ON THIS DAY: November 7, 2017

November 7th is

Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day *

Madame Curie Day *

International Merlot Day

Journée  Très Absurde(Very Absurd Day)


MORE! Ibn Hazm, Marie Curie and Albert Camus, click



Australia – Melbourne VIC:
Melbourne Cup Day

Bangladesh – Revolution Day

Belarus – October Revolution Day

Hungary – Opera Day

Kyrgyzstan – Social Revolution Day

Russia – Accord & Reconciliation Day

Senegal – Grand Magal de Touba
(Pilgrimage to the city of Touba)

Transdniestria – October Revolution Day

Tunisia – Commemoration Day


On This Day in HISTORY

680 –  Sixth Ecumenical Council of  Orthodox, Catholic and other Christian leader meets in Constantinople to condemn as heresy the idea that Jesus Christ has single energy and will instead of two energies and two wills (divine and human)

994 – Ibn Ḥazm, also called al-Andalusī aẓ-Ẓāhirī, born in Córdoba (now in Spain) Andalusian poet, historian, philosopher and theologian; leading proponent/codifier of Zahiri school of Islamic thought; a leading thinker of the Muslim world; pioneer in comparative religious studies

1492 – The Ensisheim meteorite, the oldest meteorite with a known date of impact, hits Earth around noon in a wheat field outside the village of Ensisheim, Alsace, France

1665 – The London Gazette, the oldest surviving journal, is first published

1687 – William Stukeley is born, English pioneer in archaeology at Stonehenge

Only surviving drawing, original placement of stones at Stonehenge, by Stukeley, 1723

1775 – John Murray, Royal Governor of the Colony of Virginia, starts the first mass emancipation of slaves in North America by issuing Lord Dunmore’s Offer of Emancipation, to free slaves who abandon their colonial masters to fight with the British

1786 – Stoughton Music Society, oldest U.S. performing musical organization, founded

1837 – Abolitionist Elijah P. Lovejoy is shot dead by a mob in Alton IL, while attempting to protect his printing press from being destroyed a third time

1867 – Marie Curie, Polish chemist and physicist, is born, winner of two Nobel Prizes for her work on radioactivity – Madame Curie Day *

1872 – Leonora von Stosch Speyer, Lady Speyer, born in America, poet who won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for her book Fiddler’s Farewell; played violin professionally before her first marriage, which ended in divorce; her second husband was Sir Edgar Speyer, a British banker

1874 – Thomas Nast’s cartoon, published in Harper’s Weekly, is considered the first important use of an elephant as a symbol for the Republican Party


1878 –Lise Meitner born in Austria-Hungary, Austrian-Swedish physicist; co-leader with Otto Hahn of the scientists who discovered the nuclear fission of uranium when it absorbed an extra neutron, a process which was the basis of the WWII nuclear weapons developed by the U.S. at Los Alamos

1879 –Leon Trotsky born, Russian theorist and politician, founder of the Red Army

1884 – “Cissy” Eleanor Medill Patterson born, editor and publisher of the Washington Times-Herald; early crusader for home rule for the District of Columbia; novelist, Glass Houses and Fall Flight

1885 – Canadian Pacific Railway, Canada’s first transcontinental railway is completed at the Last Spike ceremony at Craigellachie, British Columbia

1893 – Margaret Leech born, American historian and fiction writer; won the 1942 Pulitzer Prize in History in 1942 for Reveille in Washington, the first woman to win for history, and again in 1960 for In the Days of McKinley, also awarded the Bancroft Prize; married to Ralph Pulitzer, Joseph Pulitzer’s son

1893 – Women in Colorado are granted the vote, the second U.S. state to do so

1901 – Norah McGuinness born, Irish painter and illustrator

Cottage by the Coast of Ireland, by Norah McGuinness

1903 – Ary Barroso born, Brazilian composer and songwriter

1905 – William Alwyn born, English composer

1908 – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are reported killed in Bolivia

1909 –Ruby Hurley, American Civil Rights leader; administrator for the NAACP, setting up and running their first office in the Deep South, in Birmingham AL; was on the committee that helped arrange the venue change for Marian Anderson to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, after she was barred by the DAR from singing at Constitution Hall because of her race

1910 – The Wright Brothers and department store owner Max Moorehouse undertake the first air freight shipment, from Dayton to Columbus in Ohio

1912 – The Deutsche Opernhaus (now Deutsche Oper Berlin) opens with a production of Beethoven’s Fidelio

1913 – Albert Camus born, French philosopher and author, 1957 Nobel Prize in Literature, Journée Très Absurde *

1914 – The New Republic publishes its first issue

1914 – R.A. Lafferty born, American writer, primarily of scifi and fantasy; Past Master, The Devil is Dead, Aurelia

1915 – M. Athalie Range, born in the Bahamas, American Civil Rights activist and Florida politician; first black person to serve on the Miami City Commission, and African-American since Reconstruction, and first woman, to head a Florida state agency, the Department of Community Affairs

1916 – Jeannette Rankin is the first woman elected to the U.S. Congress

1917 – Gregorian calendar date of the October Revolution, named for the Julian calendar date, 25 October. On this day, the Bolsheviks storm the Winter Palace

1918 – The influenza epidemic spreads to Western Samoa, killing about 20% of the population by the end of the year

1919 – Ellen Stewart born, influential American theatre director-producer, founder of La MaMa, an experimental theatre company in NYC, which produced the first plays of many new playwrights, including Sam Shepard, Lanford Wilson, and Harvey Fierstein, and gave actors like Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Bette Midler some of their first roles

1921 – Susanne Hirzel born, a German music student who became a member of the White Rose, an anti-Nazi resistance group; she was arrested and convicted in 1943 of distributing leaflets, but sentenced to six months in prison, because the prosecution was unable to establish that she had knowledge of the leaflets’ contents; after 1945, she became a cello teacher, and wrote a series of books on cello technique

1922 – Al Hirt born, American trumpet player and bandleader

1926 – Joan Sutherland, Australian-Swiss soprano, is born

1929 – In New York City, the Museum of Modern Art opens to the public

1933 – Fiorello H. La Guardia is elected the 99th mayor of New York City

1936 – Dame Gwyneth Jones born, Welsh operatic dramatic soprano

1937 – Mary Dalheim born, American journalist and historical romance and mystery author; noted for the Bed & Breakfast series; nominated for an Agatha Award for her first mystery, Just Desserts

1939 – Barbara Liskov, American computer scientist; one of the first U.S. women to be granted a doctorate in computer science; Turing Award winner for the Liskov substitution principle; Institute Professor at MIT

1941 – Madeline Gins born, American architect, artist and poet; with her husband, artist Shusaku Arakawa, she co-founded the Reversible Destiny Foundation, to support projects built in harmony with their “Mechanism of Meaning” principles, involving the expertise of practitioners from many disciplines to enhance life-extending properties of the building designs; unfortunately, their ideas did not extend their lives – her husband dies at 73, and Gins dies at 72

1943 – Joni Mitchell is born, Canadian singer-songwriter

1944 – Franklin D. Roosevelt elected for a record fourth term as U.S. President

1944 – Hannah Szenes, Hungarian Jewish poet; at age 23, she is one of 37 Mandate Palestine paratroopers dropped into Hungary by the British Army during WWII to rescue Hungarian Jews about to be deported to Auschwitz; she is arrested near the Hungarian border, imprisoned and tortured, but refuses to reveal any details of her mission, and after a pro forma trial, is executed by firing squad on this day. A national heroine of Israel, where her poetry is widely known; Israel Hatzeira headquarters and several streets are named for her

1962 – Poor loser Richard Nixon, defeated in his race for governor of California, tells reporters, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.”

1967 – Carl B. Stokes is elected mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, the first African American mayor of a major American city

1967 – LBJ signs the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, establishing Corporation for Public Broadcasting

1972 – Richard Nixon is re-elected U.S president

1973 – U.S. Congress overrides Nixon’s veto of the War Powers Resolution, limiting presidential power to wage war without congressional approval

1979 – The Rose, movie starring Bette Midler, premieres in Los Angeles CA

1987 – Singapore’s first Mass Rapid Transit line opens

1990 – Mary Robinson elected as the first woman president of the Republic of Ireland

1991 – Magic Johnson announces he has tested positive for the AIDS virus and is retiring from basketball

1994 – WXYC, student radio station of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, does the world’s first internet radio broadcast

1996 – NASA launches the Mars Global Surveyor

2000 – George W. Bush is put in the White House on a partisan vote of the Supreme Court, after a month of controversy over election results in Florida

2000 – Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected to the U.S. Senate (D-NY), the first First Lady to win public office

2009 – The Democratic-controlled House narrowly passes, 220-215, the ACA, landmark health care legislation expands coverage to tens of millions without insurance, placing tough new restrictions on the insurance industry

2015 – Terry Simons starts Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day *


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