The Force of Life

by Irene Fowler, Contributor

A new poem for the new year.


The Force of Life

The cresting and fading of giant, proud waves
The lightning and lava of volcanic eruptions
The midnight sun and green flickering northern lights
The ecosystem and mysteries of hidden caves
The sky paintings of fire rainbows
The cascading, graceful rush of waterfalls
The expanse of an inhospitable barren desert
The slow-motion of flowing glacial ice sheets
The rain forests; called the lungs of the planet.


The bleat of a newborn lamb
The loud laugh of a wild-eyed hyena
The hoot of a solitary night owl
The riveting, fearful roars of majestic lions
The gibber of social, brainy apes
The welcome bark of a family dog
The buzz of frenetic bees
The hiss of a Nile crocodile
The talk of intelligent parrots.


The cosmic heartbeat and destiny
The occupying of place and time
The power of positive purpose
The unconquerable, heroic spirit
The force of one
The immediacy of now
The urgency of yesterday
The promise of tomorrow
The upliftment of mankind
The meaning of life.

© 2022 by Irene Fowler


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