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How Chaos Agents operate: which side(s) are you on

By ann summers Having a POTUS* whose only interests are in performative cruelty become more fascinating as those who do not share his chaotic goals trace the paths of what are now bribes rather than consulting or lobbying fees. Fascinating … Continue reading

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Oh look, moving the US embassy will make them forget about everything else …Not

By ann summers Since November, the accidental president has been trying to escape having won by the perfect storm of Russian intervention, voter suppression, covert sexism/racism, and strategic dirty tricks. #TrumpRussia continues its dogged march, with Mike Flynn’s deal with … Continue reading

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Waive ethics, lose Executive Privilege? … beta King-God-Emperor ߷rump grants President Bannon a boon

By ann summers Like a Mitch McConnell tortoise-hare race, #TrumpRussia moves like Time’s Arrow. PBO issued 16 ethics waivers in eight years. Trump has issued 16 ALREADY. The war room needs more desperate measures as President Bannon tries to access … Continue reading

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