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Picture of the Day for June 18, 2015: Dylann Roof, Homegrown Terrorist

Posted by Elaine Magliaro

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Open Thread on the Charleston Church Shooting

Posted by Elaine Magliaro Over at Huffington Post, there is an article by Ed Mazza, Jade Walker & Kelly Chen titled Charleston Church Shooting: White Gunman Kills 9 At Historic Black Church. The article is being continually updated. People have … Continue reading

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A Fine Example of Community Policing: South Carolina Police Officer Filmed Playing Football with Neighborhood Kids in a Housing Authority Development Area

By Elaine Magliaro A man named Lorenzo Adams was driving his car in Bennettsville, South Carolina the other day when he spotted a police officer playing football with some young kids. Adams stopped his car and decided to catch the … Continue reading

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The State of South Carolina Files Amicus Brief with SCOTUS…Claims It Is Legal to Discriminate Against Women–So Why Not Against Gays?

By Elaine Magliaro Mark Joseph Stern posted an interesting article titled South Carolina to SCOTUS: We Can Discriminate Against Women, So Why Not Gays? over at Slate on Thursday. In his piece, Stern said that a major problem with the … Continue reading

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LYNCHING IN AMERICA: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror—A Report from the Equal Justice Initiative

By Elaine Magliaro Earlier today, the Equal justice Initiative (EJI) released a report of a multi-year investigation titled Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror. EJI discovered that lynchings in this country were more extensive than had been … Continue reading

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South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley: No Problem with a Confederate Flag at the Statehouse Because No CEOs Have Complained

By Elaine Magliaro Last week—during the gubernatorial debate in South Carolina—Democratic candidate Sen. Vincent Sheheen said that the Confederate flag at the statehouse should “be retired to a museum.” Sheheen added, “I think the people of South Carolina are tired … Continue reading

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