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Clinch Mountain and all the Blue Ridge weeps tonight. Ralph Stanley has Flown West.

Bluegrass music legend Ralph Edmund Stanley, better known around here as Dr. Ralph Stanley, passed across to the Other Side today. Cause of death has been given as complications from skin cancer.  He was best known for his “high lonesome” … Continue reading

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The Confederacy and the Union: “How the South Lost the War but Won the Narrative”

By Elaine Magliaro The Boston Globe has been running a “Divided Nation” series. The series has already touched upon a number of issues—including the wealth gap in Colorado, religious and gay rights in Arkansas, and Marco Rubio’s silence on immigration. … Continue reading

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Controversial Sign Outside Baptist Church in Virginia Links Equal Rights to Satan

By Elaine Magliaro Hermant Mehta (Patheos) reported on Thursday that there’s a sign outside the Taylor Road Baptist Church in Chesapeake, Virginia that “is rightfully pissing people off.” Dallas Franklin of KFOR noted that the church sign has caused lots of folks to … Continue reading

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LYNCHING IN AMERICA: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror—A Report from the Equal Justice Initiative

By Elaine Magliaro Earlier today, the Equal justice Initiative (EJI) released a report of a multi-year investigation titled Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror. EJI discovered that lynchings in this country were more extensive than had been … Continue reading

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