World Tesselation Day

Today is World Tesselation Day, started in 2016 by Emily Grosvenor, author of Tessalation!, a children’s book about tesselations (patterns) in nature; she chose June 17 because it is the birthday of M.C. Escher, famous for the complicated patterns in his prints and drawings.

Amit Majmudar (1979 – ) American diagnostic nuclear radiologist, novelist, and poet born in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of immigrants. Poet Zara Raab describes his poetry as able to “reveal tenderness in their humanity and the precision of a surgeon in their details.” His poetry collection 0˚, 0˚ was a finalist for a Poetry Society of America’s Norman Faber First Book Award, and his collection Heaven and Earth was chosen for a Donald Justice Prize

To read Amit Majmudar’s poem, “Pattern and Snarl” click

Pattern and Snarl

by Amit Majmudar

Life likes a little mess. All patterns need a snarl.
The best patterns know how best to heed a snarl.

Every high style, every strict form was once nonce.
The best way to save a snagged pattern? Repeat the snarl.

“Pattern and Snarl” first appeared in Smithsonian Magazine, September 2012 issue

Article header is ‘Bird-fish’ – by M C Escher

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