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Just Another Batshit Crazy Politician: Nevada Assemblywoman Claims Cancer is a Fungus That Can Be Flushed Out with Baking Soda

By Elaine Magliaro Steve Benen (MSNBC) wrote today that “the relationship between Republicans and modern science has become strained lately. In recent months, we’ve seen GOP officials – including senators, governors, and presidential candidates – balk at climate science, contraception, … Continue reading

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John Oliver on Big Pharma and the Marketing of Drugs to Doctors

By Elaine Magliaro John Oliver’s HBO program Last Week Tonight is back from a three-month hiatus. Oliver did a killer segment last night on Big Phrama and the huge amount of money that drug companies spend on marketing their drugs … Continue reading

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Jet Fuel From Seawater: No longer a pipe dream

by Charlton Stanley This did not exactly come as a news story to me. I had this discussion with one of my best friends from high school years ago. Normally, a discussion with a former next door neighbor doesn’t amount … Continue reading

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Them Bones: 3-D Printing

by GENE HOWINGTON In a stunning demonstration of the positive side of the development of 3-D (a.k.a. additive) printing technology, a team of innovative Dutch surgeons led by Dr. Bon Verweij with the help of Australian prosthetic company Anatomics have … Continue reading

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Just for Fun on Friday a Mark Fiore Political Cartoon Video: Jack Gerard’s American Petroleum Institute

POSTED BY ELAINE MAGLIARO From Mark Fiore’s website: Keystone XL and tar sands oil are emissions-free wonders that will do everything good you ever thought possible.  (At least according to the American Petroleum Institute.)  Let’s take a look at the … Continue reading

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Cancer and the Beauty of Discovery

By GENE HOWINGTON Technology is oft compared to a two-edged blade.  Usually just before some horrific cautionary tale about “science run amok”. No new technology in recent memory has sparked quite as much speculative fear as nanotechnology.  From real science … Continue reading

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(Really) Cold Case: Alexander the Great

By GENE HOWINGTON One of the great leaders from the ancient west was the son of Philip II of Macedon, Alexander the Great. Educated in the classics by Aristotle and in the arts of war and statecraft by his father, … Continue reading

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