the United Kingdom, when for a transitional period the British monarch was also king of the independent dominions of India and Pakistan.

Trump is said to have been receiving advisement from Prince in the shadows but is now openly contemplating Prince’s proposal despite pushback from Secretary of Defense James Mattis and national security adviser H.R. McMaster, according to USA Today. However, Prince has the support from some in the White House such as chief strategist Steve Bannon, as the two have a history together.

Trump has only expressed interest in the war after he spoke with Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani, about opportunities for American mining companies in Afghanistan in order to extract minerals.


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3 Responses to Victorians’ Secret: Trump, god-emperor of Afghanistan and Erik Prince (of thieves) as Viceroy

  1. Terry Welshans says:

    Smacks of war crimes to me. Prince is at three semester drop out of the USNA. He cold not cut it, and left. A quitter in other words. In college, after leaving the USNA, he obtained a commission out of OCS. From there, he lasted but three years of active duty, claiming he graduated as a SEAL with three overseas tours. Not enough time in service forthat. Being the quitter that he was at USNA, I doubt he has the skills, courage and moral strength required to graduate BUDS, much less as a SEAL, which is one level up from a UDT diver out of BUDS. They usually don’t take a shavetail out of OCS directly into BUDS and there are few Ensigns there. I would like to see his DD-214. My opinion, stolen valor, like so many others of his ilk.

    • Malisha says:

      Stolen valor is particular;y offensive from people who brag. Hateful and disgusting. Remember Trump saying he “always wanted” a purple heart? It’s an extremely disturbed thing, to want a “prize” that is meant to convey recognition for some act you never committed. It’s the soul of larcenous disrespect.

  2. pete says:

    What metal is the trump coin made of, pyrite?

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