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Redefining “Substance Abuse” for Fertile Women While Lead Poisoning Investigations Continue

by Nona Blyth Cloud The Center for Disease Control (CDC) just issued a report that tells all women of child-bearing age they should stop drinking alcohol entirely, even if they have no plans to get pregnant, because they could possibly … Continue reading

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Regarding Andrew Wakefield, a Retracted Medical Study, the MMR Vaccine and Autism, and the Measles Outbreak

By Elaine Magliaro It all began in the year 1998 when a British doctor named Andrew Wakefield and eleven other co-authors published a study titled Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children in The Lancet. The study … Continue reading

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Preventable Childhood Diseases, The Measles Outbreak, and Anti-Vaxxers

By Elaine Magliaro Measles outbreak fuels vaccine debate According to Face the Nation, Tom Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said “his agency is ‘very concerned’ about the possibility of a large measles outbreak … Continue reading

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