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Late night blues from a grain silo

Submitted by Chuck Stanley Some things are too good not to share. This is two members of a five-member Nashville based group called Wabash. “Take It With Me” was recorded in an empty grain silo. Brandon McDuffee doing the vocal … Continue reading

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Iraq, the Mainstream Media, and the Neocon Reunion Tour

By Elaine Magliaro In June, Mike Spindell wrote a post for FFS titled Back to Iraq: The Madness Continues. You remember the Iraq War—the war that Senator John McCain claims our country won? It appears that Iraq is imploding because … Continue reading

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Because it made me smile when I needed to . . .

submitted by Gene Howington I have some friends (Blouise looking your direction) who don’t care for keyboard music, finding it too sterile. It’s a legitimate criticism although one I disagree with as a matter of taste. While I love more … Continue reading

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SCOTUS, The Hobby Lobby Case, and The Three Amigos of TV Comedy News Programs

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro I have been enjoying Last Week Tonight, John Oliver’s new comedy show, which airs on HBO on Sunday evenings. Last week, Oliver did a funny segment on the Hobby Lobby case prior to the Supreme Court’s … Continue reading

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ATTENTION: Bitdefender Defender Pro Issue

It has come to my attention via author/editor Charlton Stanley that for some reason, Bitdefender, maker of the popular (and quite good) firewall/anti-virus program Defender Pro has wrongly blacklisted Flowers for Socrates as follows: This site represents a money loan … Continue reading

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