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The Third Post in the “Oh My Achin Head” Series: Mike Huckabee on Democrats, Women, Uncle Sugar, Birth Control, and Female Libidos

By ELAINE MAGLIARO Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, 2008 Republican presidential candidate, ordained minister, guitarist, author, and Fox News commentator made news this week because of comments that he made at the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting. While speaking … Continue reading

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The Second Post in the “Oh My Achin’ Head” Series: GOP Congressman Says Wives Should Submit to Their Husbands

By ELAINE MAGLIARO It looks as if some Republican Congressmen haven’t gotten the message yet regarding how to go about winning over the hearts and minds of female voters. You’d think that they’d try a little harder considering Mitt Romney, … Continue reading

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NOTICE: Flu Season

Sorry, but many of the authors at FFS have been compromised by the flu. New content will be coming as soon as we are able. Thank you.

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In Memory Of David Blair Drumm, 1948-2013

Although I’ve known about David Drumm’s passing for a few days, it is nonetheless news announced with a heavy heart . . . JONATHAN TURLEY It is with the greatest personal sadness that I have to report the death of … Continue reading

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UNC Blocks Research Into Its Athletes’ Dismal Reading Skills. Reason? It Might Violate Their Policy on Human Research

By MARK ESPOSITO Professor Mary Willingham is an audacious academic as defined by our times. Aghast by having to teach basic reading skills (like sounding out “Wis-con-sin”) to athletes in the University of North Carolina’s revenue producing sports programs –read … Continue reading

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Opportunity Costs (Of a Sort)

By GENE HOWINGTON Does wealth destroy empathy and compassion and create a sense of entitlement? Here’s what a research study involving a rigged game of Monopoly showed to social psychologist Paul Piff. What do you think of Piff’s results?

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My First Post in the “Oh My Achin’ Head” Series—Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s Ingenious Idea for Job Creation

By ELAINE MAGLIARO During a debate over an anti-abortion bill in the House of Representatives, Congressman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia made the suggestion that his fellow Republicans support “restricting access to abortion because it will ultimately benefit the economy if … Continue reading

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